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New York City was named one of the top 10 places in the USA to find a job in the year 2018. Over one million businesses exist in this city, with new ones cropping up constantly. The IT sector has been claiming a greater share in North America - specifically New York City from many years now. New York has become the leading Internet hub and telecommunications center.

Big giants like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, NASA, Spotify, Reddit, and more are using Python programming for developing their products & services.

This, in turn, calls for a huge number of certified and skilled resources with Python knowledge. There are more than 70,000 Python jobs currently available in the US alone(source: The average Python Developer salary is $120,000 per year or $61.54 per hour(source:

Learning Python from a premier training institute like Online Idea Lab would be your best bet. Our Python course NYC covers topics on both fundamentals and advanced concepts so that you can become hands-on and a versatile programmer.


Python is for Everyone!

Enterprises are choosing Python as it is agile, innovative, and efficient. With Python, you can do the broadest and deepest functionality, make computing environment more secure and adapt to modern application development practices.

Our Python course NYC covers topics like Python fundamentals, data structures, multithreading, writing GUIs in Python (Tkinter), network programming, database management, a brief about Data Science & Machine Learning tools and libraries.

You will understand how Python is more productive than other high levels languages such as C# and Java, its use in automation, IoT, Big Data, and Data Science. You will also learn how Python is ideal for multi-programmer and large development teams.


Works Across Platforms

A lot of operating systems including Unix, Mac OS, and Linux support Python programming language.


Great Career Prospect

Employers are looking for fully stacked programmers with Python skills and hence more job opportunities and high salary across IT industry.

python course

Various Career Options

With Python classes NYC, you can apply for a data engineer, full-stack developer, data scientist, scripting, or Python automation role.

python course

Massive and Active Community

Almost everybody can engage with Python at the level they need as it's a community development language.

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Main Modules of Python Classes NYC

This course delivers basics and advanced Python programming concepts along with practicals.

Python Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Installation
  • Python Program Flow
  • Functions & Modules
  • Exceptions
  • File Handling
  • OOPS, Classes & Objects In Python
  • Regular Expressions
  • Data Structures
  • Collections
  • Power Utilities & Multithreading
  • Python JSON

Writing GUIs in Python

  • Components and Events
  • An Example GUI
  • The root Component
  • Basic Operations using Tkinter
  • Buttons and Textbox
  • Menu Bar, Message Box and Radio Button
  • Checkbox and Event Creating
  • Entry & Text Widgets
  • Binding Events to Widgets
  • Listboxes
  • Frames
  • Creating Application in GUI

Network Programming

  • Overview of socket programming
  • Client-server architecture, message sharing 
  • A daytime server, an evaluation, server portion, threaded server
  • TCP vs UDP, Server Socket Methods, Client Socket Methods, General Socket Methods
  • Python networking with Telnet and SSH
  • Python networking with SNMP and Scapy

Database Management

  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • DB Connection
  • Creating DB Table
  • COMMIT & ROLLBACK operation
  • Handling Errors

A Brief About Data Science

  • What is Data Science?
  • Python for Data Science
  • Numerical & statistical Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Pandas and Numpy
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Manipulation
  • Web Scrapping & Crawling

Temporarily Discontinued

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended all 14 physical classrooms in India, the USA, and Canada. We are currently providing training through live online (virtual classroom) mode and self-paced learning (pre-recorded) mode only. Once our classrooms are operational again, the courses will be displayed here. If you have already booked a classroom course, please check your email for further details for the 'change of delivery mode' option or 'request for a refund' option. Or connect back with your personalized course coordinator. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience caused. Stay Safe!

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Why Go for Online Idea Lab?

Prove Your Expertise

At the end of our Python course NYC, you can demonstrate your Python skills at the workplace or advance in your job role.

Sense of Achievement

Python classes NYC help you evaluate your skills and gives much needed motivation to put your best foot forward.

Gain Hands-on Experience

During the course, you will master Python program concepts by working on sample projects, practical labs, and live demos.

Industry Expert Trainers

Learn from our professional trainers who have excellent knowledge of real-time programming. They will guide you with live demos and coding exercises.

Benefits to Organizations

Having employees with a Python certification brings a multitude of benefits to company and its skills framework.

Talk to trainer

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Python Training NYC Certificate

advanced python course in newyork

Learning to write programs stretches your mind, helps you think better, and creates a way of thinking about things.

Bill Gates

Founder, Microsoft


We are always keen to know what our students have to say about their experience at Online Idea Lab. Read below and know what they have shared.


I am working in Data Analytics for the last two years but always felt I should have Python understanding. I joined the training here and believe me, this was by far the best training I have recieved. 

Joe Doug, Data Analyst


One-to-one interaction, hands-on practicals, detailed curriculum make this institute one of the best in the city. I strongly recommend them!

Layla David, Software Programmer

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Few Interesting Facts and Stats

  • Daily and highly used websites like Quora,  Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram use Python.
  • Python syntax is influenced by JavaScript.
  • There is no semicolon(;) and braces ({,}) in python. Which makes python a clean and fast to code language.
  • Python ranked #1 on the IEEE Spectrum list of top programming languages for 2019. 
  • In December 1989, Python’s creator Guido Van Rossum was looking for a hobby project to keep him occupied in the week around Christmas.

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