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Is marking a career in Python Programming on your mind from long? This live instructor-led Python training course can help your dream come true. Acquire in-depth knowledge in Python fundamentals at your comfort.

Scope of Python Programming

Python has gained more popularity than ever as it is very simple to read and write. Python provides significant features like extensive libraries, modules, and packages that catch every programmer’s attention.

There are success stories of organizations across the globe using Python for countless purposes such as software development, data mining, data validation, data visualization, product development, web development, unit testing, and many more.

  • Google uses Python for its numerous applications and Python has become their official language.
  • uses Python programming to create accurate weather forecast reports provided by its clients.
  • Python is used by many product development companies - Acqutek, AstraZeneca, GravityZoo, Carmanah Technologies Inc., to develop Autonomous devices and software.
  • Test&Go uses Python scripts for Data Validation.
  • Industrial Light & Magic(ILM) also uses Python for batch processing - modeling, rendering and compositing thousands of picture frames per day.

With the advent of technology, the career opportunities associated with Python programming have grown significantly. Most of the organizations are looking for candidates having an excellent core and advanced Python programming skills.

So don’t hold back! Join our online Python course for beginners and learn Python from anywhere.

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Online Python Course for Beginners

Our live instructor-led virtual classroom course helps you to have a conceptual understanding of Python and to get ahead with the ever-growing programming language.

Our online Python training course is intended for:

  • absolute beginners
  • technical personnel(developers, architects, specialists)
  • anyone who is Python Enthusiast

This Python online course covers theory and practical labs on Python programming basic concepts such as Python installation, string operations, data structures, control & loop statements, data & file operations, regular expression, modules & packages, object-oriented programming, and functions & classes.

You will learn Python from scratch through step-by-step hands-on programming.

Python for Data Science

You can look at the world of data visualizations with Python and create your own stunning visualizations based on real data.


Infinite Job Opportunities

There is a huge market demand for Python experts as the usage of this language in every application is rapidly growing. Average salary of an entry-level software developer with Python skills is $65,862 as per Payscale.

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Gives You a Competitive Edge

Having a Python certification helps you stand out of the pack as you’re willing to expand your knowledge, especially when there’s a rise in the number of developers competing for some of the best jobs.

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A Vast Community Support

You can reach out to Python community whenever you are struck with your code.

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Main Modules of Online Python Course for Beginners

This online course teaches you Python from scratch.

Python Introduction

  • What and why Python?
  • Python 3 vs Python 2
  • Python Syntax compared to other programming languages
  • Python Installation, Python Editors and IDEs
  • Install Anaconda, how to use Anaconda
  • Writing/Running python programs using Spyder Command Prompt & Jupyter notebooks
  • The Python Command Line
  • The Print Statement

Python Syntax

  • Execute Python Syntax
  • What is an interpreter?
  • Interpreters vs Compilers
  • Using the Python Interpreter
  • Interactive Mode
  • Running Python files
  • Working with Python shell
  • Integrated Development Environments (IDES)
  • Script Mode Programming
  • Python Indentation
  • Python Comments - Creating a Comment, multi-line Comments

Data Types, Variables & Numbers

  • Built-in Data Types
  • Getting & setting the Data Type
  • Variables & Casting, Creating Variables, Specify a Variable Type
  • Variable Names, The global Keyword
  • Assign Value to Multiple Variables
  • Output Variables, Global Variables
  • Python Numbers - Int, Float, Complex, Type Conversion, Random Number

Booleans & Operators

  • Python Booleans
  • Boolean Values
  • Evaluate Values and Variables
  • Most Values are True
  • Some Values are False
  • Functions can return a Boolean
  • Python Operators - Arithmetic operators, Assignment, and Logical operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Identity operators
  • Membership operators
  • Bitwise operators
  • Python Operators Precedence

Lists, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries

  • Access Items
  • Negative Indexing
  • Range of Indexes
  • Change Item Value
  • Get the length
  • Check if Item exists
  • Check if Key exists
  • Loop
  • Adding and Removing items
  • Join
  • Copy
  • Constructor
  • Methods
  • Nested Dictionaries

