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There is tough competition these days amongst content writers. The content demands perfection and to achieve that one needs to take the help of several tools available. Earlier, content writers used to struggle a lot to bring out a picture-perfect write-up or blog post. Gradually researchers came up with new concepts and tools. One cannot fully rely on these tools, but definitely beautify and add precision to the matter. Hence, content writing tools are definitely a must for content writers.


The following content writing tools are the most reliable ones.

content writing tools



This happens to be the most trustworthy and handy tool to spot and rectify spelling and grammar errors. Apart from checking spelling and grammar, it also optimizes text and gives it a more readable form. A writer’s piece gets better day by day with this tool as it helps us to understand where we are going wrong grammatically. It not just points out the errors but also provides an explanation of the error.



Many writers and bloggers are going gaga over this tool. This online editing tool turns passive voice into active voice, highlights complex phrases and sentences and eliminates the use of excessive adverbs. The document style settings of this tool show a text’s readability score. Total number of words, paragraphs, characters and sentences are shown by this tool. If a write up lacks readability then also this tool comes to rescue. As the saying goes “To err is human”, so even English Mozarts do make errors. So, using this tool should be a habit for all writers and bloggers irrespective of their command over the language.



This tool generates amazing ideas to create content around them. The visual constraints are removed by its user interface design. Ideas can be written down, managed and developed using this tool’s visual, interactive platform instead of penning down stuff on a piece of paper. This tool helps one to do brainstorming with many ideas before settling down with a final one.


Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

It’s a roller coaster ride for every writer to come up with fresh new topics every day. This tool is a great saviour to tackle such issues. It gives the freedom to the writer to feed upto three keywords and it generates lots of subjects co-related to the keywords. This offers a plethora of topics a writer can bank upon. This tool is of utmost use to come up with awesome titles on a regular basis.



In the writing business, plagiarism is the most serious offence. Using someone else’s work and claiming it to be one’s original either knowingly or unknowingly is an offence penalized by Google which can further lower a website’s ranking. So, writers and bloggers can take refuge in this amazing tool called Copyscape. It keeps a check on plagiarism and helps to retain the freshness and originality of any content. This tool needs to be made a mandatory inclusion in a writer’s kitty.


These content writing tools are modern-day saviours for all writers adding a zing to their everyday writings. These tools always assist to create novel content regularly. These address a lot of challenges faced by content writers on a day to day basis. Finally, we have to accept that content writers need these tools to keep themselves updated and miles ahead of their competitors.

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