It is that time of the year when soon-to-be graduates are looking forward to a new career and exploring job opportunities. It is only wise to choose a career that suits the evolving times. Among modern careers, digital marketing has sure earned an eminent spot in the job market.


Why Digital Marketing is booming?

Well the reason is quite obvious, isn’t it? New businesses are being born every day. Be it small, medium or large, all want to make huge profits. To be profitable you need to make more sales and to make more sales you must reach the masses. The only efficient way to do it is through Digital Marketing. Simply because the best place to find consumers these days is the digital space. Digital Marketing is effective, relevant and rewarding.

Digital Marketing isn’t going anywhere. It will definitely evolve with time and technology but is sure to stay. So if you wish to be part of this dynamic and exciting career you must identify what profile suits you the best. Digital marketing is an amalgamation of various disciplines. It is best to have a good sense of the whole digital marketing concept and also gain specialization in one of its domains. You can, of course, be a jack of all trade but also be the master of one.


So which one will you master?

Below are the best digital marketing career options you should consider.

Search Engine Optimization

Every business resorts to SEO activities as it needs zero monetary investment. You can draw significant traffic to a business website with the right SEO efforts.

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5 reasons to choose Search Engine Optimization:

  1. It is the foundation of every business having a digital presence
  2. It is an ideal role for freshers or newbies in digital marketing
  3. There is no financial risk involved
  4. Develops your analytical skills and lets you build strategies
  5. Builds technical skills


Search Engine Marketing

This role demands a good level of expertise and experience as there is high financial investment involved. You will be required to manage each aspect of paid promotions and advertisements while following a budget.

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5 reasons to choose Search Engine Marketing:

  1. It is a highly valued marketing career
  2. Established companies resort to search engine marketing to beat the competition
  3. It is a great career if you love challenging roles
  4. Huge career development opportunities
  5. Not enough Search Engine Marketers to meet the demand in the job market


Social Media Marketing

For social media lovers, this is probably the best option out there. You might be a pro in using social media but wouldn’t you love to make a career out of it. Your major job role would be to market content and run ads on social media.

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5 reasons to choose Social Media Marketing:

  1. Social Media is a great marketing platform
  2. It’s fun and lets you be creative
  3. Let’s you engage with the audience directly
  4. You will learn about the psychology of social media users
  5. It’s a prominent role which builds brand awareness and loyalty


Content Marketing

The role revolves around the most important element in the digital world – “Content”. It’s all about marketing content to reach the right audience through various digital platforms available. Fine writing skills is a must have for a content marketer as it helps in creating good quality content.

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5 reasons to choose Content Marketing:

  1. You can combine your writing and marketing skills
  2. A fascinating career with good career growth
  3. Work from home opportunities
  4. Exposure to various digital platforms
  5. Content is perpetual and hence content marketers will always be in demand


How much do digital marketers earn?

Just like in any other industry, experience, and knowledge matters. Also, the financial position of the organization plays a vital role. Based on these factors you can expect to earn from a range of 15k to 8 Lakhs per month.

career in digital marketing 5

To conclude

A business cannot succeed without marketing. That’s a fact. Digital marketing is what businesses are adopting worldwide since the ideal place to reach a target audience is online where they spend most of their time. Companies prefer to invest their time, effort and money on online/digital channels over offline marketing methods. After all, people are too busy looking down at their smartphones to notice the advertisements on huge billboards hovering above. A career in digital marketing is a safe choice. As you adding experience to your profiles your value as a marketing professional will keep appreciating. Also, you do need to have a mind that is open to upgrading to the latest technologies. That’s the only way to survive in this dynamic industry.

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