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Web Analytics 101 – Familiarize with the basics

We show you how simple it really is to track and analyse your website metrics with Google Analytics. Join this interesting course on web analytics and boost your knowledge of data-driven tools.
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  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 03h
  • Updated: 30/06/2020

What will you learn?

  • Setting up Google Analytics with your website
  • Working of Google Analytics
  • Metrics that Matter
  • Analyzing Reports
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Topics for this course

19 Lessons03h

Session on Web Analytics

What is Digital Analytics
How to create analytics for your website
Structure of Google Analytics
How Google Anlytics Works
Important Metrics
Types of Reports
Intro to Realtime Report
Intro to Audience Report
Intro to Aquisition Report
Intro to Behaviour Report
A Quick Quiz



Feedback & Certifications


Know how you can extract data to analyse the performance of your Website.

Google Analytics is the most preferred and popular web analytics tool that tells you about the performance of a website. If you have a website, then let Google Analytics will be your guide.

In this course, we provide you with a clear understanding of the Google Analytics platform, its features and how it can help you identify various metrics relating to a website. Whether you find data to be overwhelming or have a love for numbers, the Web Analytics 101 course is what you need to optimise a website.

Who can benefit from this course?

  • Website Owners who wish to understand the performance of their website
  • Digital Marketers/ Anyone aspiring to join the digital marketing industry
  • Anyone who wants to explore the web data domain


After the Web Analytics 101 course, what’s next?

After completing the Web Analytics 101 course, if you would like to learn more on the subject you can go for:

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Student Feedback


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Instructor's approach towards teaching the tool is very simple, yet impressive. Found the course interesting and informative.


Really useful, hands-on guide to start using Google Analytics. Highly recommend it for beginners. You can take this course with absolutely no background.


I really enjoyed everything the instructor had to say on the topic. He broke it down to make it easy enough for people to understand.


Inspite of being a free tool, GA has more features than what one could expect. This course helped me explore some of it and I learned it thoroughly.


The course provides great overview about all important sections of Google analytics. I would say it gives a good foundation knowledge to build up on.


I found this course beneficial because it helped me realize how analytics can be applied to my work to quantify results. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in this area but don't know where to start.


Loved the course. I just wish the instructor would have explained some the technical things a bit more with some specific examples.


This is a great course to know about Google Analytics and how to start navigating the reports. I had some idea about Google Analytics and this course helped me get a better understanding. I feel much more comfortable using the tool now.


Slightly hard to follow if you don't have a website to work off on.


A lot of it I already knew but I still picked up some good advice.


If you find web analytics intimidation, then this is a good course to start with. It will give you the needed confidence.


Good quantity of information for a beginner level course.


The course is concise and to the point. You learn a lot in just few short hours.


A good course of beginners. However I am still unclear about few things. I guess I will have to figure it out myself


I have a brand new site that I'm trying to set up tracking for and this course helped me get started. Thank you!


Good level of information is shared. Overall a helpful course.


Not very content with the information provided.


Short yet informative. The additional resources help.


Very good course!


A valuable course to take up if you are planning to be a data-driven digital marketer.

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This Course Includes

  • 3 Hours of Live Sessions
  • Recordings of the Live Sessions
  • Quiz to Test Your Learnings
  • A Projects to Work On
  • Project Feedback and Certification
  • Course Completion Certification
  • 6 Months of Unlimited Access to the Course
  • 6 Months Access to Live Q&A Sessions
  • Analytics Experts to Follow
  • Blog Recommendations to Boost Your Knowledge


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