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Our minds are often visited by new ideas, thoughts or stories. Many of which can be really interesting and it would be a pity to simply dismiss them. So, why not write them down and share with others?!

Moreover, why restrict our imagination to stories and poems only? Why not experiment with other forms of Creative Writing?

Creative writing is an art of writing where one expresses himself to his readers and tries to share his stories, ideas, thoughts or opinions. There are many forms of creative writing. Some of them that are truly worth giving a shot are listed below. Ready to find out?


types of creative writing


1. Advertisements

They are used to promote a product or service. It can be in a form of notice, announcement, article, etc. These are created to attract consumers towards one’s product or services.


2. Articles

These are the pieces of writing meant for a newspaper, magazine, or other publications. Articles generally talk about a specific topic. Its purpose is to provide information to the reader.


3. Autobiography

It is a self-written account of an individual’s life wherein the writer shares his or her own experiences and life events. These are non-fiction in nature and are mostly based on truth. 

Example: The story of my experiments with truth by Mahatma Gandhi.


4. Biography

It is an account of an individual’s life written by someone else. It is based on true events and experiences of one’s life.

Example: Akhada, The Authorized Biography of Mahavir Singh Phogat by Saurabh Duggal


5. Blogs

A blog consists of various writings called blog posts which are written by an individual or a group of individuals. They are conversational or informational in nature. Blogs are mostly a part of a website or a web page which are updated regularly by the writers. They generally cater to a specific type of audience. They are based on different genres. Eg. there can be food blogs, travel blogs, parenting blogs, lifestyle blogs etc.


6. Diary Entries

A diary entry is a form of writing where an individual writes his ideas or opinions. They can be feelings or thoughts or life instances. Diary entries generally have dates which are mentioned in them; it is an ongoing process and is mostly based on writers’ experience.

Example: The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank is one of the famous diary entries.


7. Drabble

It is a form of fiction which is generally written under a hundred words. It’s even shorter than a short story. It assesses the author’s way of expression in a confined space. If you are a beginner in the writing field, why not drabble a try?


8. Dramas

Dramas are the compositions which are generally in the form of a verse or a rose which contains dialogue and acting by the characters and are generally meant to be performed on stage. Dramas are considered as an art of representation. The plot generally has conflict in them.

Example: Hamlet by Shakespeare


9. Essays

An essay is a short form of writing where the writer talks about a specific thing, issue or opinion and these are generally in the form of a single paragraph. So, how about writing an essay on your favourite topic?

P.S. Forget about the memorised essays we wrote for our school exams.


10. Freewriting

Freewriting, as the name suggests, is a form of writing which has no boundation or rules. These can be thoughts, opinions or expressions or it can be just an explanation of any simple thing.

P.S. It is a good exercise to do regularly. The fun part is that there are no rules or format to it.


11. Journals

Journal is a form of daily recording. These are generally maintained in a magazine, newspaper or a diary. In a journal one note down his observations or mentions about a subject on a daily basis.

They help the reader to read about the daily progress to know more and more about a specific topic.

P.S. You can maintain a journal about your child’s milestones, pet’s activities or your daily diets or exercise schedule.


12. Letters

Letters are the messages that a person writes to another person. The practice of writing letters to convey information, news and greetings date back to 17th century. Earlier messengers and trained birds (mainly pigeons) travelled miles to deliver letters from one place to another. Then came the postal system where people used post offices and letterboxes to deliver letters. Now in modern times, the internet has taken their place. The mode of sending letters has evolved but the art of writing letters has retained its significance.


13. Limericks

Limerick is a humorous five-line poem which generally has a rhyme scheme AABBA. One writes a small message or thought with rhyming in the confined space of just 5 lines. How about trying to write one now?


14. Memoirs

These are the biography or a historical account written. It is generally coming from the personal knowledge of the writer.

An example of a famous memoir is  Henry David Thoreau’s Walden


15. Novellas

Novellas are short narratives which have the word limit of about 15000 to 40000 words. These are mostly realistic and satiric in tone, it is smaller than a novel but longer than a short story.

Example: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, and “The Aspern Papers.” by Henry James


16. Novels

Novels are of a length of a book which can be a fiction or nonfiction in nature. There is a proper plot and a number of characters around which the story revolves. A novel has multiple layers and contains around 40000 or above words.

P.S. When you read the next novel, do consider the creativity of the writer.


17. Parable

It is a form of a fiction where the characters are humans and not the inanimate objects or animals. Parables generally have a moral present at the end.


18. Plays

A play is a performance in which a story is depicted by different characters and is shown on a stage theatre or a film.


19. Poetry

Poetry can be defined as a way of expressing one’s feelings or sharing an idea with the reader. It has its own style and rhythm and is considered as a different genre of literature.


20. Reports

Reports are observations made by the writer of the report. It explains something that he has heard, done, or investigated.


21. Saga

Saga is a series of books or a book which is longer than a novel they generally focus on the interconnection and are in continuation with the previous one.


22. Scripts

Scripts are the written text of a play, film, or broadcast. Movies, serials, web series, etc. all are based on scripts written by the scriptwriter. So whatever you see on that t.v was imagined and then written creatively by someone.


23. Short stories

A short story is a brief fictional prose narrative which has fewer layers that is shorter than a novel and that usually deals with only a few characters. 


24. Songs

Songs can generally be defined as a set of words arranged meaningfully in a form of a poem that is meant to have music for one can sing it.  These generally serve the purpose of entertainment and are mixed with music.


25. Speech

Speech is a form of expression through which an individual states his feelings or opinions and shares them with others.


26. Vignettes

Vignettes are the short expressive moments or episodes which are focused mainly on the meaning and are not about the plot. A flashback is an example of a Vignette.


These are some wonderful forms of creative writing that provide you with different ways to express yourself. So, why not take a dip in all of them and explore your creative writing skills further. Pick your favourite one amongst the above list and start your writing journey today!


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