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Up your marketing game with web analytics

With the fierce competition for web presence, your website needs to be visible to your potential customers. How can your website stand out among thousands of its kind? The answer is - with an optimized website powered with excellent content and an integrated marketing strategy that's based on analytics.

The marketing industry has become data-driven. Tracking and analyzing metrics and KPIs has become an everyday routine for digital marketers. Everything needs to be monitored, be it basic metrics such as unique visitors and bounce rate or more advanced metrics such as sentimental analysis, comparative page analysis, etc.

Big organizations located at multiple locations and handling diverse businesses need to go beyond Google Analytics. Even as a small or medium business owner, as your familiarity with the website deepens, you might want to explore and view data at a granular level. That's when tools such as Adobe Analytics, Tableau, Clarabridge, etc. comes to the rescue.

As a marketing professional or an aspiring web analyst, if you are dreaming big and wish to work with quantitative data, then the expert web analytics course can open the door to various career opportunities in the analytics industry.

What is web analytics and why learn it?

Most companies invest a lot of money in designing their websites with an expectation of receiving positive returns. The purpose of the site is not achieved until you collect, track and analyze the website data, and take necessary steps to make the website profitable for the business. Similarly, it would be wise to know how customers are connecting with the business through various other digital platforms. This is where web analytics comes into the picture. Web Analytics helps businesses understand if the revenue earned justifies the cost incurred.

In Online Idea Lab's Expert Web Analytics Online Course, learn to work with pioneering tools in the analytics industry that help in data collection, visualization, and analysis.

Website supervision

With web analytics, you can keep an eye on the activities and behaviors of website users and monitor real-time data.

Guiding factor

It helps in tailoring website content, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to the interests of their target audience.

Measure ROI

Web analytics provides the management insight into the effectiveness of the website in churning profits. 

Strengthen the strategies

The web data analysis helps to formulate and update the digital marketing plan of actions.

Predict trends

The analysis of data over a period of time helps you in understanding the trend in user behavior and plan accordingly.

The numbers game

If you love working with numbers and analyzing data, then web analytics could be your vocation.

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Main Modules of Web Analytics Course

Here is what you will be mastering!

Digital Marketing Overview

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Target marketing
  • Various marketing channels
  • Introduction to Digital Analytics

Data Collection

  • Data collection from Google & Adobe Analytics tools
  • Database rules
  • Data classifications
  • Segmentation
  • Tagging
  • Basic web analysis 
  • Conversion flows & page flows

Advance Data Analytics

  • Analysis with Google Analytics
  • Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst
  • Terminologies & KPIs
  • Metrics & Variables
  • AD-HOC analysis
  • Customer behaviour analysis
  • Props & eVars and Events
  • Adobe Vs Other Analytical tools

Data Reporting

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Reporting methods
  • Basic dashboard creation
  • Scheduling reports
  • Automation of reports
  • Customization of reports

Data Visualization

  • Tableau architecture
  • Develop complex dashboards for advanced visualization using Tableau
  • Import & Export data
  • Types of visualizations - linear, geographical, bars, pie-charts, etc.

Business Intelligence

  • Visualization and business objectives
  • How to make sense of the data?
  • How to make informed decisions?
  • AB Testing
  • CTS - Critical to Success

Addon modules of Expert Web Analytics Online Course


Opinion Labs

Google Fire Base

Case Studies

Live Projects

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Data really powers everything that we do.

Jeff Weiner

CEO, LinkedIn

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Why learn web analytics from us?


Easy Understanding

We teach you how to comprehend quantitative data to make qualitative decisions. We make intimidating data seem simple.

Go from a beginner to expert

From understanding the basics to mastering the tools and learning how to make informed decisions, we guide you all along the away.

Learn the expert tricks

Our experienced trainers share with you what actually works and what does not. Learn the tricks of the trade from experts.

The Fantastic Four

In the Expert Web Analytics online course, you learn to work with Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, Clara Bridge, and Opinion Labs.

