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Join Our Content Writing Courses Online from anywhere in the world! With our online instructor-led course, you can reap the benefits that the content writing industry has to offer - from the comfort of your home! Why, you ask? Because there are over 65,000 job opportunities just in the USA, Canada and India. You can only imagine how many there are in total across the world!

    Why Go for a Career in Content Writing?

    We're living in a digital world - People can't do without their phones, and they definitely cannot do without the internet. People are conducting business online, and with that competition is also increasing. One thing which seems to be acting as a point of differentiation between competitors is the quality of content they're putting out. This is why you should go for a career in content writing - because you will be in demand; because there are opportunities if you want to work full-time, part-time and as a freelancer; because the existence of blogging means that you don't even have to work for someone else. Finally, because you can monetize your passion for writing.
    Do we need to go on?

    Prior Experience Not Needed

    Knowledge and skills - that's all you need for a career in content writing.

    High Demand

    Companies across the world are looking to hire content writers.

    Work From Home

    There are plenty of work-from-home and freelance opportunities available for content writers.

    Creativity is Encouraged

    As a content writer, it's your job to be creative! 

    Let the World Hear You!

    Content Writers have a platform to get their voice heard.

    There's Something For Everyone

    Based on your interests, there are different opportunities for content writers.

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    Content Writing Courses Online -
    Main Modules

    These are the three main aspects of content writing we focus on in this course:

    Content Research

    Conducting research is a very important part of the content writing process. Other than learning the methods of conducting research, also learn about tools that will help you in the process. 

    Content Writing

    Learn how to overcome common problems content writers face like writer's block, lack of topic ideas, etc. Find out the rules of writing content for the web, and how to adhere by them. 

    Content Promotion

    Once you've completed the writing process, you have to make sure this content reaches it's audience. Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. 

    Content Writing Courses Online

    Here are some of the smaller topics you'll learn in this content writing online course:

    Digital Marketing Fundamentals

    Basic Competitor Analysis

    Reading & Analyzing Content

    Fundamentals of Visual Content

    Common Grammatical Errors

    Content Writing & Ethics

    Proofreading & Editing

    Content Writing Tools

    Writing Viral Content

    Freelancing as a Content Writer

    Bulk Booking Discounts

    Please choose if you want to do multiple courses together or would like to bring in your colleagues with you.


    Certification Bundle

    Multiple courses for one trainee

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    Team Training Bundle

    Multiple trainees for one course

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    “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

    Leo Burnett

    Founder, Leo Burnett Company, Inc.

    Specific Needs? Let's Customize!

    Please choose if your organization has a specific training agenda, we can customize a course for you.


    For Corporates

    On-Site Training, Customized Course and Training Content

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    For Collages

    Faculty Development Programs, Student Development  Programs

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    Why Choose Online Idea Lab?
    What Makes Us Different? 

    Gain Practical Experience - You will be given activities and assignments that will push you to learn concepts through practice. 

    Lifetime Support - At Online Idea Lab, you will receive career guidance and support from our trainers for a lifetime. 

    Tools - Learn how to use over 20 tools that will help you in different processes of content writing - be it research, writing, or promotion. 

    Alumni Network - Once you complete a course at Online Idea Lab, you will be a part of our alumni network.

    Placement Assistance - Receive placement assistance from our in-house team and find a job that's just the right fit for you!

    Emphasis on Creativity - We have built-in a number of assignments and activities in our curriculum that will challenge you creatively. 

    Here Are Some Content Writing Tools That You Will Learn to Use

    In this content writing course online, you will learn to use over 15 tools that will help you throughout your career.

    Content Writing Tools

    Meet Our Alumni

    Prateeksha Chatterjee, M.A. Public Policy; Mount Carmel College

    Avinash NandKumar, Software Developer; Oracle

    Our Teaching Philosophies

    We strive to be the best at what we do. To be the best, we have to do things differently. So, we provide our students with a unique learning experience –  one that not only provides them with knowledge but also embeds skills in them. 

    1. Virtual Classroom Experience

    Our online instructor-led course provides you with a classroom-like experience, wherever you are. You get face-to-face interaction with our trainers and the opportunity to ask questions & get instant answers. If you don't have access to one of our institutes, or a classroom course just doesn't fit into your schedule, we strive to provide you with the next best thing.

