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You are reading this page because you have a creative mind. Your creativity manifests some way or the other, by doing ordinary things in life differently. My creative bent can be traced back to my childhood when I was telling lies so realistically that nobody could find out. Also, the fantasy stories I narrated to my friends at a very early age in school reiterated the fact that “I am creative.”

However, I have learnt that creative writing is 1% imagination and 99% hard work. I’m not undermining your power of imagination but it is to measure the scale of hard work you need to put in. To give words to the picture in your mind may not be achieved in a day. 

This page unveils various ways of showcasing your creativity to the world. The choice of career in creative writing depends on yourself. Realise the fact that there’s no guaranteed monthly income that you may expect. Still, with relentless efforts, one day you can be the most sought after writer. Continue on the page to discover various roles of being a creative writer.

Creative writing career

1. Blogger

You can create wonderful blogs and post innumerable articles on every topic that occurs in your daily life. Remember there are readers for every petty thing if you can make it interesting. Right from a serious political post on the personal accusations of today’s leaders to your personal family trip to a resort near Vizag, anything deserves to be posted. The only essential thing is to write interestingly and make your perception unique.

Initially, your own blog may not get high traffic. You need not be disappointed. Just keep the good work going. You can write blog posts to a third party, i.e., writing a blogpost to a software company as per their requirements or writing guest posts on a top blog that pay you reasonably. 


2. Author / Novelist

The most common writing career that comes to one’s mind when you say that you are a writer is a novelist. Though you are with a lot of imagination, you need to have patience and ample free time to write and edit several times. Besides the ability to find a story from everywhere, you need to observe people and their mindset to portray realistic characters.

In general, publishing a novel takes a lot of time and patience. So, you need a small job to earn a living. Doing your job, you can focus on your novel and keep working on it regularly till it comes out with a bang.


3. Short Story Writer

If you have a flair to write compelling, engaging and entertaining stories, it is a tremendous way for you to flex your muscles. Unlike a novelist’s career, you can publish your stories online frequently so that your income flows. Generally, a short story is published as a collection of an anthology of yours or combined with the other writers. 

The basic elements of a short story include a beginning, characters, a middle and an ending. If your initial short stories are successful, there are many websites, blogs and other online publications that might hire you as a creative writer on a regular basis.


4. Screenwriter / Scriptwriter

People think of scriptwriting in the way of movies and tv always. This may be the most popular type of scriptwriting but it’s not the only kind. Scriptwriting can be for the following: 

  • Feature film
  • Television production 
  • Video games
  • Podcasts 
  • Vlogs
  • YouTube videos 

A good script requires a good story first. Then you need to plan scenes, create dialogues, cut away dead weight and revise it. 

To sell your script, you need to find a way or an agent to connect with the production company. If you have friends or acquaintances who are well known in the industry, you may approach them directly. But if you don’t have anyone you may even consult an agent who expects you to pay to get things done. 


5. Advertising Copywriter

I am the one who watches advertisements more interestingly than the actual program on tv or a YouTube video. The creative talent in some advertisements fascinates me. Also, imagine effective alternatives to them. Sometimes, you can create much better stories than that are depicted in the advertisements.

If you are like me, advertising copywriter is a perfect choice for you. Copywriters are experts in writing fewer words than the average writers. You are required to write catchy captions, startling slogans and engaging and crisp advertisements for various products. 


6. Editor

A good writer is always skilled to become a good editor. Yet, you need to have extensive knowledge of grammar rules because it involves checking the spelling, grammar, sentences, facts and logical flow of a text. The publishing houses look for a degree in English or journalism to keep confidence in you to be an editor, though it’s not mandatory.


Below I have mentioned a few links that can help you publish your writing monuments online.

Flash fiction online: They publish short stories every month.

The Sun Magazine: They publish a variety of content like fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Rattle.com: They are passionate about poetry. 

Clarkesworld Magazine: They publish short stories and short novellas in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

All these publications are places where you can submit your work for free and get paid upon acceptance. But, to build a true career, go out, make connections, talk to agents and practice your in-person pitch.

Finally, I insist on the fact that a creative writing career depends on your skills and hard work. To be a creative writer you need grit and perseverance. After all, having only one life, aren’t you committed to chasing your dreams?


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