The Awesome Two

Learn Microsoft Excel and Tableau that are the key tools in reporting and analyzing data with advanced visualization.

Tools You Learn

The tools taught to you by Online Idea Lab expert trainers are being used by web analytics professionals in the industry.

Professional tools

Our Teaching Philosophies

The teaching philosophies at Online Idea Lab revolves around our motto - “Creating Digital Era Leaders”.

Instructor-led Virtual Classroom

  • Access the expert level courses from your preferred location with our instructor-led virtual classroom training.
  • Our online training program is a two-way street. Anytime during the training session, the attendees can interact, pose a question or have discussions with the instructor.
  • The trainees can access and view the materials presented by the instructor by being part of the video conference.
  • We at Online Idea Lab provide you the experience of classroom training in your space of comfort.

Holistic Approach

  • A holistic training approach lets students develop their intellectual and personal skills.
  • We provide a complete understanding of data collection, visualization, and analytics. They are not just applicable to present tools but also can be applied to any new tool that emerges in the future because the core concepts are timeless.
  • We have a perfect mix of theoretical and practical learning and hence along with explanations we have included a lot of practical exercises.
  • We also provide career counseling and career development sessions to help our students imbibe the right professional attitude.

Updated Course Modules

  • The digital space is dynamic and experiences frequent transformation of technologies.
  • Software and applications are updated constantly to improve user experience.
  • As a modern learning institute, we believe in providing skills that are relevant and useful in the present times.
  • We track and follow every new development in the online space and incorporate the necessary ones into our course curriculum.
  • At Online Idea Lab, we assure you that you will be trained in all the skills required to deliver results and be a success in the web analytics industry.

Hand-on Experience

At Online Idea Lab, we give a lot of emphasis on practical training and live projects because

  • Hands-on experience assures you of the theoretical knowledge you gain.
  • Practical training develops problem-solving skills.
  • You engage with concepts and tools which prepares you for any problem you could encounter while on a project.
  • It leads to self-learning. Having a decent amount of hand-on experience gives you the confidence to explore further.

The Perfect Mix of Trainers

Our Training Team at Online Idea Lab consists of the following experts.

  • In-house trainers with over 5 years of experience who make the fundamentals clear and concise along with building the right curriculum.
  • Professional experts as visiting trainers who bring you the latest in the industry.
  • Business and personal life coaches to prepare you for the corporate world and help you build your soft skills.
  • Our competent team of trainers makes us one of the best digital marketing and web analytics training institutes.

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These Stats Tell Our Story So Far

We have been growing at an admirable rate since our inception. The below statistics signify the number of trainees we have converted into certified professionals through various batches. As we continue to excel in our array of professional courses and certifications, we also aspire to add new ones under our belt.




The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

Carly Fiorina

Former CEO, HP

Expert Web Analytics Course Certifications

We bid you farewell with warm wishes and some goodies.

On the completion of the course, we have a few special takeaways for you.


✔ Industry-recognized Certifications

Online Idea Lab helps you earn industry-recognized certificates on the successful completion of the Expert Web Analytics course. The certifications validate your expert-level web analytics skills.

✔ Premium Web Analytics Tools

At Online Idea lab, you learn the best tools in the market. In the expert web analytics course, you work with Tableau which is the fastest-growing data visualization tool being used in the BI industry along. You also gain a working knowledge of Adobe Analytics, a leading-edge data analytics tool.

✔ Lifetime Career Support

We value the relationships we have built with our students. At Online Idea Lab, we are often visited by our alumni and we love catching up with them over a cup of coffee. We promise to provide you lifetime career support and guidance.

✔ Alumni Network

You become a member of our alumni network which is a great platform to resolve queries and explore opportunities. You can connect and socialize with various professionals and know what’s hot and what’s not in the domain of web analytics.

What our students are up to?

Tell us where do you see yourself after the completion of the course! Is it in a corporate job? Or are you planning to be a freelancer or maybe an emerging entrepreneur? Share with us your dreams and goals. We shall help you get there, just the way we made the below ambitions possible.