    2. We Encourage Creativity

    You can't be a good content writer if you're not creative. We believe that every individual has the capability to be creative, but not everyone knows how. That's why we've designed our course in such a way to bring out your creative side. We have put in a number of activities, assignments and projects that will push you to think outside the box. This will help you greatly in your career as a content writer.

    3. Up-To-Date Course Curriculum

    We ensure that our course curriculum is updated regularly from two aspects. One is the material itself. There are always new developments in the industry, and we make sure to keep up with these. The second is our teaching methods. We understand that some methods may work better in a face-to-face scenario, but won't be as effective in an online course. We ensure that the methods of teaching concepts are effective. By collecting feedback from students, and understanding learning theories, we keep revising our teaching methods.  This way our students get the most effective learning experience. 

    4. Learning by Doing

    We don't believe that learning theoretical concepts is enough to know a subject. The best way to learn something is by actually doing. This is why we have assignments and activities that will allow you to practice what you learn. When you actually apply concepts, you may have more questions and can get them answered immediately. So, when you start your career in content writing you're not going to be going in blind. You would have actual experience to back you up.

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    Meet Your Trainers

    Meet the people who will be your mentors for our Content Writing Courses Online.
    They will provide you with the skills, knowledge & guidance to start a career in content writing.


    • B.A in English, Journalism and Psychology.
    • Experience: 2 Years
    • Donned the hats of: Freelance Digital Marketer, Content Writer and Trainer
    • Personal Interests: Travelling, Reading, & Baking

    Talk to our trainers

    Have more questions? Talk to a train to get more clarity. 

    Our Journey So Far

    We've come a long way from where we started, and we still have a long to go.
    In the interim, we're just staying true to our motto "Creating Digital Era Leaders".




    "If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all: Read a lot and write a lot."

    Stephen King

    Award-Winning Author

    Content Writing Certificate

    Once you complete this online content writing course, you will receive this certificate from Online Idea Lab

    Online Idea Lab Industry Recognized Content Writing Foundation Certificate

    The Online Idea Lab Experience

    Studying at Online Idea Lab is an experience. You'll become a part of the family, for life. Here's a little sneak-peek into what you can expect:

    ✔ Mentors for Life

    Our trainers don't believe in stopping at just training. They strive to give you the guidance to become the best content writer you can be. So, when you join our online content writer course, you can expect to have a mentor for life. 

    ✔ Writing Samples

    When you apply for a job as a content writer, you will require to show a writing sample. The same applies to freelancers trying to get clients or projects. We will help you create writing samples and also help you get them published. 

    ✔ Discount on Upgrade

    Alumni of our foundation-level content writing courses online are entitled to a discount on our Advanced Content Writing Course. If you're looking to upgrade your skills further, then you can avail of this benefit. 

    ✔ Alumni Network

    Become a part of Online Idea Lab's alumni network. Get insights, resources and more from our other students working in the same industry as you!

    Where Are Our Students Now?

    Each student that walks into our institute is unique, and has their own unique journey in the content writing industry. We're looking forward to helping you start your own journey in the industry!





    We are always keen to know what our students have to say about their experience at Online Idea Lab. Read below and know what they have shared.

    "Dedicated trainers and a great learning experience."

    Such a dedicated team and I had a really good learning experience. Thank you so much Vishwa Sir, Jitender Sir and Rhea Ma'am for your guidance.

    - Sri Usha,  HR Professional

    "Love their holistic approach to training!"

    I completed the content writing course online form Online Idea Lab. Their faculty is friendly, and accessible, and your writing will definitely go to the next level.

    - Aashita Rao, Freelance Writer

    "The convenience of learning from home, but a classroom experience."

    I didn't have the time to go to one of their institutes, so I opted for content writing training online. No regrets - It was a great course, I learnt a lot.

    - Vijay Iyengar, MBA; University of Hyderabad

    "I would definitely recommend Online Idea Lab!"

    I enrolled in this course to get a better idea about content writing. Loved their teaching techniques and the way they designed the course. After 4 short weeks, I feel like I could actually pass off for a professional.

    - Taylor Bell, Content Marketer; Brafton

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    If you have any more questions, or if you would like to enrol in our courses, just fill in your details and get in touch with us now!

