Master Web Analytics with the Advanced Certification Course

Set up Google Analytics in no time and start tracking your website's performance metrics. Learn how you can increase traffic & conversions with Web Analytics!
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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 10h
  • Updated: 04/09/2020

What will you learn?

  • Set up Google Analytics for your website
  • Know the important metrics and how you can improve your graph
  • Track the success of social media and search engine marketing campaigns
  • Learn what various reports have to say
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Topics for this course

17 Lessons10h

Class Recordings

Part 11:52:18
Part 21:45:14

Audience Report Analysis

Acquisition Report Analysis

Behaviour Report Analysis

Conversion Report Analysis

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Overwhelmed by the technicalities and data? Don’t worry, we make it simple!

Your website has a lot to say. Who visited? What did they view? How did they land up on the site? And a lot of other things! So, how do you listen to your website? The answer is simple – Google Analytics. GA collects data about website traffic, conversions and various activities that take place on your website and lets you make decisions that result in higher traffic and sales.

Enrol in Web Analytics Advanced Course to learn how to identify and analyse the data of a website. The analysis helps you strengthen what’s working great for your website as well as deal with the areas of improvement.

Who can access this course?

Before you can start the lessons in Web Analytics Advanced Course, you are required to complete either Web Analytics 101 course or Digital Marketing 101 Course. The Web Analytics 101 Course is available to you for free once you enrol for the Web Analytics Advanced course.


Who can benefit from this course
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers who own a website
  • anyone looking to get hired into an analytics role
  • anyone who wants to make data-driven decisions to grow their business
  • anyone who wants to track and improve their website’s performance
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Student Feedback


Total 342 Ratings

201 ratings
122 ratings
12 ratings
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2 ratings

Learned a lot and plan to use all the resources provided. Thanks


It is a good informative course. Plus it includes recording of live classes that can be used to refer while working on GA.


Great experience learning. I'll definitely need to repeat the course a few times, in order to totally absorb all of the awesome information.


This was a very informative course about Google Analytics. I gained a ton of insights about how to use the program.


I took this course on my phone so I did not have a great experience. If you are planning to take this course, I would suggest doing it on a desktop or laptop screen in order to see the screen clearly. But I could not make any arrangements due to the lockdown situation. Anyways I have access to the course so i might revisit later.


I have taken few courses on Google analytics before and this is the first time that I actually understood what is going on.


A little more theoretical than I expected it to be, but all in all a good course.


The training has a good pace. Hence we are not over whelmed with lot of information and are able to easily follow.


Clearly explained and lots of helpful tips. Thank you!


The information provided in the course is 100% useful and the time spent in this course was definitely productive.


Excellent Coverage. I was able to easily understand the process with the given examples and methodology of explaining.


Sessions on metrics and reports were truly enlightening. Good explanation and presentation.


It's a great course but I still have a feeling that I haven't learned everything that I needed to know about Google Analytics


I am learning so much. Can't wait to try all these myself!


Super helpful! I was always intimidated by GA. Thanks for making it easy to understand.


Great course to get a good idea and insights about google analytics.


I wish there was more emphasis on certain topics such as creating dashboards and since it's a web analytics course you could have included some other tools as well other than google analytics.


The course covers all of the major reports - how to interpret them, and how to configure them. The course is well-paced and very thorough.


This course is awesome and improves your understanding of Google Analytics in a matter of days.

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This Course Includes

  • 10 Hours of Live Sessions
  • Recordings of the Live Sessions
  • 5 Quizzes to Test Your Learnings
  • 5 Assignments
  • A Project to Work on
  • Project Feedback and Certification
  • Course Completion Certification
  • 2 Years of Unlimited Access to the Course
  • 2 Years of Access to Live Q&A Sessions
  • Placement Assistance
  • A Number of Additional Resources to Refer & Learn


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