Digital marketing needs no introduction. It is the modern way of marketing. So, if you are pondering to dive into this exciting industry in 2020 then you better be quick. People who explored digital marketing while the rest were still unaware of its scope, have now gained the expertise and skills that give them the competitive edge. Currently, the demand for digital marketers continue to soar and if you are equipped with the right knowledge then there is no stopping you.

You probably have few ambiguities in your mind and are wondering about the scope of digital marketing in India in 2020 as well as in the coming years. Let us shed some light on it for you through this blog and enlighten you about the progression of the digital marketing industry in the year 2020 and beyond.

Scope of digital marketing in India in 2020

It is no surprise that India is one of the biggest digital markets in the world. It has adopted digitalization in almost every industry. The number of internet users is increasing by the hour. Hence every organization be it small, medium or big, targets their customers via digital platforms because that’s where we all invest our time in. Needless to say, digital marketing is the need of the hour. This, in turn, boosts the scope of digital marketing careers. By the end of the year 2020, the digital industry will produce over 20 lakh jobs in India.


Top 5 reasons for the skyrocketing scope of digital marketing in India are:

1. Limitations of traditional marketing with regard to
Engagement level
2. An increasing number of internet users
3. Government’s vision of ‘Digital India’.
4. Diverse Job opportunities
5. Learning Digital Marketing is economical and open to all.

Digital Marketing is comparatively inexpensive and can be done with a modest budget while traditional marketing methods that target a wide audience can burn a hole in a business owner’s pocket. Hence businesses are shifting to digital marketing. Moreover, traditional marketing media such as radio, magazines, etc. are enjoyed by fewer people today. The chances for ads to go unnoticed in traditional media is high. On the other hand, Digital Marketing has higher exposure as it can be viewed by anyone anywhere and anytime in the world whereas traditional marketing is limited to a specific area and time. Another major drawback is that traditional marketing is one-way communication and is forced on people. In digital marketing, ofter people have the option to engage with the ad or dismiss it. To know in length how digital marketing wins over traditional marketing you can read the blog – Internet Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing.


Another big reason for the huge scope of digital marketing in India is the large Internet-savvy population. India is on a digital revolution. It has the 2nd highest number of internet users in the world. Nowadays even the people in rural areas invest time to surf on the internet. Each one of us is a target customer for one or the other commodity or business. So, why won’t the businesses target us through the various digital platforms? Hence there is no doubt that the scope of digital marketing is going to increase by each passing day.


scope of digital marketing


Career Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2020


In the year 2020 companies will continue to look for professionals more than ever. They will be relying on the expertise of digital marketers to achieve their organizational goals. Over 45000 digital marketing jobs are presently available on that fall under the umbrella of SEO, SEM, Social media and so on. The job profiles vary from executive level to manager level. Depending on your skills and experience you are sure to find a job that’s a perfect fit. We also have a short blog on popular digital marketing careers If you would like to explore more.


Top 5 Benefits Of Taking Up a Career In Digital Marketing


1. Wide range of career options

There are technical, operational and creative roles available in the digital marketing domain. You can choose a career path that suits your interest and skills. You could be an SEO expert, a social media marketer, a Google Ads expert or even a complete digital marketer.

2. Great pay

A business cannot prosper without marketing itself. Hence a digital marketer is a valuable resource. It is one of the most well-paid careers in the digital space.

3. Applies to all sizes and categories of companies

You can continue to utilize your digital marketing skills if you are shifting from one company to another company as it has universal application.

4. Creatively challenging

The digital space is fascinating and dynamic. There is always something new to explore, learn and try. You can exploit your creativity through posts, blogs, ad copies and many more. You can brainstorm and experiment with different ways to make a campaign successful. A digital marketing career is sure to keep you on your toes.

5. It is easy to kick start a career in digital marketing

Does not matter what qualification and experience you hold. Kickstarting a fresh career in digital marketing is easy. The skills can be learnt in a matter of a few months provided you keep the interest going.


Scope of a Digital Marketing Course


We all know that the best opportunities knock at our door if we have the right skill-set. The same applies to digital marketing.  Companies hire people who possess the required knowledge so they do not have to invest time on training them. With a digital marketing course, you gain an in-depth knowledge of how to perform digital marketing that truly benefits the business.  A digital marketing course provides you with the right skills that enable you to enjoy a fast-paced career supported by a competitive salary.


Top 5 Reasons To Take Up a Digital Marketing Course


1. Short-term Course

As mentioned earlier, it takes only a few months to learn digital marketing. Most of the digital marketing courses take about 3 to 6 months. Imagine in a matter of 6 months you are job-ready and all set to embark on a prospering career.

2. Economical Fees

The fees charged by digital marketing institutes that give you value for money keep their fees economical. It is not a career for which you end up paying years of savings and spend years earning it back.

3. Practical Exposure

Digital marketing training will train you on how to practically apply the concepts and analyse the results. This hands-on experience gives you the confidence to start a career in digital marketing.

4. Certification

Nothing attests your knowledge better than an industry-recognized certification. It provides a lucrative weightage to your resume.

5. Placement opportunities

Most digital marketing institutes provide placement assistance along with the training. All you got to do is learn diligently so you can be the best choice for the interviewers when you start exploring digital marketing job opportunities.


Ultimately, there are immense opportunities for digital marketing professionals across roles and industries in India. As digitalization continues to grow in the year 2020 at a rapid pace, employers are seeking out skilled employees that can fill the skills gaps in their organizations. So do you have a digital marketer in you that can drive business objectives such as acquiring quality leads, boosting revenue and profits, and increasing brand awareness? If yes, then why wait? Start your digital marketing journey today!


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