Python for Internet of Things(IoT)

Learn the exciting field of IoT with along Python programming and accelerate your career growth.

What Is the Role of Python in IoT Development?

The Internet of Things is based on the concept of "a network of smart devices". These can be interrelated computing devices, mechanical or digital machines. These devices have the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

The extensive set of such IoT devices is often divided into consumer, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure spaces. Few examples of are smart home, remote health monitoring & emergency notification systems, home appliances, vehicles, smart traffic control, physical machines, supply chain networks, etc.

According to a recent survey, by the end of 2020, the IoT devices registration would reach 30 billion, and the market value of IoT can be as high as $7 trillion.

Many programming languages are used to develop IoT devices. With the precise syntax, readability and extensive libraries, Python programming is the most-suited language for IoT.

Python comes on embedded computers like the Raspberry Pi and on microcontrollers as Circuit Python. Learning Python is a great way to work on internet-connected things, to share data and to get innovative. 

Why Train in Python IoT?

Python is an efficient, fast and multi-paradigm language that supports object-oriented programming.  With this scripting language, you can develop web-based and desktop applications.

Python being lightweight and scalable is used in the development of an IoT solution - to build interactive objects and design. 

IoT is all about getting and sending data. Python offers regular expressions, text parsing or moving from one data format to another. It also has flexible memory management which helps to avoid security issues. There is a proper way to proper way to handle errors(exception handling).

To explore the best opportunities of Python IoT, getting trained from a premier institute like Online Idea Lab is the right decision you can make. 

Our course covers topics like Python fundamentals in detail, Raspberry Pi, IoT communication models, PubNub, Python PubNub Integration on Raspberry Pi, Integrating Sensors with Raspberry Pi, and many advanced topics.


Easy to Learn

Learning and implementation of Python is relatively simple and easy when compared to other native languages like C++ and Java.


Free and Open Source

Python's source code is freely available to the public, you can download it, change it and distribute it.


Community Support

Many users have grouped into a community to support Python's advancement further.


Huge Job Opportunities

As more and more companies adapt these cutting edge IoT solutions, they are in look out for certified and skilled professionals.

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Main Modules of Python IoT Course

This course teaches Python programming concepts and hands-on practical labs to develop IoT solutions.

Introduction to IoT

  • Definition and realizing its benefits
  • Different Sectors using IoT
  • Python for IoT
  • IoT smart devices and Architecture
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi 3 key features
  • Practical 1: PIR sensor
    GPIO in RaspberryPi
    Motion Detector IoT Device - 
    Integrating Sensors, Combining the Sensors Code with Flask Webserver

Hardware, Security, and Communication

  • IoT communication models - web sockets, MQTT
  • Internet Security and Cryptography  - symmetric key algorithm, asymmetric key algorithm, encryption, and digital signature
  • HTTPS and SSL/TLS Protocols -Internet security, Secure Socket layer, Certification authority
  • PubNub - Introduction and Setup, Communication using plain text and cipher text, PubNub Access Manager

Full-Duplex IoT Server

  • Architecture
  • Python PubNub Integration on Raspberry Pi
  • Python PubNub Integration on Web-App
  • Apache Server setup on AWS cloud -Set up Ubuntu VM and Apache server on AWS, Get a custom domain name and routing it to AWS remote VM using Route-52 service, Installation and demo of Flask application on AWS

Secure HTTPS and User Login

  • Securing Custom Domain - Understand how MCP3008 ADC IC works with LDR and Raspberry Pi with a circuit diagram, SSL certificate Installation, HTTPS inbound traffic rules in AWS
  • Secure User Login
  • Database Integration


  • Creating Rules for Admin and Non-Admin Users
  • Grant Read/Write Permissions for Users
  • Implementing `Add New Device` Feature

Real-World Usecase

  • Project Specifications and Circuit Diagram- Understand the project Overview, goals and understand DHT11, LDR and LED, MCP3008 ADC IC
  • Integrating Sensors with Raspberry Pi -Install and work with Adafruit DHT library
  • Real-Time Charts in Dashboard

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By the end of Python IoT course, you can efficiently develop the IoT devices using Python because of its easy syntax, secure coding, and it’s simplicity.

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 IoT devices make life easy and learning & developing them using Python makes you stand out in the crowd and more demandable at the workplace.

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When I heard this institute is offering Python with IoT course, I made up my mind quickly and registered with them. That was the best decision as I could learn a lot of new things from the highly talented trainer.

Shabnam K, Software Developer


I strongly recommend this institute anyone who wants to make their career in IoT. It’s the best place you can explore all the elements of IoT with Python through hands-on training.

Rajath Sharma, IoT Enthusiast


Internet of Things with Python programming course taught me Python fundamentals, RaspberryPi, hardware, security concepts in detail.

Janet S, Sr.Sotware Engineer


I am a Python programmer. But learning RaspberryPi with Python was total fun. The trainer was a creative, talented individual who made the sessions easier.

Mike Jeff, Software Programmer

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    Few Interesting Facts and Stats

    • Python can handle big and complex data easily and can work on different platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.
    • Python language is a general-purpose programming language.
    • All the IoT devices send data to the internet. A Python script to read and write to a database.
    • 93% of the databases and data stores used for IoT are open-source software.
    • Market value of IoT will reach $7 trillion by 2020.

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