Search Engine Marketing (PPC) 101

  • Course level: Beginner


How to make an advertisement appear on Google Search? What’s the process and how to do it effectively?

Are you worried the answers to these might be complicated? Fret not, we have got it covered! In the PPC/SEM 101 course, our experienced trainers will explain to you the concept of Search engine marketing, also known as Pay Per Click Marketing, in the simplest of terms.

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Topics for this course

20 Lessons06h

Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Lessons

What is SEM
Difference between SEO & SEM
Benefits of SEM
Types of Ad Campaigns
Targeting Options
Understanding Search Campaign
Understanding Display Campaign
Understanding App Campaign
Understanding Video Campaign
Understanding Shopping Campaign
Bid Strategies
SEM Facts & Conclusion
A Quick Quiz



Feedback & Certifications

search engine marketing interview questions
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