Being a YouTuber is now a favourite vocation. It is indeed one of the most fascinating jobs among netizens of all ages. And why wouldn’t it be? You earn money by doing something you love while being your own boss. 

 Youtube is an exciting platform that lets you be creative. It motivates you to work harder as you watch your channel take off. So, is being a YouTuber a piece of cake? Well, let’s see – all you have to do is create videos, upload them on YouTube and publicise to gain as many views as possible. Sounds doable but to keep the channel going and make the money roll into your wallet is the real challenge. That’s where your dedication comes into the picture. The YouTubers that we follow and admire are the ones who have made it because of the tremendous amount of effort and time they dedicate to the success of their channel. If you are up to it, then read on.


Steps To Monetize Your Channel


The process is easy and YouTube has made it as guidable as possible. However,  you need to follow 3 major steps once you have created your channel.


monetize youtube channel


i) Become YouTube Partner

You can apply for monetization once you have achieved 1000 subscribers along with 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months. YouTube also reviews your channels based on the type of content and other metrics to honour genuine and worthy content creators. To know the requirements and eligibility details, refer YouTube Help.

  • To start the process you need to go to the Monetization tab of your channel and accept the YouTube Partner Program Terms. 
  • If you have 1000 subscribers, then check how many watch hours you have had on your channel. This can be known in the Analytics section. If you are short of hours, pull up your socks and get those 4000 hours.
  • If you have more than 4000 watch hours, then you can go ahead and sign up for an Adsense account. It is where your earnings flow in and can be tracked. 
  • Once you have set up the AdSense account, you can set the monetization preferences. You can choose what kind of ads will run on your channel once it gets approved.
  • YouTube normally takes about a month to review your channel after you have applied for monetization. 


ii) Enable Ads

To enable ads into your videos, select videos individually or collectively, then go to ‘actions’ and click on ‘monetize’. You will have the option to select among overlay ads, skippable video ads and sponsored ads. If you have videos longer than 10 minutes you can also use the feature ‘ad breaks’ to include advertisements in between the videos.


iii) Get Paid

This is where the wait begins. YouTube has a threshold of a 100 $. This means in a window of a month you need to earn 100 dollars to receive a paycheck from YouTube. So now the question is how many views do you need to earn 100 dollars? The average estimated amount of views is said to be around 100,000 views in one single month. Keep in mind that a lot of other factors such as the CPM, how long your videos are being watched, etc. contribute towards the calculation of the amount. Once you have achieved the desired, YouTube notifies you about the payment. You will receive the payment via the mode specified by you in your Adsense account. 

Wait. The wait isn’t over. You will receive the money two months after you have earned that money. But, surely the wait will be worth it.


How to make the money roll in faster?


Like in any stream, there is immense competition on YouTube as well. There are a variety of channels that share similar content. Some do well, some don’t. The reason some perform exceeding well is that they present what the viewers appreciate or need. In other words, you either entertain or educate your viewers.


Here are helpful tips to grow and monetize your YouTube channel faster. 

1. Have a Particular Genre of Content

Your channel should have a particular theme going. Serve a type of fruit, not a fruit salad. For example, if you plan to publish dance videos on your channel, then that’s what you should stick to. Don’t make it about dance, food, entertainment, sports and all other things that you fancy. Having a particular theme lets YouTube decide what kind of ads are suitable to be played on your channel.

2. Be Original 

Originality is always appreciated. This not only avoids copyright issues but you also gain loyal subscribers. Moreover, the channel should be an extension of your personality, not a copy of someone else’s.

3. Create a Banner That Creates an Impression

The banner of your channel must present a picture of what the channel is about. If you wish to be the face of the channel, you can be part of the banner image along with minimal but appealing textual content.

4. Make an Introduction Trailer

When you are starting a new channel, it is a good idea to have a trailer video. Make an introduction video of 30 to 50 seconds to tell the viewers what content will be showcased on your channel. A promising trailer encourages people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

5. Play the SEO Game Right

Keywords are the keys to spotting your content in the ocean of videos on YouTube. Use tools like google trends, keyword tool io, etc. to research on trending topics and find out what people are searching for. 

6. Do Competitor Research 

With tools such as VidIQ, you can view the analytics of your competitor’s videos that are ranking high and see what keywords they have used. With this data, you can inculcate the same keywords in your video to make it rank better. Yes, we are stealing the keywords, but that’s the opportunity provided by the tool. So, why not use it smartly?

7. Optimise Title & Thumbnail

Ensure the video title has the keyword if you are planning to make it rank. You may also include keywords in the description of the video. Along with the title, consumers also judge the content by the thumbnail. Hence, the thumbnail needs to be appealing and relevant to the title. Avoid clickbait titles and thumbnails. They are a big no-no.

8. Use End Card & i-cards

End cards are the cards that appear at the end of the video in which you can display your other videos. It can also be used as a mechanism to promote another channel or to display CTAs to subscribe to the channel. On the other hand, i-cards appear as a clickable icon on the corner of the video that links to an older video recommended by the YouTuber. Use the cards wisely to increase the views of your other videos.

9. Interact With Your Audience

Respond to comments that your viewers leave for you to read. At least, the positive ones. This lets them connect with you on a human level. Thank them for their appreciation as well as feedback. The comment feature allows you to ask for video recommendations and viewer opinion. This will help you in understanding the audience and providing them with what they want.

10. Good Content

Yes, I have saved the best and the obvious one for the last. Nobody is going to come to your channel if you don’t have good content. Use a good camera, mike and editing software to produce good videos. You don’t need to purchase anything expensive. Nowadays, a lot of phones are available in the market that can shoot HD quality videos. Also, it’s important to be consistent. Particularly, when you are on a target to achieve 4000 watch hours and the first 1000 subscribers, you need to make watchable content with good duration.


tips to make money on youtube


Being a YouTuber demands dedication and commitment. When you are working for yourself and in your own terms – self-learning, self-initiative and self-motivation are crucial. If you believe in your content give a blind eye to the hateful, demotivating comments and criticisms. And do not shy away from promoting your channel to your near and far ones. At times, you might feel it’s going to take forever to get there. The tip in such a situation is – ‘Enjoy The Hustle’. A lot of the YouTubers that are successful today went through a similar hustle at the beginning of their YouTube journey. But they enjoyed what they were doing and that’s what kept them going. So, go ahead – follow your passion. Be patient while working hard towards your goal and then there is no stopping you. Good Luck!


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