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      A Broad View of
      Our Course Curriculum

      Our course curriculum is updated regularly and is designed by experts. Here's a sneak-peek: 

      Digital Marketing Fundamentals

      Get a rudimentary understanding of digital marketing concepts like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Online Reputaion Management. 

      Content Research

      Content writers spend a large amount of their time conducting research. Learn about different kinds of research you will need to conduct, tools and more. 

      Competitive Analysis

      Learn how to conduct competitor analysis, its importance, methods, and more. This will help you in the process of creating a content strategy. 

      Reading & Analyzing Content

      We teach you how to look deeper while reading, to spot different writing styles, sentence structures. This, in turn, will help you improve your own writing. 

      Fundamentals of Visual Content

      Visual Content is important to package your content. Learn the fundamentals of design, and how to create appealing content on easy-to-use tools.

      Common Grammatical Errors

      Content Writers have a responsibility to their readers to provide content free of grammar and spelling errors. Learn about tools that will help you provide this, and what the most common grammatical errors are. 

      Content Writing & Ethics

      Ethics is content writing is commonly overlooked. Find out about practices that you should avoid as a content writer, and formulate a code of ethics for yourself. 

      Proofreading & Editing

      Once your content is ready, it's time to edit. Not once, not twice, but multiple times before you come to your final draft. Learn tricks and tools that will help you in this process.

      Content Writing Tools

      Whether it's for research, editing, writer's block, organizing, there are so many tools available to make the content writing process simpler. Find out which of these are the best, and how to use them!

      Writing Viral Content

      Find out different techniques to use in content writing, promotion and research that will give your blog higher chances of going viral. 

      A Freelance Career in Content Writing

      Learn about freelancing from professionals who have first-hand experiences. Get useful tips and find out which freelancing websites are reliable and what stage of your career to use them in.

      A Career in Content Writing

      So, once you've completed a course in content writing, what's next?

      The sky is  the limit.
      You'll have a number of opportunities in front of you, all you have to do is choose one. Do you want to work as a full-time content writer for an agency or business? Are you a foodie looking to start a food blog? Interested in content writing but don't want to work full-time? Are you a traveler looking to earn on the move? Do you have a passion for writing and want to make it your career?

      The opportunities are endless!


      Content Writing Career Paths

      These are the three most common paths travelled by content writers. However, if you want to study further, then have a look at our Advanced Content Writing Course. 


      • Blog about things that you know -things that excite you!
      • Make sure it reaches your target audience.
      • Over time as you build your audience and increase traffic, you can monetize your blog by placing ads, affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, and more. 

      In-House Content Writer

      • Work full-time or part-time as a content writer for a company or agency.
      • Create a content strategy based on the target audience, competitive analysis, etc.
      • Conduct intensive research and create engaging blogs, website content and content for social media.

      Freelance Content Writer

      • Be your own boss - choose projects and clients and have the choice to work remotely. 
      • Choose what content writing services you're going to offer. 
      • Build your portfolio and tap into the huge earning potential that a number of freelancing websites offer. 

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      Did You Know?

      • Over a third of blog readers prefer headlines that are based on lists.
      • 3 out of 4 internet users read blog articles.
      • Headlines which tug on people's heartstrings tend to get shared more.
      • You don't need a degree in writing or marketing to become a content writer.
      • The average salary of a content writer is Rs 2,92,705 in India, $44,366 in the US and Can $ 39,742 in Canada.

      Handcrafted Resources

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      Frequently Asked Questions


      What happens when I miss a class?

      If you miss any classes of our content writing course online, a recording of the session will be sent to you.

      Do you provide placement services for this course?

      We provide placement assistance for students of our Online Content Writing Course. 

      Will I get a certificate on completion of this course?

      Yes, you will receive a certificate from Online Idea Lab once you successfully complete this content writing training online. Successful completion is based on submission of assignments, performance in the examination and quizzes, and attendance. 

      Do you have any eligibility requirements for this course?

      Yes, to be eligible for this course you will have to have basic communication skills, a personal laptop to work on and basic computer skills. 

      Does this course cover all concepts of content writing?

      This is a foundation course in content writing, so it only covers the fundamentals. If you're looking for a more in-depth course, please have a look at our Advanced Content Writing Course.

      Is there a difference in curriculum for the online course?

      No, both the online instructor-led course and the classroom course have the same course curriculum. The only difference is the mode of teaching. 

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