Loops, Functions, Arrays

  • Python Loops - If Else, While, Nested
  • Looping through a String, break & continue statement, The range() function
  • Python Functions - Creating, calling a function; Parameters - default, passing, return, recursion & recursive functions
  • Argument Parser, keyword & arbitrary arguments
  • Python Lambda - List & generator comprehensions, brief about Map, Filter and reduce
  • Python Strings & Arrays

Classes and Objects

  • Python as an OOP Language
  • Classes and Objects, Abstract classes
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Documented String
  • Private Identifier, Constructor
  • Overloading & Overriding
  • Super with multi-level inheritance
  • Closures, global and local, returning function from a function
  • Decorators, Iterators, Scope, Generators
  • Data abstraction and hiding
  • Namespaces static & instance variables inheritance

Modules, Libraries & Packages

  • Operating System Interface
  • Command Line Arguments
  • Error Output Redirection and Program
  • Termination
  • Dates and Times
  • Data Compression
  • Performance Measurement
  • Output Formatting - Output with Print, String Modulo, Format Method
  • What is a Package?
  • Check if PIP is Installed
  • Install PIP
  • Download a Package
  • Using, find, remove, list packages

Exception and File Handling

  • Errors
  • Except
  • handling Exceptions
  • raising Exceptions
  • Assertion & Writing Custom Exception
  • The try-finally Clause
  • File Handling
  • File I/O
  • Python Read Files
  • Python Write/Create Files
  • Delete File
  • Directory handling
  • Recursive directory reading

Logging and Debugging

  • Logging — Logging facility for Python
  • Logger objects
  • Logging levels
  • Creating log files
  • Python debugger(pdb)

Python RegEx

  • RegEx in Python
  • RegEx module, functions
  • Metacharacters, special sequences, sets
  • Character classes & character shortcuts, the Dot character
  • Quantifiers, modifiers, greedy matches
  • Look ahead/behind expressions
  • Compiled expressions & usage
  • Global search, search and replace - substituting, splitting a string
  • Memory parenthesis/grouping
  • Match operation, flags
  • Compiling regular expressions

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Benefits of Training with Us 

Learn from Anywhere!

We offer training which is delivered through a video conference. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Industry Expert Trainers

Our online classes help you to interact with professional trainers on the spot or get your queries addressed through online chats.

Learn by Practicing

You will learn concepts from Python installation to debugging through practical labs, live demos, and scenario-based examples.

Choose Your Career

By the end of the course, you will be able to pick up any of the roles - Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Statisticians, or Programmer.

Benefits to Organization

Certified professionals help to minimize cost,  downtime and solve different complex problems faster than their non-certified peers.

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Python Online Course Certificate

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Programming is like any other sport. You might know the rules but have to play to learn.

Mark Zukerberg

Co-Founder & CEO, Facebook


We are always keen to know what our students have to say about their experience at Online Idea Lab. Read below and know what they have shared.

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I have gone through online Python course for beginners with this institute. I must say they have excellent trainers and the course material covering Python topics from scratch. I strongly recommend them.

Jaden, Software Developer

python foundation online course student

Highly talented instructors, hands-on training through live-instructor led virtual classes, and their quality training method of this institute has given me an amazing learning experience.

Aparna Alva, Software Engineer

python course student

I would like to recommend this training institute for delivering one of the best live lectures on Python basics and advanced topics. They make you industry-ready. This is your go-to without a doubt!

Ava Frank, Data Analyst

python foundation alumni

Indeed I had an exciting time during my online Python course with this institute. The trainer was detail-oriented and has an enormous amount of knowledge in Python. He clarified each and every question I had in mind. All thanks to him!

Jafar Humair, Entry-level Data Scientist

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    Few Interesting Facts and Stats

    • Daily and highly used websites like Quora,  Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram use Python.
    • Python syntax is influenced by JavaScript.
    • There is no semicolon(;) and braces ({,}) in python. Which makes python a clean and fast to code language.
    • Python ranked #1 on the IEEE Spectrum list of top programming languages for 2019. 
    • In December 1989, Python’s creator Guido Van Rossum was looking for a hobby project to keep him occupied in the week around Christmas.

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