The online space offers a lot of wonderful platforms for writers to showcase their work. If you find your work to be worthy of publishing or simply want to give a shot in a writing contest, below are some websites wherein you can get your work featured as well as earn a prize/payment. 

These websites do not accept work that has been published before. So, you need to submit exclusive and original work only. Of course, if you do not get published in one place, you can share the same work on another publishing website. Also, note that some of the websites may not be open to submissions all year round. They accept entries only during a particular time frame.


1. Reedsy Prompts Contest

Here, a weekly content is organized wherein the winner wins 50 dollars along with being featured on their blog. To participate in it you must submit a story based on one of the five prompts provided by them. 


2. Delhi Poetry Slam

Delhi Poetry Slam invites writers to submit their work in the form of short stories, poems or essays. Selected work gets published in their international literary magazine called ‘Beetle’. They charge an entry fee of ₹ 1000 for a single work and ₹ 500 for each additional work. Along with publication, 25 writers receive ₹ 2,000 each and they also distribute a monthly cash reward of ₹ 50,000. 


3. Out of Print Magazine

This is an Indian magazine that publishes an issue every quarter. It invites Indian writers of short fiction (stories between 1,000 and 4,000 words) to submit their work.


4. The Caravan

It’s an Indian magazine that focuses on politics and culture. Along with being devoted to long-form journalism it also publishes fiction and poetry that’s no longer than 500 words.


5. All Poetry

This is a platform where poets congregate to discuss, reflect, and create. If you’re looking for feedback as a new poet, at least one of the 500,000 members will be happy to help. And they hold regular poetry competitions with cash prizes as incentives.


6. Carve Magazine

They accept short story, poetry, and nonfiction submissions all year-round from anywhere in the world. Their subscription fee is $39.95 for 1 year (additional for non-U.S. destinations). If your work gets published, they pay you $100 for fiction and $50 for nonfiction/poetry.


7. Boulevard

They pay between $25-$300 for published materials under general submissions. They accept submissions from November 1 to May 1 and there is a $3 fee to submit online. They also hold contests wherein you participate by paying an entry fee of $16.  Along with publication, the winner gets awarded with $1500 for fiction and $1000 for non-fiction.


8. The Sun Magazine

If you wish to feature your work in a popular online magazine, ‘The Sun Magazine is open for submissions. You can send in personal essays, fictions and poetry for which they pay you handsomely.


9. Brevity

If you can convey your narrative in under 750 words or less, you can be part of their brilliant community. They are also open to craft essays and book reviews. They pay $45 for featured essays and craft essays.



Tor has published plenty of short fiction, novellas and even non-fiction. They are very particular about the kind of fiction they publish on their site, so do carefully go through the guidelines before submitting your work. They pay based on the commercial prospects and quality of your submission.


11. The New Yorker

Though the odds of acceptance is low, adding publication in The New Yorker to your portfolio puts you in a whole new league.  It accepts poetry,  general short fiction and humorous short fiction for the “Shouts & Murmurs” section. Its payment policy to unsolicited writers is not specified.


12. The Atlantic

The Atlantic is a highly respected magazine in the field of journalism. Apart from news articles and commentaries on various topics, it is also open to receiving fiction, nonfiction and poetry work.


13. One Story

It is a literary magazine that publishes one great short story every three to four weeks, and that’s why the name – ‘One Story’. The stories can be of any style or topic but should be between 3,000 and 8,000 words. Their payment deal is 500 plus 25 contributor copies.


14. The Bombay Review

It is a bimonthly online magazine based out of New York City and Mumbai. They charge a submission/reading fee of $5 per poem and $30 per story. However, this fee is not compulsory, the participant can pay it as a goodwill gesture.


15. The Bangalore Review

They’re happy to accept original works of fiction and poetry, particularly by new and emerging writers. They accept the work to be refreshing to read and well-edited. They charge a nominal fee of $3 per submission.


Few Other Places To Get Your Creative Work Published

Poetry Foundation
Drunk Monkeys
The Rialto
Full Grown People
Literal Latte
Flash Fiction Online

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