Fast-Track AWS Sysops – Associate – ₹4000 off till 30 April

Fast-Track AWS Sysops – Associate – ₹4000 off till 30 April

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Get hands-on exposure to the highly scalable AWS cloud platform with the AWS SysOps Associate certification training program!

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Become AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

In this course, you will learn how to create automatable deployments of networks and systems on the AWS platform. It will cover the best practices of configuring and managing systems, related features, and AWS tools.

As SysOps admin, you will be present throughout the life-cycle of the project and are responsible for managing, operating, and deploying the systems on AWS platform.


Upgrade Yourself

Learn extensive use of automation skills as the systems are programmable


Industry Experts Tutors

Get Trained by Industry Experts with 6+ years of Experience


Carve the Learning Path

Pursue the next level – DevOps Engineer Professional certification


Real Time Projects

Practical Training on Live Projects


Know-How SysOps

Maintain and manage AWS infrastructure



3+ certifications


Life Time Support

Life Time Support and Assistance

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Working Professional




Job Shifters



AWS SysOps Certification Course Modules

Monitoring & Reporting
  • Overview of Cloud Monitoring
  • CloudWatch Key Concepts & Logs
  • AWS CloudTrail Overview
  • Monitoring EC2 With Custom Metrics
  • Monitoring EBS, ELB, Elasticache
  • Metrics From Multiple Regions & Custom Dashboards
  • Create A Billing Alarm
  • AWS Organisations Lab
  • AWS Resource Groups & Tagging
  • EC2 Pricing Models
  • AWS Config Vs AWS CloudTrail Vs CloudWatch
  • Health Dashboards & Troubleshooting
Deployment & Provisioning
  • Deploy An EC2 Instance Lab
  • Deployment with Auto Scaling
  • Version Updates with Auto Scaling
  • EBS Volumes and IOPS
  • Blue / Green Deployment
  • Overview of the technologies for automated deployment
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • ELB CloudWatch metrics
  • CloudFormation Terminology & Parameters
  • CloudFormation Resources, Maping & Outcome
  • Deploying an Application Load Balancer Lab
  • AWS Systems Manager
High Availability
  • Elasticity & Scalability
  • Auto Scaling Overview
  • Route53 Overview
  • Route53: Latency Based Routing
  • ELB – how it works
  • ELB: Cross Zone load balancing
  • ELB: Connection Draining
  • RDS & Using Read Replicas
  • RDS & Versions
  • Elasticache
  • Aurora 101 & Lab
  • Alarm sustain and cooldown
  • Troubleshooting and Potential Autoscaling Issues
Storage & Data Management
  • EC2 volume/storage types
  • EC2 EBS snapshots overview
  • S3 overview
  • S3 Lifecycle Policies
  • Using Amazon S3 in details
  • Glacier overview
  • Concepts of Data lifecycle on AWS
  • How to work with EBS volumes
  • EBS RAID, AMIs, Storage Gateway
  • Introducing Athena
  • Kms & Cloud HSM
  • Storage Security, Pricing & Troubleshooting
Secuirty & Compliance
  • IAM Overview
  • IAM User Administration
  • IAM Groups & User Permissions
  • IAM Custom Policies
  • Security Token Services
  • Security & Logging
  • AWS Hypervisors
  • Dedicated Instances vs Hosts
  • AWS Systems Manager EC2 Run Command
  • AWS config with S3
  • Inspector vs Trusted Advisor
  • Shared responsibility model
  • Cloud Networking Basics
  • VPC, CIDR Notation
  • Connecting VPC and on-premises datacenter
  • Creating NAT instances
  • Network ACLs and Security Groups
  • AWS Direct Coonect
  • Public and Private Subnets
  • Configuring Subnets
  • Bastion Host and security groups for it
  • DNS & ENI
  • Routing Policy Labs
Automation & Analysis
  • CoudFormation in detail
  • CloudFormation Lab
  • ElasticBeanstalk
  • OpsWork
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Tagging: overview: What tags are
  • CLI commands
  • Cost management
  • Cloudwatch: Billing alarms
  • Cost Explorer


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“It was great journey. Wonderful teaching faculty, Practical experience, assignments after each class. I got clarity on each and every concepts of Digital Marketing. Online Idea Lab is not institute, they are the real time mentors.”

Dheeraj Sharma

A Career of Today and Tomorrow

AWS Cloud has boundless potential – It’s a skill needed by everyone!

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