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Get A Solid Foundation In The Art of Creative Writing - Explore Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry Writing & More!
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  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 20h
  • Updated: 30/06/2020

Course Prerequisite(s)

  • Please note that this course has the following prerequisites which must be completed before it can be accessed
  • Creative Writing 101

What will you learn?

  • Literary Devices
  • How to Find Your Creative Gene
  • Language & Grammar
  • Maintaining An Idea Journal
  • Appealing to Your Reader's Senses
  • Writing About Body Language
  • Social Media for Creative Writers
  • Types of Plot
  • Building 2D & 3D Characters
  • Different Plot Devices
  • Identifying The Conflict In Your Story
  • Building Character Arcs
  • Freewriting, Journal & Diary Writing
  • Writing A Vignette
  • Autobiographical Writing
  • Blogging & Personal Essays
  • Other Types of Creative Non-Fiction
  • Literary Devices for Poetry
  • How to Write Haikus
  • Exploring Rhymed Poetry
  • Abstract Poetry
  • The Art of Interpreting Poems
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Topics for this course

39 Lessons20h

Fundamental Concepts

Finding Your Creative Gene
Improving Your Vocabulary
Important Rules of Grammar
Creative Writing Foundation – Activity 1
Creative Writing Foundation – Quiz 1
More Literary Devices for Creative Writers
Maintaining an Idea Journal
Creative Writing Foundation – Activity 2
How to Appeal to Your Reader’s Senses
Creative Writing Foundation – Activity 3
Creative Writing Foundation – Quiz 2
How to Depict Body Language in Your Writing
Social Media for Creative Writers
Creative Writing Foundation – Activity 4
Creative Writing Foundation – Quiz 3

Fiction Writing



Additional Resources

Recorded Sessions

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Do you have a writer within you that’s waiting to be awakened?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Our Creative Writing Foundation Course is designed not only to teach you about the theoretical concepts of Creative Writing but also gives you the chance to put everything into practice. This guarantees you a better learning experience.

We offer three levels of Creative Writing Courses, and this Foundation Course is the second level.

To enrol in this course, you must have already completed our Creative Writing 101 Course. Once you complete the foundation course, you can dive even deeper into the fascinating world of writing with our Creative Writing Advanced Course.


Who is this course for?
  • Content Writers or Technical Writers looking to expand their creativity
  • Bloggers looking to improve their writing skills
  • Anyone with a passion for writing who wants to explore it as a hobby or a career
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Student Feedback


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Excellent course for add colors to your creative writing skills!


Best ourse and excellent instructor, easy to follow and excellent tips on keep writing.


I am quite enjoying this course. I have starting thinking about what if I look at writing a short story.


This has been the BEST ever! I used to write short stories a few years ago but it needed good guidance. This course has made it so clear. I can't thank Rhea mam enough.


I really enjoyed this course. It's easy to follow and gives some great advice. It's helped me to get focused and take the next steps with my writing.


Overall I really loved this course. It was more than my expectation.


Good learning!


I am very glad I came across this course. Thanks a lot Rhea mam. You are the best!


I think I have got a good start to get back to writing.


I am into technical writing. How about adding a bit creativity to that :)


I've always had an interest in writing but never knew where or how to start or what to actually write about. This course has given me a lot of boosting.


good covering of creative writing skills


I came to learn about good storytelling that involves empathy and emotional touch, but I ended up learning a lot more than I thought.


Liking this course so far.


I got more than I invested for. It was a pleasant lecture. Thank you


This course helped me clarify some things that I thought were necessary to make a story interesting which are actually not recommended like cliches!


Yes it served the purpose and i learned a lot through this course.


Course was good. But I couldnot concentrate much my internet issues.


Thank you Rhea mam. You are the best!


A needed refresher! I am thankful to my mentor Rhea.

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creative writing foundation
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This Course Includes

  • 20 Hours of Live Interactive Classes
  • Recordings of Live Sessions
  • 1 Year Access to All Course Materials
  • 12 Additional Resources
  • 12 Writing Activities for Practice
  • 9 Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge
  • 1 Year Access to All Live Batches
  • Regular Live Q&A Sessions
  • Topic-Wise Notes
  • Final Project With Trainer Feedback & Guidance


  • Completion of Creative Writing 101 Course
  • Basic English Language Skills

Target audience

  • Anyone Who Has Passion for Writing & a Willingness to Learn


You are a step closer to a fascinating journey.

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