“I am a freelance digital marketer. I find my clients online and through the contacts that I make. Present my ideas to the prospective clients on how I can help them grow their business. Bag the projects and put my heart and soul into making it a success. They pay me handsomely in return. I do all these right at my home. My job lets me have a wonderful work-life balance.” – The Future You

Yes, you could be saying the same about your job if you opt to be a freelance digital marketer.

online work/ work from home/ freelancing job

Why freelancing jobs have gained popularity?

People prefer online work, work from home jobs, and freelancing jobs to escape a chaotic life. Dealing with long hours of commute to work while breathing the polluted air released by automobiles around us can be infuriating. Roads, buses and trains are crowded with people rushing to work; and competing with them to make it on time to your workplace is a daily hassle. Uff!!! Working in a busy city is exhausting. If you are living in a metropolitan city like Mumbai or Bangalore you would definitely relate to these situations. Days and months pass by, with us being tired all the time. The time we would love to spend with our family is wasted in the long hours of commute. Let’s not even get started on the days it’s raining or when roadwork is in progress. Finding an ideal home close to our workplace in a budget, while also considering the priorities of your family, is not an easy task. So, what solution do we have? Do we give in to this daily struggle to earn money while we hamper our mental and physical health? Or is there a way where we can work, be with family, invest time in our personal growth and have a life that is in our control? Yes, there is! Digital Marketing offers several freelancing jobs and work from home opportunities. Moreover, let’s accept we love being our own boss!

How digital marketing is bringing a change?

Digital marketing is one of the few industries that has generated plenty of freelancing jobs, online work, and work from home opportunities. Here is why:

  • Since Digital Marketing is all about going ‘digital’, all the things you need to run the show is available online. You don’t need to step outdoors. A computer with internet is all you need to get started apart from digital marketing skills.
  • The scope of work in digital marketing is huge. You can choose your line of work. You could either provide multiple digital marketing services or be an expert in a single domain such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, etc.
  • You make the plans. As a freelance digital marketer, you decide the workload and select the projects you wish to undertake and plan accordingly.
  • Digital Marketing is interesting and fun. People who love the internet and like to keep up with the trends would surely enjoy the job. The learning never stops because the online world is constantly evolving. If you develop a passion for digital marketing there is so much to learn each day.
  • Last but not least, digital marketing is the need of the hour. Every business is resorting to digital marketing. Businesses have realized that their audience is online and to reach them they need the expertise of a digital marketer. A lot of companies prefer freelancers who can get the job done. Simply because the fee is not as hefty as charged by digital marketing agencies.


6 Things to note before starting out as a freelance digital marketer


1. Know Your Niche

online work/ work from home/ freelancing job

There is no doubt that there are uncountable work opportunities. It is important to know your niche. Start providing the services that you are good at. As a marketer, you need to sell your work first and grab clients. Since digital marketing has various specializations under one umbrella, you could start with any one or few of the below services.

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  2. Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  3. E-mail marketing
  4. Website Creation and Planning
  5. Online Reputation Management
  6. Content marketing
  7. Search Engine Marketing


2. Less Investment. More Skills.

online work/ work from home/ freelancing job

To be a digital marketer you need to have marketing skills (obviously) and analytical skills. You must also possess a good knowledge of the digital space to be able to utilize it to your advantage. Even if you don’t possess marketing qualifications and experience, you can build the knowledge and skills by taking up a digital marketing course. With time, effort and experience you will master the art of digital marketing and can up your game. Moreover, you don’t have to set up or invest anything to get started. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection which is indispensable in every home today. There are a number of free tools available online to help you in your digital marketing projects.


3. Get to WorkOnline work/ Work from home/ freelancing jobs

You will have to go to work. The work won’t come to you. Don’t be confused. You don’t have to literally travel to work. What I am trying to say is that nobody is going to assign you work. You will have to find your customers online or even offline as per your preference. Approach the prospective clients and share your ideas on how you plan to benefit them with your digital marketing services. It is important to stay motivated and keep trying. Once you take up an assignment, commit to it and do your best. This will help you build a great portfolio of your work that will help you lure future clients.


4. Be the Boss and the Employee

Online work/ Work from home/ freelancing jobs

Work wisely. It’s important that once you take on a work you do justice to it. Starting off as a freelancer will not be a piece of cake. You need to prove your worth and build a great portfolio. Take on simple projects initially though the pay will be less. Once you get the confidence to do more push yourself to take bigger projects and charge the fees accordingly. Remember you are going to be the boss and the employee. Being a boss means being decisive and knowing what will work. Being an employee means getting things done.


5. Keep Yourself Updated

Online work/ Work from home/ freelancing jobs

We have witnessed how fast technology upgrades and changes in the digital space. What is ‘in’ today is ‘out’ tomorrow. You must be willing to adapt to the changing trends. Otherwise, you would be lagging behind your competitors. Hence you need to have an open mind to let go of things that are no longer used and adopt new practices that are currently relevant.


6. Lastly, Perseverance is the Key

Online work/ Work from home/ freelancing jobs

It goes without saying that perseverance is important as a beginner, just like in any other career or business. Until you establish yourself professionally, you need to keep learning and trying. Go beyond the ordinary and challenge yourself. Your interest and passion will make you a successful digital marketer. Once you get the hang of it you will start earning big bucks.

“Work from home” is like a dream phrase to many of us. Imagine having a job where an inspiring corner of your home could be your office. With digital marketing as a career, all you need is a laptop, internet connection and of course digital marketing knowledge. As you gather more experience in digital marketing, you can expand further by setting up your own agency. You can then hire and train employees to work on bigger projects and with various clients. Remember every big venture had a humble beginning.

Freelancing jobs/ work from home/ Startups

If you wish to discover the digital marketer in you, why not take up a digital marketing course at Online Idea Lab! Learn from the experts, figure out your area of interest, master the work and get started as a freelancer in digital marketing.

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