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The Digital World Contributors We Love!

These multi-million companies have not just made our lives effortless but have also bestowed on us numerous opportunities to MAKE IT BIG in this world. So why not make the best out it while we can. How? Simple. With the power of knowledge! Become a Digital Marketing Wiz and open the door to the awaiting career opportunities.

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Digital Marketers are In Demand!

Did you know that the countries having the highest demand for digital marketers globally are Canada, the United States, and India? Yes, these countries have embraced a digital society and as a result, the demand for digital marketers is on the rise.

Mondo, the largest national staffing agency in New York predicted that the demand for digital marketing executives would increase by 38%. It is estimated that, in India, the Digital Marketing industry will produce more than 2 million jobs by 2020. The percentage of internet usage in Canada is extremely high and hence every business targets its consumers via the internet. There is no doubt that digital marketing careers are more in demand than ever.

What better time to embark on a career in digital marketing? Be the resource the companies are looking for and make a lucrative career in the dynamic industry. Below charts depict the demand for digital marketing professionals as per the job role.


Stats of India

More than 45,000 jobs


Stats of USA

More than 17,000 jobs


Stats of Canada

More than 16,000 jobs


Why go for a Career in Digital Marketing?

Whether you are about to make a career choice or planning to switch careers, or simply wish to make money online, Digital Marketing could be a great choice and the boxes on the right tell you why.

And guess what? Digital marketing is not just for marketers! Whether you possess business, technical or creative skills, you are sure to find a career of your interest in the Digital Marketing industry. We can vouch for it because we have witnessed it. We have had students from different backgrounds who have found their true calling in Digital Marketing.

Open to all

No prior knowledge or experience required to get started.

Job opportunities

Rapidly growing job opportunities in the industry.

Diverse Career Paths

Multiple specializations are available within the digital marketing scope.

Great demand

Competent Digital Marketers are in huge demand

You keep learning

A dynamic industry where learning never stops.

Work from home

Get freelancing and work from home opportunities

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Our Digital Marketing Courses

Our digital marketing training institute offers you an extensive range of specialized courses. Below are our 13 best digital marketing courses ranging from foundation to expert level.

Digital Marketing Foundation Course

The scope of digital marketing is massive. The Digital Marketing Foundation course will be your guide in choosing a specialization that suits you best. The course will educate you on the A to Z of digital marketing at a basic level so you get the whole picture and have a clear understanding. Enroll now and plunge in the exciting world of Digital Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Course

Looking for ways to earn money with zero investment? Affiliate marketing is the answer if you wish to earn extra income. It is currently one of the popular ways of making money online and hence this training is part of our best digital marketing courses. At Online Idea Lab learn how to be an affiliate marketer as well as how to establish relationships with affiliate marketers to gain brand awareness and increase sales.

Email Marketing Course

“Email is not going to disappear. Possibly ever. Until the robots kill us all.”- Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail). We agree! Emails are here to stay and email marketing is evolving. The Email Marketing course will enable you to create tailored marketing campaigns to help you advertise products and services for each segment of your audience. Learn how to effectively engage customers through emails.

Online Reputation Management Course

In today’s digital world, online reputation can make or break a deal. ORM not just increases brand visibility but also builds up brand equity and credibility. Learn social monitoring, online PR, negative content filtering and removal, social media content promotion, etc., with our Online Reputation Management Course.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Join our Advanced Digital Marketing course and walk out as an expert in Digital Marketing. This advanced level of training has been crafted to train you on all aspects of the subject and provide you with a good amount of practical exposure so you can make your mark as a Digital Marketer.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course

Learn the magic of optimizing your website for search engines from the SEO experts. At Online Idea Lab, we provide the best SEO training with a lot of emphasis on live projects. Learn how to optimize content for SEO and perform on-page and off-page SEO activities.

Advanced Search Engine Marketing Course

At Online Idea Lab, we have years of experience in running ad campaigns on Google. In fact, we can safely claim that we have perfected the art of planning, crafting, running and measuring effective SEM campaigns. Take up the Advanced Search Engine Marketing course at Online Idea Lab and become an SEM expert.

