Advanced Web Analytics Course

Learn the most popular and prefered web analytics tool - Google Analytics, at Online Idea Lab in the Advanced Web Analytics course.

Importance of Google Web Analytics

Got a business? Great!

Got a website? That’s awesome!

Do you know its statistics??? If not then uh-uh.

Not knowing the numbers that define the performance of your business website is like walking blindfolded. Ignorance is not always bliss. To help you keep a track of your website’s performance all you need to do is learn a web analytics tool.

Now, don’t let the words statistics and analytics scare you. With Online Idea Lab and Google Analytics, it will be a piece of cake. In the Advanced Web Analytics course at Online Idea Lab, you will explore every feature that Google Analytics tool has to offer.

Already well-versed in Google Analytics? Want to work on more complex web analytics tools? Check out our Expert Web Analytics Course.

Google Web Analytics is Awsome! And here is why?

Google Analytics is the go-to web analytics tool to analyze the performance of a website. It is particularly beneficial to monitor and evaluate the website performance of small and medium-sized businesses.

Enroll for the Advanced Web Analytics Course at Online Idea Lab and explore the hot favorite web analytics tool.

It is a friend, adviser, and guide

It tells you all that you need to know about a website, so you can strategize accordingly and make the website perform better.

It is accurate and reliable

It shows you facts that help you improvise your website to generate traffic. It presents you with real data that is time and location sensitive.

It helps in decision making

By displaying the statistics and numbers it gives you a clear picture of the website’s performance and helps you take favorable decisions.

It is absolutely free!

Yes, that’s right. It collects and presents you with informative data to measure, analyze and optimize a website with no charge at all.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended all 14 physical classrooms in India, the USA, and Canada. We are currently providing training through live online (virtual classroom) mode and self-paced learning (pre-recorded) mode only. Once our classrooms are operational again, the courses will be displayed here. If you have already booked a classroom course, please check your email for further details for the 'change of delivery mode' option or 'request for a refund' option. Or connect back with your personalized course coordinator. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience caused. Stay Safe!

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Web Analytics Course Content

Despite being a short duration course, the Advanced Google Web Analytics training has a comprehensive curriculum. We teach you each and every detail of google analytics so you can perform an in-depth analysis of a website all by yourself.

Scroll below to know what topics are in store. 

Overview Of Analytics

  • Why analyze?
  • What to analyze? (KPIs)
  • Impact of key matrices on SEO efforts
  • Google Analytics introduction
  • Other tools in the market and comparative analysis with  Google Analytics

Basics of Google Analytics

  • How Google Analytics works
  • Understanding Google Analytics account structure
  • Understanding Google Analytics insights
  • Understanding cookie tracking
  • Types of cookie tracking used by Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics

  • How to set up an analytics account
  • How to add analytics code in a website
  • Understanding goals and conversions
  • Different types of goals
  • How to set up goals

Google Analytics Matrices

  • Understanding bounce & bounce rate
  • Difference between exit rate & bounce rate
  • How to reduce bounce rate
  • How to set up funnels in goals
  • Importance of funnels

Advance Concepts

  • How to integrate AdWords and Analytics account
  • Integrating AdWords & Analytics
  • Measuring the performance of campaigns via Google Analytics
  • What is link tagging?
  • How to set up link tagging?

Reports and Monitoring

  • Understanding filters & segments
  • How to set up filters & segments
  • How to view customized reports
  • Monitoring traffic sources
  • Monitoring traffic behavior
  • Taking corrective actions if required

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Without data, you're just another person with an opinion

W. Edwards Deming

Author and Statistician, W Edwards Deming Institute

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  • EPGBM, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
  • Experience: 15+ years in Fashion and Digital Industry
  • Donned the hats of: Vice President, Founder, and Trainer
  • Personal Interests: Reading, Photography, and Technology


  • B.E. (Computer & Information Sciences) Visvesvaraya Technological University
  • Experience:  10 Years
  • Donned the hats of: Programmer, Founder, and Trainer
  • Personal Interests: Travelling, Skating, and Barbequing

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Advanced Web Analytics Certificates

You will earn the below certifications.

Online Idea Lab Industry Recognized Advanced Web Analytics Certificate

Google Analytics Exam Certificate


Testimonials by students who took up the Google Web Analytics training at Online Idea lab.

"I wish I had done this course sooner."

I wish I had done this course sooner. What I learned about my website via Google Analytics is jaw-dropping. I can now focus on campaigns that bring more traffic and conversions.

- Richard Simon, Entrepreneur

"An awesome course by an amazing institute."

I did this course to particularly analyze the consumer behaviour for my clients' websites. But I learned so much more than that. It's an awesome course by an amazing institute.

- Vaibhavi Koli, Freelance Digital Marketer

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Google Analytics Facts & Stats

  • Google Analytics was launched in November 2005 after being acquired from Urchin Software Corporation.
  • Google Analytics web tool is multilingual. Yes, it is available in 40 languages.
  • The man who played an important role in transforming an intimidating, hi-tech software into a simple tool for marketers is Avinash Kaushik popularly known as 'Analytics Rock God'.
  • The monthly page view limit for a website in Google Analytics is 10 million.
  • A single Google Account Login credential can create up to 125,000 Google Analytics profiles.


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