MOZ PA 2.0


We identify PA (Page Authority) as a calculative score provided by MOZ to determine the ranking ability of a page on SERP. The score ranges from 1 to 100 – higher the score, greater is the ability of a page to rank on SERPs.
Simple right? So, what’s changing and why? Let’s find out!


The New Developments


1. The former Page Authority model was solely based on search engine result pages (SERP). It projected how well a specific page will rank on SERPs and its ability to outrank other pages. With the PA 2.0 model, factors such as search traffic, CPC etc. will be considered and a page can be compared with any other page irrespective of them appearing on the same SERP.
2. Outlier sites (penalized pages or high PA URLs with no search value) that were not considered earlier as they did not show up on SERP, will now be added into the training set of the model.
3. With refocus on the accuracy, there may be a noticeable shift in your Page Authority score. It is important to note that the PA is a competitive score and not a standalone number.



What Moz Is Suggesting You Must Do?


1. Inform your stakeholders, team members, and clients about the update and make them understand the new PA value is in relation to the competitors.
2. Since it is a comparative metric just like DA, use PA of your page to compare with the PA of your competitor’s page.
3. Expect PA to remodel in the future as every effort is being made by MOZ to stay up-to-date with Google’s algorithms.


In a nutshell, PA 2.0 uses a completely new method of deriving the score to improve its accuracy and reliability. The new Page Authority will be launched on September 30, 2020. Get ready to detect the new PA scores for your pages.

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