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Influencer Marketing is one of the most popular and sought after marketing strategies today. An influencer is someone who has a great fan following on popular social media channels such as You-tube, Tik Tok and Instagram. They can skillfully influence their audience and draw them to buy any product or service. So what exactly is ‘Influencer Marketing’? To define it simply – Influencer Marketing is the process of identifying, engaging and partnering with the influencers in order to promote the company’s products or services to an audience for brand awareness and sales.

Let’s check out some of the benefits of Influencer Marketing for a business.

1. Builds Brand Awareness and Trust


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By partnering with someone outside your business who is trusted and followed by a large number of targeted audiences, credibility and trust increases. You can get access to potential customers in a short span of time which might not be easily possible through other marketing methods. People take an interest in these vloggers, trust their words and follow them. So, when anything is recommended by these influencers people tend to buy it. When an influencer mentions your brand, it helps gain visibility and new audiences.


2. Enhances SEO Ranking


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We all know that quality backlinks help in SEO ranking. The same holds true in the case of influencer marketing. When an influencer creates a video or writes a blog and links it to your website, they are not only sending the traffic to your website but also give you referral links. Incoming backlinks from high authority domains increase your website’s probability to rank higher. Hence, your search rankings improve significantly.


3. Increases Product Sales

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Recommendations from third parties are more trusted by the customers. We all have experienced that word-of-mouth referrals work better. These influencers have a huge following on social media channels, so products or brands promoted by them spread like fire. When you partner with the influencers, they not only bring the followers but also their followers’ network. Through their followers’ loyalty, influencers not only promote your brand but can also drive sales by sharing their stories and experiences.


4. Targets Interested Customers


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The followers choose to receive their content willingly. Therefore this is also one of the reasons influencer marketing is more effective as it is not pushy. More or less these influencers are conveying your message better than ads. They talk about the product features in detail and provide their personal views. Therefore, audiences who are genuinely interested view the content and respond to it which gives you authentic customers.


5. Pocket-Friendly

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There are so many startups or small scale industries who want to promote their business but to them, media advertising is an extravagance. That’s when these influencers come to rescue. Influencer marketing is suitable for any kind of business regardless of its size or industry. In fact, there are many fashion brands teaming up with these professional influencers. They give them their products as goodies or gifts which the vloggers showcase on their social media channels and provide links connecting to the website through which the subscribers can make a purchase. Moreover, influencers don’t have high demands like celebrities. Thus without burning your pocket you can reach or promote your products on a large scale.


6. Boosts Your Content Strategy

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It’s not that easy to create new content every time. Influencers put in effort to create fresh, engaging and quality content to keep their audience hooked. So collaborating with the right kind of influencers can help you with your content strategy. Good appealing content not only drives the audience but gives you considerable sales.


Here is an example of Influencer Marketing.

#PulsePePulse Challenge, an User-Generated Content (UGC), garnered around 16 million impressions.  Pass Pass Pulse, a candy brand challenged netizens to stack three Pulse candies on top of each other in 15 seconds. They tied up with some nano and macro-influencers to spread the challenge. It turned out to be a successful marketing tactic. Influencers like Aparshakti Khurana, Prajakta Koli, Ashish Chanchlani, Kriti Vij etc, kick-started the challenge by posting on their social media handles and built quite a buzz.


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It is crucial to choose your influencers correctly. Their persona or area of work must fit well with your product or service. Influencer marketing is also a slow and steady process yet faster than traditional marketing. It’s not like their job is just to say good things about your products. It is also about building a bond between your brand and the audiences.

Influencers are people who have spent an enormous amount of time on building their own brand, so they work more on credibility. Highly popular influencers will promote your brand only if they believe in it. Hence, it is important to present your product in the best light possible and make a deal that is rewarding to the influencer.

Since the year 2018, the ‘Influencer Marketing’ trend has gone up rapidly. Marketers are readily investing their money into this strategy because it is an effective way to gain prospective customers’ attention. After all, people spend a great deal of time browsing and viewing content online. What do you think about this trend and what’s your take on Influencer Marketing? Let me know by posting your comments below.


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