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They Are on AWS. Interesting?

These multi-million customers are now using AWS Cloud solutions to capture, analyze, simulate millions of data records. They chose AWS to deliver a consistent and standardized experience to their clients. They also rely on it to power machine learning & AI, to migrate mission-critical apps, and for their digital marketing campaigns. They use AWS to scale issue-tracking & disaster recovery software applications and many more.

Let's be part of this. How? Simple. With the power of knowledge. Through AWS Certification!

Become an industry-recognized AWS Certified Professional and Master in Cloud Skills by attending AWS Certification Training with Online Idea Lab.

A Career in AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services as a thought-leader is highly reliable, easily available, scalable and low in cost. It empowers thousands of businesses across countries. According to Gartner’s report, AWS - public cloud market is expected to reach $236 billion by 2020 and it has retained a leading edge over 14 cloud competitors including Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

Since AWS is expanding, a career that focuses on AWS tools and technologies looks extremely promising. As per's analysis of job searches and postings 2018 - 60% of job postings call for skills related to AWS, making it one of the quickest growing technology. According to recent 'Global Knowledge IT Skills & Salary Report' - Amazon Certifications are still topping charts that has increased the salaries for the average AWS professionals by as much as 25.9 percent. 

AWS Certification is categorized as  - Foundation, Associate and Professional(role-based certifications) to validate expertise as Cloud Practitioners, Architects, Developers & Operations roles. It also offers Specialty certifications to verify advanced skills in specific technical areas such as Networking, Security, Big Data and Machine earning.

What are you waiting for? Embark on a visionary journey with AWS cloud today. Become a Cloud Guru!


AWS Jobs in India

more than 12,826 jobs(

AWS Jobs in USA

more than 49,745 jobs(

AWS Jobs in Canada

more than 3,357 jobs(

Why Go for AWS Certification?

Are you ready to be a part of the new normal?

AWS is becoming the gold standard of the cloud computing platform. Companies are migrating to AWS. There is a surge in skills, knowledge, and resources demand. Acquiring AWS certifications further enhances your job profile and makes you an IT Pro.

You can explore and expand your AWS cloud skills. You can learn how to design, plan & scale AWS cloud implementations with the best practices recommended by Amazon. You can become an SME in AWS Cloud - compute, storage, networking, database, security, and management principles.

It is intended for beginners, non-technical roles(sales & marketing, project managers, business development), or if you are building on existing IT skills, or sharpening your cloud knowledge(developers, architects, specialists).

Hone your cloud skills, upgrade yourself with new features of AWS, and build your competence with BEST AWS Training at Online Idea Lab - The time is now!

You Don't Have to Quit Your Job

AWS certifications are affordable compared to other IT-related certifications. Also, you can prepare for the certification exam while working.

Become a Part of AWS Community

Gain access to the AWS LinkedIn community and see greater networking opportunities. Multiple certified staff members in the organization, making it eligible for AWS partner program.

Excel as a Subject Matter Expert

Learning about AWS services and getting certified, opens up new avenues in terms of career, your credibility among peers and potential clients. You will be eligible for AWS SME program.

Lead the Pack

Cloud industry is growing rapidly. There is a need to keep up with changes in the industry and be relevant in the job. Getting certified helps you to stay ahead. 

Globally Recognized Credentials

Earn industry-recognized credentials and boost your profile. You will have all the required skills to work with the most widely used platform.

Commands High Paying Jobs

These certifications top among the highest-paying certifications. More and more businesses are shifting to AWS cloud and hence the demand for certified professionals. 

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Specific Needs? Let's Customize!

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For Colleges

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Kickstart Your AWS Learning Path With Online Idea Lab

We make you industry-ready by providing comprehensive AWS certification training, that will guarantee you a competitive advantage in the cloud environment.

We groom you through a plethora of AWS course materials which shall help you in adapting your  IT skills to a cloud environment and to build competence, confidence,  and credibility.

Our training curiculum is constantly updated and is always in line with latest trends in AWS products & services which'll enable you to design and deploy AWS systems efficiently.

We deliver extremely competitive, highly interactive, peer-to-peer Classroom, Onsite and Bootcamp training. You can attend them while working or from wherever you are. 

Our mentors are AWS-certified industry experts. They guide you on the right path to do more on Cloud and grow along with your organization by helping in transforming its business.

Crack various levels in certifications with confidence. Live demos, practical labs, mock exams, scenario-based exercises & use cases help in achieving your certifications.

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AWS Cloud is the Market Leader! AWS credentials can be a strong differentiator for your success. You and your team can level up with validated AWS skills and knowledge. You can see significant time & cost savings and economic gains through the most innovative and agile cloud products in the market.

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Facts and Stats on AWS

  • Amazon Web Services provides  an on-demand cloud platform for thousands of businesses in 190 countries across the world.
  • AWS is currently achieving a year-on-year growth of 43 percent.
  • 64% of enterprises and 68% of SMBs are running applications using AWS  according to 2018 RightScale State of the Cloud Report.
  • AWS is a secured cloud services platform with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability offering over 70 services that include computing power, database, storage, mobile and content delivery.
  • It boosts machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and server-less computing.
  • Its services like Amazon S3 has a growth of 91% in data transfer per year while Amazon EC2 has witnessed a rise of 80% during 2017-2018!
  • There is a 40% increase in new AWS features and services getting added annually.
  • There is a rapid decrease in AWS services prices -- at least as many as 60 times ever since its launch.
  • About 1/3rd of people who visit websites on the internet daily, access AWS powered websites.
  • As per recent research, consumers across the world view 7 million online videos/minute, ask 100,000 questions to Siri, spend $222,000 on Amazon purchase on an average. All of these are hosted on AWS!
  • AWS market share is 31% of cloud infrastructure while only 10% belongs to Microsoft and 7% to IBM.
  • As per IT Services & Income Survey - 2017, AWS-certified IT professionals have grown by 10% relating to 2016.
  • Global Knowledge's survey states that the average salary of an AWS-certified IT professional is about $114,000, which makes it one of the top five highest-paying certifications in the United States and Canada.
  • Two AWS certifications - certified developer & solutions architect made Global Knowledge's "15 Top-Paying IT Certifications for 2019" by taking 4th & 5th positions with earnings over $ 130,000 annually.
  • Out of 12,271 IT professionals, 1011 of them hold an AWS certification - Global Knowledge's IT Skills & Salary Survey 2019.
  • Employers using AWS platform, offer positions to AWS certified professionals as an architect, developer, system operator/engineer, IT specialist, or IT evangelist.

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