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It's time to upgrade your skills with the advanced Python certification course at Online Idea Lab. This course provides you an excellent platform to learn and explore the most in-demand programming language in the world. 

Why Python Training for Beginners?

Three main popular applications of Python - web development, data science(machine learning, data analysis, and data visualization), and scripting.

As per TIOBE Index for October 2019 Python is one of the Top Three Programming languages along with Java and C and was awarded The "Programming Language of the Year” in its 2018’s hall of fame listing.

There is a huge demand for senior software engineers, data analysts,  and data scientists with Python experience and their salary easily ranges anywhere between $90,000 - $140,000(source: Payscale). Companies are looking for Python developers currently with 22,247 jobs listed in the USA alone(source: Indeed).

Now is the time to uprise your Python basics knowledge to advanced level with our hands-on practical labs and classroom training.

Our Python class shall help you in career advancement,  get recognized amongst clients and various stakeholders, and stand out in the crowd!

Why Advanced Course for Non-Python Coders?

Do you code using other programming languages? Are you new to Python programming?

Then Python class at Online Idea Lab can help you acquire in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of this language.

In our Python training, you will learn the features and diverse applications of the Python language which give this language an edge over others. Some of the benefits are :

  • presence of third-party modules
  • extensive support libraries and toolkits for data science, machine learning, AI, deep learning, and gaming - Matplotlib, Pandas, Requests, NumPy, BeautifulSoup, SciPy, Scrapy, PyGame, SymPy, Scikit-learn, Django, Flask, Theano, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Seaborn
  • vibrant open-source community
  • user-friendly data structures

Learning these features and gaining hands-on experience through our training will make you a versatile programmer.

Become Expert in Python Programming

Python is more productive, enables improvement by fast innovation, has a rich set of libraries and frameworks, and companies can optimize their most expensive resource: employees.

It is now also making way into the field of cloud services with all major cloud providers including it in some capacity in their offerings. The fact that is has a huge library collection designed for statistical and numerical analysis, makes it more favorable for data scientists.

A variety of 3D-rendering libraries help to develop 3D games using Python. Even connecting databases, networking, programming, robotics, and web scraping make Python the most robust language of this era.

Our Python training for beginners or non-Python coders covers topics like Python fundamentals, data structures, multithreading, writing GUIs in Python (Tkinter), network programming, database management, a brief about data science & machine learning tools and libraries.

Extensible & Portable

The extensible and portable Python features permit you to perform operations on cross-language platforms from Play station, Solaris, Macintosh, Linux, to MS Windows. You can integrate components of .NET & Java and can also use libraries of C++ & C.

High Popularity

In the past few years, Python has grown as a favorite language among IT professionals and organizations due to its wide range of applications. In the United States, the average salary of a Python programmer is around $110,000 in a year. 

python course

Multiple Programming Paradigms

Python supports object-oriented programming, functional programming, empirical programming, and structured programming. It is also used to develop both large and small applications - game, android, multi-software and web applications. 

python course

Massive Support Base

It is an open-source and community developed. Millions of developers work with the language on a daily basis and continue to improve core functionality. This is a great way to network with other developers.

Check Your Python Skills

How much do you know about Python?

Main Modules Covered in Our Python Class

This course teaches you basic and advanced topics of Python programming.

Python Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Installation
  • Python Program Flow
  • Functions & Modules
  • Exceptions
  • File Handling
  • OOPS, Classes & Objects In Python
  • Regular Expressions
  • Data Structures
  • Collections
  • Power Utilities & Multithreading
  • Python JSON

Writing GUIs in Python

  • Components and Events
  • An Example GUI
  • The root Component
  • Basic Operations using Tkinter
  • Buttons and Textbox
  • Menu Bar, Message Box and Radio Button
  • Checkbox and Event Creating
  • Entry & Text Widgets
  • Binding Events to Widgets
  • Listboxes
  • Frames
  • Creating Application in GUI

Network Programming

  • Overview of socket programming
  • Client-server architecture, message sharing 
  • A daytime server, an evaluation, server portion, threaded server
  • TCP vs UDP, Server Socket Methods, Client Socket Methods, General Socket Methods
  • Python networking with Telnet and SSH
  • Python networking with SNMP and Scapy

Database Management

  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • DB Connection
  • Creating DB Table
  • COMMIT & ROLLBACK operation
  • Handling Errors

A Brief About Data Science

  • What is Data Science?
  • Python for Data Science
  • Numerical & statistical Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Pandas and Numpy
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Manipulation
  • Web Scrapping & Crawling

Temporarily Discontinued

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended all 14 physical classrooms in India, the USA, and Canada. We are currently providing training through live online (virtual classroom) mode and self-paced learning (pre-recorded) mode only. Once our classrooms are operational again, the courses will be displayed here. If you have already booked a classroom course, please check your email for further details for the 'change of delivery mode' option or 'request for a refund' option. Or connect back with your personalized course coordinator. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience caused. Stay Safe!

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Why Go for Online Idea Lab? 

Master Python Programming

You will learn A-Z of Python programming from Installation to Debugging and Database to GUI/Network Programming in our advanced Python Training.

Gain Hands-on Experience

You will go through immersive Python training on advanced topics along with practicals, live demos, coding exercises, and sample projects.

Various Career Options

Our Python class helps you grow your career as a web/full-stack developer, data analyst, data scientist, programmer, statisticians & BI Managers.

Industry Experts Trainers

Our mentors are Python Specialists. You can learn their real-world coding experience by interacting, understanding, and implementing.  

Become Industry-Ready

Training with us is rewarding, it makes you stand out from other developers as not everyone dedicates their potential only towards Python.

Talk to trainer

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Advanced Python Course Certificate

python advanced course

Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer...because it teaches you how to think.

Steve Jobs

Co-founder & CEO, Apple


We are always keen to know what our students have to say about their experience at Online Idea Lab. Read below and know what they have shared.

When I decided to change my career from Developer to Data Scientist, I understood knowing Python is a must. I joined here and got one of the best Python training in advanced topics. I strongly recommend them to Python aspirants.

Gaurang Desai,  Software Developer

I want to have a strong hands-on experience in Python and this training course has helped me. The trainer and his training style were excellent. 

Chandra  Mohan,  Data Analyst

A few months ago, I was an Engineering fresher and was in search of IT jobs. Hands-on advanced Python class here landed me in my dream company. 

Srujana D,  Entry-level Data Scientist

Classroom training on advanced Python was an amazing experience. Theory and practical labs covered all the relevant topics in detail. Kudos to the excellent trainer for his reservoir of knowledge.

Joman Lucas, Software Programmer

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Few Important Facts and Stats

  • December 2008 saw the release of Python 3.0, giving up backward compatibility and possessing a new design to avoid duplicate constructs and modules.
  • There is a poem written by Tim Peters named THE ZEN OF PYTHON which can be read by just writing import this in the interpreter.
  • Udemy, Shutterstock, Uber, Walt Disney Feature Animation, NASA use Python for developing their products/services.
  • As indicated in the study by TIOBE in March 2019, Python developers account for 8,26% of all developers globally.
  • According to Indeed, the average Python programmer salary is $123,743 per year.

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