Quora released “advertisements on Quora” one year back. There have been constant updates in the quora business field since that time. This month quora again bring us another big surprise by introducing image advertisements. The timeline is shown in the following image. This is hugely going to affect the social media platform. It is also a great opportunity for the Digital Marketing Industry to promote their customer’s Business. Social Media Marketing Institutes updated their course as soon as Quora introduced image ads.

Quora’s text advertisement update has given up to the mark results on their investments on their advertising platform. Quora also told that their platform has given high-quality ways to spread their reach to the Quora audience. Quora active advertisers have reached from 300 to 1’000 in the past one year.

Quora feels text ads weren’t enough for the advertisers, which made them bring out the image ads. This is going to be available on the desktop as well as on mobiles after 22nd of May 2018. The text has always been important for the Quora but according to the Quora team image gives a high end to the advertisers it helps them give more detailed and high leverage ads with clear descriptions.

Quora has set up some rules for the advertisers for posting image ads. Which are as follows:
⦁ Advertisers will have to submit their logo with the image ads which will automatically be resized to fit into the ad format set up by the Quora. The logo will appear along the text description and image. The logo specifications are 30 X 30 px.
⦁ Image ads have their own specifications set by quora, recommended size is 1200 X 628 px. And minimum size is 600 X 314 px.
⦁ Quora have limited to not more than 20% text on the image advertisement.
Image ads will be optimized differently for mobile phone and desktop version of Quora.

Phone version will be in an aspect ratio of 1:1 like the following image:

The desktop version will be in 1.91:1 aspect ratio of the following image:

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