Advanced Social Media Marketing

The Advanced Social Media Marketing Course at Online Idea Lab teaches you how to effectively leverage various social media platforms. The knowledge will help you to efficiently promote a business to maximize its visibility & sales on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Advanced Web Analytics Course

In the Advanced Web Analytics course at Online Idea Lab, master the most popular web analytics tool – ‘Google Analytics’. Track the traffic, user behavior, ROI and various metrics of a business website in order to assess its performance and strengthen the online marketing strategies accordingly.

Mobile Marketing Course

The mobile phone is man’s new best friend. We take it along everywhere we go. Hence, it is the best channel for businesses to attract customers. At Online Idea Lab, learn how to catch the attention of mobile-savvy consumers in the Mobile Marketing course. Develop various kinds of comprehensive mobile marketing strategies using mobile phones as the medium.

Expert Web Analytics Course

With our Expert Web Analytics Course, learn how to collect, measure, analyze and report data about website visitors.  At Online Idea Lab, learn how to use various software such as Adobe Analytics, Clara Bridge, Tableau, and Google Analytics, that can boost your career.

Content Marketing Course

Creating good content is half job done; the second half lies in marketing it. Content reaches the right consumers when marketed the right way. Learn the popular and effective ways to market content using impactful approaches and strategies with the Content Marketing Course at Online Idea Lab.

Local Search Engine Optimization Course

If conquering the local market is one of your prime goals then the Local Search Engine Optimization course is for you. At Online Idea Lab, learn how to target the local online users by ranking your business higher and faster on local search results. Learn the tips and tricks to make it to the '3-pack' listing on Google Map search box.

Live Online
10 hours
All Levels

Bulk Booking Discounts

Please choose if you want to do multiple courses together or would like to bring in your colleagues with you.


Certification Bundle

Multiple courses for one trainee

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Team Training Bundle

Multiple trainees for one course

View Details 5

Marketing is kind of the window that you can see into the soul of a company.

Rand Fishkin

Co-Founder, SEOmoz

Specific Needs? Let's Customize!

Please choose if your organization has a specific training agenda, we can customize a course for you.


For Corporates

On-Site Training, Customized Course and Training Content

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For Collages

Faculty Development Programs, Student Development  Programs

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Get Digitally Revolutionized With Online Idea Lab

We are different from the ‘rest’ and here is why?


They are limited to knowledge. We take you a step further and make you industry-ready with the right attitude and mindset via personality development sessions.

They treat Digital Marketing as an exclusive discipline. Whereas we treat it as an integral part of marketing and train you to integrate marketing with digitalization.

They teach you the standard course material. Our curriculum is constantly updated with interesting tricks, facts and news surfacing the digital world around the globe.

They are educators. We are mentors. Our reward lies in your success and hence, we give you guidance along with the right skills.

They teach tools. We focus strongly on concepts so you can master any new tool that comes your way in your digital marketing journey.

Speaking of tools,
here is a display of the Tools We Teach

We teach 30+ free and paid tools that are relevant and resourceful. These tools are widely used by professional digital marketers in their campaigns.

Free tools

Paid tools

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Talk to trainer

Talk directly with our trainer to get detailed information about our digital marketing classes.

These Stats Tell Our Story So Far

We have been growing at an admirable rate since our inception. The below statistics signify the number of trainees we have converted into certified professionals through various batches. As we continue to excel in our array of professional courses and certifications, we also aspire to add new ones under our belt.




Sometimes all we need is to be surrounded by a group of others trying to do better.

Neil Patel


Digital Marketing Courses Certifications

The courses in digital marketing offer 12 Certificates to validate your digital marketing skills.

Facebook Blueprint Certificate

Google Advanced Analytics Certificate

Google Adwords Certificate

Google Adwords Search Advertising Certificate 

Google Adwords Display Advertising Certificate

Google Adwords Video Advertising Certificate

Google Adwords Shopping Advertising Certificate

Google Adwords Mobile Advertising Certificate

Hubspot Certificates

Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Exam Certificate

SEMrush SEOs Exam Certificate

Online Idea Lab Industry Recognized Certificate

What our students are up to?

Tell us where do you see yourself after the completion of the course! Is it in a corporate job? Or are you planning to be a freelancer or maybe an emerging entrepreneur? Share with us your dreams and goals. We shall help you get there, just the way we made the below ambitions possible.





Below are the testimonials of our students who had taken up different courses in digital marketing. 