A few words from our trainees...

"I found it to be the best Tableau online training."

I found it to be the best Tableau online training. The training methodology followed is one of the best in the market. Good focus on both the subject under study as well as industrial expectations from day one.

- Keerti Goswami, Digital Marketing Associate

"This course gave me the confidence to work on intimidating tools like Tableau"

This course gave me the credentials I needed to boost my career along with the confidence to work on intimidating tools like Tableau. These tools have a great scope in the job market.

- Tanmay Kapadia, Senior Sales Analyst

"Working on Adobe Analytics and Tableau was the best part of the training."

The trainer was patient with my doubts and explained the topic until I completely understood it. Working on Adobe Analytics and Tableau was the best part of the training.

- Ben Roberts,  Marketing Strategist

"The amount of learning you receive is a total value for money."

I would definitely recommend this course to anybody looking to learn advanced analytics and reporting tools online. The amount of learning you receive is a total value for money.

- Karen Young,  Data Management Executive

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A broad view of
our Course Curriculum

We have an up-to-date and in-depth curriculum designed by industry experts.

Digital Marketing Overview

Learn the basics of each digital marketing concept that helps perform web analytics better.

Data Collection

Learn how to locate data on Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics tools.

Advanced Data Analytics

Understand the data, KPIs, metrics, variables, and many more elements of analytics

Data reporting

Learn to work on Microsoft Excel at an advanced reporting level. Learn to automate and customize reports.

Data Visualization

Work on Tableau to create complex dashboards to show various graphical presentation of data.

Business Intelligence

Make sense of the data you have collected and presented. Understand how to make informed decisions.

A Career in Web Analytics

Analytics is an interesting career path for anyone who loves to work with sophisticated data and tools. So what if you do not have a technical educational background? You can still make your way into the analytics domain by taking up the role of a web analyst. To be successful in this role you need to have strong business skills, quick reasoning skills, good communication skills and an ability to think outside the box. As you build on these skills, continue to learn and embrace the changing technologies, you make your way up in the organizational structure.

Popular Web Analytics Profiles

Data Visualization Analyst

  • Extract data and build dashboards in Tableau that present data through charts, graphs, maps, and interactive visualizations.
  • Build reports to organize the data in visually compelling ways to make it easier to follow, insightful, and actionable by users.
  • Visualize data from multiple sources using a various tools

Senior Data Analyst

  • Create Tableau dashboards from forecasts & research data
  • Arrive at actionable data and make recommendations to the management.
  • Brainstorm on strategies to improve the website performance
  • Co-ordinate with the web development team for any website modifications

Manager - Data Analytics

  • Ensure the accuracy of the data.
  • Work closely with technical teams to understand project objectives and provide data-driven solutions.
  • Ensures solutions are scalable, repeatable, efficient and effective
  • Manage and optimize the website experience to boost web traffic
  • Providing Post Implementation support to business clients

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Web Analytics Facts

  • 88% of online visitors are less likely to return after a negative site experience
  • People’s perception of a company’s credibility is 75% based on Web design
  • 70% of small businesses websites don’t even have a CTA
  • Google Analytics is the most popular free web analytics tool in the world
  • Omniture, an online marketing and web analytics business unit in Utah, was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2009.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Will online classes cover the same course curriculum as taught in classroom classes?

Yes. We do not compromise on our courses and give equal importance to online and classroom classes.

What is the eligibility to get the certificate?

To qualify for the certificate you will be evaluated on the basis of assignments, examination, and attendance at the completion of the course.

What are the course prerequisites?
  • Commitment towards the course
  • Digital Awareness
  • A mind that would love to learn Web Analytics
  • Personal Laptop with high speed internet
I do not have IT qualification. Can I take up the course?

You do not need to have any technical educational qualification or IT background. Digital marketing awareness and good reasoning skills will be an advantage.

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