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High Bounce Rate


Increasing Bounce Rate is a nightmare for every blogger. A high bounce rate is a conversions killer. Every blogger aims to build their email lists and gain traffic, but now their visitors are instantly bouncing back out of the website and it is surely a bad sign. Before even explaining the causes of the increase in Bounce Rate, let’s look at the average bounce rate in Google Analytics 

According to a study conducted by, it states that bounce rates within 26-40% are considered excellent, 41-55% is average, 56-70% is more than normal, any percentage above 70 and below 25 is considered bad. What is the bounce rate of your page?


Why bounce rate is high

Blank Landing Pages

You have provided a link to your page and are expecting visitors on that page. But you are devastated when you check your analytics and see your page’s Bounce Rate is spiking. Well, what might be the reason? Your landing page might be dead or showing an Error 404. Blank pages make visitors think this whole website is dead or not updated. Resolve it and you are good to go.


Slow loading page

Your page is loading slow and readers are losing their patience. Fast loading page is also one of the key SEO factors, your rankings will lower if your page loads slow. Large page size increases loading time, try to use small size images and link/embed videos rather uploading them. If you are doing these correctly then check with your hosting provider and if possible use CDN’s like Cloudflare.


Ads, too many ads

Ads are one way to earn money for bloggers and a way to bore your readers. Running too many ads is a no-no on a blog. You are running a blog and not a spammy advertisement site, so don’t look like a spammer. Here staying minimal and clever is the rule. In fact, there are websites who don’t websites don’t even run ads and yet they make money. Find some inspiration and replace/remove the ads on your website. Avoid Pop-up ads at any cost, just stay away from them.


Wrong Ads

You might have minimal running ads that are well placed and you think you have done a great job as an owner of the website. But have you noticed what kind of ads you are running? While signing up for Google Adsense, it lets you choose what kinds of ads you want to run. You might have selected all and that’s what is causing the problem. You might be running inappropriate ads and this irritates your visitors. Rectify this problem by selecting the relevant category of ads.


Irrelevant Title and Content

Misguiding your audience makes them angry and they bounce out immediately. It makes your website look like a spamming site and visitors and Google both hate spammy websites. This strategy of misguiding users and luring them to your site is called the ClickBait strategy. So avoid clickbait titles and provide value to your readers.


Boring content and lacks in value

Your content is boring and provides no value to the readers. Don’t be that teacher who gives a boring lecture and makes the students fall asleep. Provide valuable content while being empathetic with your readers. You may think your content is good and doing justice to your visitors but you might be mistaken. Writing quality content is what makes your website stand out from the rest. If you are not good at writing content, then hire content writers online or use websites like, or


Too many links

Internal linking your page is one of the best ways to increase the dwell time of your readers on the website. But too many links can distract the readers and make them jump on to the page of the link. This makes your page less engaging. So try to keep it minimal and simple, add maybe a maximum of 2-3 links in your article. If you want to link the references and resources, add them at the end of the article so if at all your readers are interested, they will find and look into it and they also read your article till the end. Use anchor texts for your links, they should go with the flow of your article.


Poor design

User Experience is one of the major factors of SEO, the more user-friendly your website the better rankings. Making your website cluttered creates confusion, looks like a landfill and makes your visitors scavenge your website instead of navigating, using inappropriate color schemes makes it unattractive. If you don’t like the job done by your web designer, then it’s time to let him/her go and start using WordPress. WordPress is a free and popular CMS, it has ready-made themes and plugins where-in your only job is to add/write content and post. Many bloggers use this platform for their support and flexibility. You might also try using or You can get lots of tutorials online on this. It is easy and simple to use.


I have listed every possible problem and given the appropriate solution for your nightmare. If you are experiencing the issue of high Bounce Rate, it is most likely due to one or more of the points mentioned above. You might have a single issue or you might be facing multiple problems, so check every point covered in this post. Maybe it’s time to make subtle changes to your article and website that will increase the dwell time of your readers.


Note: High Bounce Rate is not an issue for Affiliate Marketing sites, as your visitors click on the link and jump to merchant site obviously increases bounce rate. The issue arises when your visitors don’t click on the affiliate links and bounce out of your page.

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