Being a knowledge provider, we love partnering with educational institutions that are keen on keeping their students updated with the current industry trends and technology.


What we offer

We offer Faculty Development Programme.

The programme aims at providing the marketing faculty of your college with skills to teach modern concepts in an effective way. We update the knowledge of the faculty members by introducing them to the digital age concepts and terminologies.

We offer Student Development Programme.

Campus Training: Our trainers visit your campus and share the knowledge that is essential to excel in today’s digitally advanced world. Learning from the experts about real-world scenarios and the latest technological developments in the market will provide students a perspective to plan their future.

Tell us what you would like us to teach! Choose a topic from your curriculum that demands the skills of an expert in the field, approach us with your requirements, and we shall provide you the best learning experience. We would love to teach any module that falls under the umbrella of courses provided by Online Idea Lab.

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Drop a mail at:  collaborate@onlineidealab.com

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