Plagiarism in simple words means to just copy paste or steal someone else’s intellectual property which includes Ideas, Thoughts, Opinions, expression Or any other artistic work and to present that as work done by them. It is very easy for any one today to reach out to their required content but at the same time people misuse that same content without any attribution. The mistake is not crediting the actual author and that is an immoral activity. It is a wrong practice which is actually considered as crime and breach of ethics. It is wrongfully used at a great extent especially in the academic field. But the good news is that such acts can now be easily identified and also such work is subjected to penalties, rejections and expulsion.

Plagiarism and copyright infringement are very closely related topics but they are not the same. Plagiarism is not punishable by law but by educational institutions unlike copyright infringement. Though Plagiarism means theft or to steal the concept does not in legal sense and is not mentioned in any statute.

Plagiarism is looked down upon as it is unfair to the people who put their original work of ideas. It also gives rise to an unfair competition and violation of moral rights.

Today with the advent of the technology, there are various tools available online to help in identifying plagiarized content. The term “content scraping” has been coined which describes the copy paste of information that is available on the websites and blogs. Content writing is an important element for the Digital Marketing industry. Best Digital Marketing Institutes around the world is providing training to write content in an ethical manner & plagiarism is one of the most important topic among them.

Consequences of Plagiarism:

No doubt that internet has been exploded with content over the last few years and marketers are struggling to write content that is accepted by a large audience and this race and competition is taking a lot of content writers to take to plagiarism. The consequences of plagiarizing the content are such that it will cause damage to a person’s professional and personal life to a great extent. With tools so readily available to check plagiarism it is very easy to detect it.

Plagiarism also negatively impacts on SEO efforts. Sometimes plagiarism goes both ways, it is seen that people at first steel your original content and add it to their websites in the process of which they out rank your website. This is a common scenario as the competition is at its peak, this is especially a case with the new websites where the content is new and fresh as well as has little content. Such websites are at a higher risk of being stolen.
Duplication of content is very damaging to the business, it may look seem less to copy bits and pieces of content from the internet but it has major effects also on Search engine rankings. When search engines discover the plagiarised content, they penalize such websites by ranking them lower on SERP or sometimes they may also remove the website from the results.

Plagiarism and content writing:

The main purpose of online Marketers is to create relevant content by which their websites get a higher Google ranking or in any other website. But it is not all that easy to create great content every time, within the shortest time. Where expert content writers may do this job easily in short while, the budding content writers in order to reach their target may often recent to practices that are unethical and end up copying content belonging to the other authors whether knowingly or unknowingly. But in any circumstances, Plagiarism is a crime and must be stopped. We must learn to respect work done by others.

Plagiarism is a theft and will have consequences. To avoid Plagiarism one can apply the following:
1. Always avoid copy and paste of content to the work., this the laziest job that anyone can do. As this is enough for the plagiarism checker tools to identify that the content is plagiarised and that it is not the original work.
2. Use quotation marks wherever necessary which will refer that the particular work is borrowed from another writer or a different source.
3. Paraphrase: Apply the art of paraphrasing if there is no other way but to mention an idea from a different source then one can take the idea but put that into one’s own words and credit the original author and acknowledge them.
4. Keep a note of all the sources used during the research and writing and include them in bibliography even if the quotes are not directly from them. Documentation of source is very important.
5. The best way is to write when some expertise, uniqueness and original ideas flow in.
6. Research well before starting to write about any topic. One needs to refer a lot of books and have good knowledge before writing any content.

Imagination has no boundaries, therefore, it is better to be ethical while creating content and be original. Original work will be an asset to you as well as people will respect you for it. So before you want to copy paste something the next time give it a thought to the hard work that one puts into it. If you need any more information regarding plagiarism, please let us know through the comment section. At Online Idea Lab, we provide complete package of knowledge on Advanced Digital marketing training, Content Writing training, Advanced Web Analytics training, etc. If you are interested to join any of these courses, please let us know at [email protected]

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