Advanced Digital Marketing Certification

Develop a complete understanding of digital marketing strategies and practices, to launch successful campaigns and take your career or business to the next level.

Digital Marketing Jobs in Toronto

With most of the businesses being located in the bigger cities of Canada, Toronto has the highest career opportunities in the field of digital marketing.

As per the job listings on, there are over 4000 jobs requirements in the digital or online marketing space in Toronto and the average pay scale is between CA$ 52,000 to CA$ 65,000. With new business establishments, the demand for digital marketers is sure to go up. The chart on the right displays the various job requirements in the digital marketing industry in Toronto.

Why go for a Career in Digital Marketing?

Whether you want to dive into a new career, upgrade your marketing skills, or make your business successful, we have the right course for you. With the right digital marketing knowledge, you can boost your digital presence, generate more sales and improve your career prospects.

Rising Demand

Every modern business needs to incorporate online marketing to survive the competition. Hence, arises the need for digital marketers.

Pick your expertise

There are many specializations in digital marketing. Choose what suits you.


Switching careers within the digital marketing field is easy.


Digital Marketing lets you be creative

Continuous Learning

There is always something new and interesting to learn


You could be freelance, part-time or work from home digital marketer and have flexible schedules.

Main Modules of Advanced Digital Marketing Course

The modules of the Advanced Digital Marketing course at Online Idea lab are developed by experts in the industry to provide you with the best skills and latest industry insights.

Digital Marketing Overview

  • Understanding Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Process
  • Why Digital Marketing Wins Over Traditional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Terminologies

Website Planning and Creation

  • Internet & Websites
  • Domain names & extensions
  • Web server & Web hosting
  • Website Planning Strategy
  • Building a website using CMS

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO Concept & Search Engines
  • Keyword Research Process
  • Off-Page optimization
  • Local SEO
  • SEO Tools

Google Adwords

  • Google AdWords Overview
  • AdWords Algorithm
  • Creating Search Campaigns
  • Bid Strategies
  • Creating Ads

Web Analytics

  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Goals and Conversions
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Monitor traffic sources & behavior

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing

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Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Canada

The Advanced Digital Marketing training in Canada is conducted in Toronto at our learning center. It is a classroom training led by an experienced faculty.

Classroom courses

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Online courses

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Toronto, ON M5A 1R6, Canada

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Please choose if your organization has a specific training agenda, we can customize a course for you.

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Online Idea Lab is a great place to do a digital marketing course in Canada

and here is why!


You will be assigned constructive activities and projects under the guidance of the tutors so can develop a working knowledge of the concepts you learn.

All our learning modules are updated from time to time to keep them relevant. We teach what is truly beneficial to run successful marketing campaigns.

We are not just knowledge providers, we are also your guide. You can approach us anytime in the duration of the course to discuss your ambitions.

We are flexible. If you have specific requirements, we would be happy to customize the course for you. You may choose to drop a topic or pick up one from a different course that we offer.

The classes are fun, engaging and productive. Since it is a classroom training you would be interacting with other trainees during various activities and learn in a stimulative environment.

A display of the tools we teach

We teach 30+ free tools and paid tools worth CAD $600 in our Advanced Digital Marketing course at Online Idea Lab, Toronto.

Free tools

Paid tools

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These stats say our story so far

We have been growing at an admirable rate since our inception. The below statistics signify the number of trainees we have converted into certified marketing professionals through various batches. As we continue to excel in our array of professional courses and certifications, we also aspire to add new ones under our belt.




Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy.

Rand Fishkin

Founder, SparkToro, SEOmoz

Advanced Digital Marketing Certifications

On the completion of the Advanced Digital Marketing Course at Online Idea Lab, you are eligible for the following certifications.

Facebook Blueprint Certificate

Google Advanced Analytics Certificate

Google Adwords Certificate

Google Adwords Search Advertising Certificate

Google Adwords Display Advertising Certificate

Google Adwords Video Advertising Certificate

Google Adwords Shopping Advertising Certificate

Google Adwords Mobile Advertising Certificate

Hubspot Certificates

Online Idea Lab Industry Recognized Certificate

What our students are up to?

Tell us where do you see yourself after the completion of the course! Is it in a corporate job? Or are you planning to be a freelancer or maybe an emerging entrepreneur? Share with us your dreams and goals. We shall help you get there, just the way we made the below ambitions possible.




Make the customer the hero of your story.

Ann Handley

Writer, Speaker & Digital marketing Pioneer


They appreciate us as much as we loved teaching them.

"The training has been a rewarding experience."

The tutors are really enthusiastic about digital marketing and love what they teach. I enjoyed the SEO and social media classes the most. Thank you Online Idea Lab. The training was a rewarding experience.

- Fred Becker, Sales Associate

"Thank you for the awesome tips and support."

Every time I approached them with a query they have promptly guided me. The trainers' commitment is admirable. Thank you for the awesome tips and support.

- Ashley Danson, Copywriter

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The Course Curriculum

Below is a broad classification of the various topics covered in the Advanced Digital Marketing course in Toronto.

Digital Marketing Overview

The fundamentals of digital marketing and its process. It talks about how marketing concepts are applied in the digital space.

Website Planning and Creation

Learn the essentials of a business website and how to make it profitable for the business.

Search Engine Optimization

How to optimize your website with the right keywords and best practices to generate more traffic and improve website ranking.

Lead generation for business

The importance of lead generation for a business and learn the techniques adopted by digital marketers.

PPC advertising Google Adwords

Gain a complete understanding of Google Adwords and its algorithm. Create campaigns that provide maximum ROI.

Google Analytics

Understand Google Analytics and learn how each of its features can benefit your website.

Social Media Marketing

Target, connect and convince your online consumers through various popular social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Create email marketing strategies and learn to send bulk emails to potential customers.

Video Marketing

Learn to make creative and impressive videos that grab the attention of your audience.

Online Display Advertising

Understand the various online advertising and payment modes. Also, learn to track and measure ROI on online ads.

E-commerce Marketing

Learn about e-commerce, payment gateway, merchant accounts, logistics for physical goods, integrating woocommerce and setting up an e-commerce store on WordPress.

Mobile Web Marketing

Best practices to perform mobile marketing strategies and how to make your website and ad campaigns mobile-friendly.

Content Marketing

Learn how to optimize content to meet the business goals and the different steps involved in marketing content.

Online Reputation Management

Understand the importance of online reputation. Learn how to monitor it, create a positive one and overcome a negative one.

And many more...

You will also learn about Adsense, blogging, competitor analysis and many more interesting concepts.

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Facts and Stats

  • As per digital advertising will consume 53.5% of total ad spend in Canada this year. That estimates to CA$ 8.80 billion.
  • Mobile ad spending will grow by 33.7% while the growth rate of videos is at 23.3%
  • Google and Facebook take up a larger share of ad spending in Canada.
  • 46% of Canadians make a purchase from mobile devices.
  • More than 50% of Canadians are still using desktops and laptops for online activities, but the use of mobile devices is growing across all ages, with 48% using a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device to access the internet.

(Source: Internet)

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Frequently Asked Questions


Will study materials be provided?

Yes. We provide study materials and also suggest external sources to help you gather more skills.

If I miss a class, will there be a compensatory class?

Yes, we do conduct compensatory classes based on the student’s case.

What is the eligibility to get the certified?

To qualify for the certificate you will be evaluated on the basis of assignments, examination, and attendance at the completion of the course.

Are there any prerequisites to do the course?

You need to have a basic understanding of digital marketing. You are also required to carry along a personal laptop to the classroom sessions.

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