Amazon Web Services or AWS by Amazon provides on-demand cloud computing web services that provide a set of technical infrastructure and distributed computing building blocks and tools to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. Most of these services offer functionality through APIs accessed over HTTP, using the REST architectural style and SOAP protocol by developers.

Aamzon Web Services

AWS comprises more than 165 such services spanning across computing, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, developer tools, and IoT. As per AWS’s internal stats, the prices of these services have decreased considerably since the launch of AWS and so even small-scale industries or startups are migrating their on-premises data center to AWS cloud.

Now, let’s find out the top AWS services in demand!

This comprehensive list can give your business a way forward to choose the services that meet your infrastructure requirements and business goals. However, you are the best decision maker! Choose carefully and wisely!

Service #1. Amazon EC2

AWS EC2  Gone are the days of expensive and time-consuming server maintenance! With Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2, you can launch virtual servers in no time with features such as storage, ports, and security according to your requirements without worrying about deploying costly physical servers. This helps you develop and deploy applications quickly and effectively for a low cost. Ec2 is very easy to scale up and down. The service allows you to choose different types of operating systems and software packages and an hourly payment.

Service #2. Amazon S3

AWS S3        Amazon Simple Storage Service or S3 is a scalable, low-cost and high-speed web-based service that offers incredibly secure triple-redundant storage for your data in three different physical locations which guarantee high data security and adequate protection from failures, errors, and potential threats. Amazon S3 also provides integrations such as HIPAA/HITECH and FedRAMP to prevent data compromise. It is designed for archival and online backup of application programs and data. It can be used to ensure the operation of sites, mobile software, for backup and recovery, archiving, corporate programs, IoT gadgets, and significant data inquiry.

Amazon offers a free layer with 5 GB of storage, then starts at $0.023 per month for the first 50TB without any minimum fee. The growth of annual data transfer on an average with Amazon S3 has been estimated at 91%! This is because you can easily access all your data with a single click and almost zero latency.

Service #3. Amazon RDS

AWS RDS          Amazon Relational Database Service or RDS helps you set up several relational database instances in mere minutes to support Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and more. It helps in reducing time taken for tasks like updates, patches, backups and allows simple database maintenance. It can be managed from any AWS Management Console and from anywhere in a highly scalable and cost-effective way. Databases can be fully managed with 5 GB-6 TB in size and can be run on magnetic or solid-state storage (SSD).

Service #4. Amazon CloudFront

cloudfront      CloudFront service speeds up the sharing of your dynamic and static web content such as .css, .html, images, videos, data, API and applications to your users with high transfer speed and low latency. This makes your website faster, developer and user-friendly. The Content Delivery Network, or CDN, can be ready in minutes and integrates seamlessly with other AWS services.

Service #5. Amazon VPC

AWS VPC       Amazon VPC service keeps your data secure preventing information security risk on AWS cloud using the Virtual Private Network. Only the authorized people can view the data and complete IT infrastructure can be housed on the cloud without exposure to the outside people or network.

Service #6. Amazon SNS

AWS SNS      Amazon Simple Notification Service or SNS manages and delivers emails, text messages, SQS (Simple queue services), HTML endpoint messages or notifications to the users and clients from any cloud platform whether it is web or mobile on Android or iOS. You can deliver messages to any operating system at any time of the day or night. It provides integration with any type of application, be it PHP, Python, Node, etc.

The service enables to decouple microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications. This service is meant as a low-cost infrastructure for mass message delivery with high-throughput, push-based, many-to-many messaging. You can pay about $2 for 100 thousand email notifications, and this is pretty cheap.

Service #7. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk       Amazon Elastic Beanstalk is suitable for developers as it helps in taking away the trouble of managing the infrastructure of a website and they can easily deploy the services and web applications developed with .NET, Java, PHP, Python and more. The Auto Scaling Solution can help in automatic updates of new software versions to S3 and then automatic installation on EC2. This service is free!

Service #8. AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda         Amazon Lambda allows you to work in an environment highly capable of supporting any serverless development you do. All you do is take care of the coding! It supports the code written in Node.js, Java, Python, and languages supported by Amazon Linux. Users can pay only for the compute time, no need to charge when your code is not running.

Service #9. Amazon Kinesis

AWS Kinesis     Amazon Kinesis allows developers to take any large volume of data from any source that can run on EC2 instance. It can store, capture, process and distribute data from large distributed streams like social media feeds or log events.

Service #10. Amazon RedShift

aws redshift      AWS RedShift is a Database-as-a-Service solution and the fastest data warehouse available in the cloud market. It powers mission-critical analytical workloads, can house petabytes of data, and scale up or down as per your requirements. It is compatible with most third-party applications, cost-efficient, fast-performing, and can integrate with data lakes easily.

Service #11. AWS Auto Scaling

AWS Auto Scaling         Amazon AutoScaling helps in the management of an ocean of servers that are equipped for supporting any volume of traffic demanded by your application service. It automatically adjusts the memory to maintain steady performance at the lowest possible cost. Thus, companies can expand reach to over thousands or even millions of users. This is a free service! You will only pay for the number of instances for the time they run and Amazon CloudWatch monitoring.

While the article comes to an end, I have handpicked few best and most popular AWS services here, which are widely used by the clients and admins. You can always choose the best one and get benefitted.

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