"The course was well taught, easy to follow and engaging."

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and hope to make the best use of the knowledge I have gained. The course was well taught, easy to follow and engaging. The examples make the concepts easier to grasp. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn digital marketing.

- Rajeev Mehra,  Marketing Lead - HappyHomes Solutions

"The trainers really know the subject and are enthusiastic to teach you."

My experience with the Online Idea Lab has been very positive. The course was well-paced with a lot of practical exercises that really helped. The trainers really know the subject and are enthusiastic to teach you.

- Mike Thomas,  Entrepreneur - UVC Ventures

"I am pleased with the online digital marketing course."

I am pleased with the online digital marketing course. It fit well into my regular work schedule. Also, the feedback for my assignments from my tutor was helpful.

- Alex Martin,  Marketing Intern - Miki Cosmetics

"Thank you Online Idea Lab for helping me establish a new career"

The digital marketing course definitely exceeded my expectations. Their trainers are very knowledgeable and I learned so much in a duration of 3 months. Now that I have already started working as a Social Media Marketer I have absolutely no regrets. Thank you Online Idea Lab for helping me establish a new career.

- Shubha Gopalan,  Social Media Marketer - Freelancer

"I am glad I made the right choice. The course was very informative."

I was keen on learning the complete SEO process. On my co-worker’s recommendation, I decided to take up an online course with Online Idea Lab. I am glad I made the right choice. The course was very informative. I am also very satisfied with the trainers’ guidance. Anytime I had a question they promptly helped me out.

- Kathie Miller,  Assistant Editor - LocoTimes

"The trainers are professional yet approachable."

Online Idea Lab is a great place to learn digital marketing. The trainers are professional yet approachable.

- Steve Garner,   - Student, Georgetown University

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Approach us with your requirement. We are happy to customize courses as per your need. Fill in the contact form and our representative shall get in touch with you.

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Digital Marketing Stats and Facts

  • 90.46% of people use Google to perform any search. Whereas, users for Bing is 3.13% and Yahoo is 2.21%.
  • SEO leads have approximately 15% conversion rate, while outbound leads (such as email, messages, print advertising, etc.) have only a 2% conversion rate.
  • 50% of page one Google results are secured with HTTPS.
  • The average word length of content that ranks on the first page of Google results is estimated to be 1,890 words.
  • 96% of all smartphone search traffic and 94% of the total organic traffic is because of Google.
  • 72% of marketers agree that relevancy is the major factor for better SEO.
  • Search engines drive 93% of overall website traffic.
  • About 50% of all searches are a minimum of four words.
  • Anything longer than two seconds of website load time increases bounce rates by 50%.
  • Search results accompanied by video thumbnail can double your search traffic.
  • Video content is 50 times more efficient in driving organic search results when compared to plain text.
  • Google witnesses an average of 63,000 searches every single second.
  • 65% of marketers believe link building is the most difficult SEO tactic to perform.
  • Only 7% of searchers scan till the third page of search results.
  • 86% of people depend on Google maps to find directions to a location.
  • As per research, organic SEO is about 66 times better than paid search ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can do digital marketing course?

Irrespective of your educational qualification, you can take up courses in digital marketing provided you have basic internet knowledge and digital awareness along with an interest to learn.

Should I take up online or classroom digital marketing classes?

You may opt for either, based on your convenience and requirement. Both the courses are instructor-led and teach the same curriculum.

Which are the popular digital marketing courses in India?

All of the digital marketing courses have huge potential. Advanced Digital Marketing course and Advanced Search Engine Optimization course are currently the two most popular ones.

What is the eligibility to get the certificate?

To qualify for the certificate you will be evaluated on the basis of assignments, examination, and attendance at the completion of the course.

Do all the Online Idea Lab courses provide 100% Job Guarantee?

We provide 100% Job Guarantee in advance level classroom courses.  However, we do provide job assistance for a number of our digital marketing courses. Please contact us to know more.

What is the placement requirement?

You are required to complete the course successfully and obtain the certificate. Due to recruiters’ preference, candidates who have graduation as their minimum level of education are eligible for placement.

What is the placement process?

On completion of the course, we will help you construct your resume and groom you through mock interviews. We will then schedule job interviews with our placement partners and keep doing so until you are placed.

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