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Content Writing in Bangalore

Bangalore - The IT capital of India. With an economic growth of over 10% pa, it is the 2nd fastest growing major city in India.  A number of new businesses are setting up shop in this city everyday - from Multinational Corporations, to Startups, to different kinds of small businesses. Most of these businesses need to create compelling content to keep up with competition. Hence, the demand for content writing professionals is booming. According to naukri.com, there are over 4000 Content Writing Jobs in Bangalore.

So, why not take one of those 4000 jobs? Why not choose a career that is booming, in a city that is too?

    Why Go for a Career in Content Writing?

    We're living in a digital era. Around the world, people are getting increasingly dependent on the internet. Businesses are going digital. Competition between these businesses is reaching an all-time-high. So, they need something to help them stand out. This is where content comes in. Providing high quality content helps them keep up with the competition. Where do they get this content from? From the content writers they're hiring. 

    Of course, there's so much more to content. You can start your blog! You can blog about almost anything!  Find something  that you know through and through, or something that you're passionate about, and talk to the world through your blog! If you do it the right way, we predict big success in your future.

    Did you know that content writing is one of the most outsourced activities? For those who want to reap the benefits of being a professional content writer, but are looking for more flexibility, freelancing is a great option. Especially since there's a huge number of freelance content writing jobs in Bangalore.

    You Don't Need Prior Experience

    You can start from scratch, and still get a job as a content writer. 

    Plenty of Job Opportunities

    Pick the one that's just the right fit for you. 

    Work From Home

    There are plenty of work from home content writing jobs in Bangalore.

    Creativity is Encouraged

    As a content writer, you can let your creative juices flow!

    Let The World Hear You!

    You get a platform to talk to the world.

    There's Something For Everyone

    Opportunities for every interest and lifestyle.

    Test your content writing knowledge.

    How much do you know about content writing?
    Take our free quiz and find out where you stand.

    Temporarily Discontinued

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended all 14 physical classrooms in India, the USA, and Canada. We are currently providing training through live online (virtual classroom) mode and self-paced learning (pre-recorded) mode only. Once our classrooms are operational again, the courses will be displayed here. If you have already booked a classroom course, please check your email for further details for the 'change of delivery mode' option or 'request for a refund' option. Or connect back with your personalized course coordinator. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience caused. Stay Safe!

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    Self Paced Learning

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    Content Writing Foundation Course
    Main Modules

    Below are the main modules we'll explore in our Content Writing Courses in Bangalore:

    Content Research

    Research plays a big role in the content writing process. Learn the methods, tips & tricks of conducting research. Also learn what tools to use and how to use them to make this process easier.

    Content Writing

    Readers on the web behave in a different way, and it's the job of  the content writer to write in a way that appeals to them. Learn how to write good quality content that your readers will find engaging.

    Content Promotion

    Once you've written your content, you have to promote it so that it reaches your audience. Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing.

    Content Writing Foundation Course

    Here are the smaller topics you will learn about:

    Digital Marketing Fundamentals

    Basic Competitor Analysis

    Reading & Analyzing Content

    Fundamentals of Visual Content

    Common Grammatical Errors

    Content Writing & Ethics

    Content Writing Tools

    Proofreading & Editing

    Writing Viral Content

    Freelancing as a Content Writer

    Our Content Writing Courses in Bangalore

    Our students are given the choice between two modes of learning - Classroom and Online Instructor-Led

    We would love to have a discussion over a cup of coffee.

    Please drop by at any of our below centers in Bangalore:

    Hebbal center


    #22, 3rd Floor, Tanya Towers, 2nd Cross Rd, Pampa Extension, Hebbal Kempapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560024

    Contact: +91 8209958642

    Koramangala center


    5th block 2nd floor, 99D, 2nd Cross Rd, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

    Contact: +91 8209958642

    Marathahalli center


    Krishna Tower, Outer Ring Rd, Aswath Nagar, Marathahalli,Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

    Contact: +91 8209958642

    Jayanagar Center


    #60, 38th Cross Road, 10th Main Rd, 4th Block, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

    Contact: +91 8209958642

    Bulk Booking Discounts

    Please choose if you want to do multiple courses together or would like to bring in your colleagues with you.


    Certification Bundle

    Multiple courses for one trainee

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    Team Training Bundle

    Multiple trainees for one course

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    “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

    Louis L’Amour

    American Novelist and Short-Story Writer

    Specific Needs? Let's Customize!

    Please choose if your organization has a specific training agenda, we can customize a course for you.


    For Corporates

    On-Site Training, Customized Course and Training Content

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    For Collages

    Faculty Development Programs, Student Development  Programs

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    Why Choose Online Idea Lab?

    What makes us different? 

    Gain Practical Experience -  Get a practical understanding of topics through a number of activities, assignments and projects.

    Lifetime Support - As a student of Online Idea Lab, you can expect to get professional support from our team for a lifetime. 

    Tools - We will teach you how to use a number of tools that will help you in different processes of content writing. 

    Alumni Network - Be a part of our active alumni network where you can share resources, get insights and more.

    Placement Assistance - Get job assistance from our in-house placement team. They have an excellent track record!

    Emphasis on Creativity - We give you activities & assignments that will challenge you creatively and help you think outside the box. 

    Here Are Some Content Writing Tools That You Will Learn to Use

    In this content writing course, you will learn to use 15+ tools that will help you throughout your career.



    Content Writing Tools


    Meet Our Alumni

    Prateeksha Chatterjee, M.A. Public Policy; Mount Carmel College

    Avinash NandKumar, Software Developer; Oracle

    Shilpa Shastry, People Supply Management; Wipro

    Our Teaching Philosophies

    We strive to be the best at what we do. To be the best, we have to do things differently. So, we provide our students with a unique learning experience –  one that not only provides them with knowledge but also embeds skills in them. 

     1. Low Teacher : Student Ratio

    Large classrooms mean less individual attention. The learning process is considerably more effective when there is room for discussion. This becomes less feasible with a large group of people. At Online Idea Lab, we provide our students with an interactive classroom setting.  We want all of our students to get the attention they deserve. This also allows our trainers the ability to track each student's progress & level of understanding. 

     2. We Encourage Creativity

    We got into content education because we felt that there were a number of content writers in the industry who didn't give enough importance to being creative. The process was becoming too mechanical. We understand that it's important to be creative to create good quality content. That's why we've incorporated a creative writing element in this course, where are students will be given writing activities and assignments to help them think outside the box. 

     3. Dynamic Course Material

    In an industry that is ever-changing, how can we have a curriculum that isn't? We re-evaluate our course material frequently. We ensure that the concepts we teach are up-to-date. We also regularly update our teaching aids and methods so as to give our students the best learning experience. This allows us to provide our students with a course curriculum that is the most effective, and paves the best road ahead to their career in content writing. 

     4. Implementation Aids Better Learning

    What better way to learn than by actually doing? At Online Idea Lab, we believe that theory and practicals go hand-in-hand to maximize learning. We have designed our courses to not only teach you a concept, but ensure that there are enough activities and assignments to allow you to put each concept to practice. In this content writing foundation course, you can expect to learn and be tested on a theoretical as well as practical basis. 

     5. Institute Made for Learning

    Finally, we believe that we must provide our students with a space made for learning. Our institutes have the facilities that allow us to give students an all-round learning experience. With glass boards, high-definition projectors, high-speed internet, learning management systems and much more, our classrooms and labs are fully-equipped. You can be rest assured that you're in good hands, and will be provided with the facilities you need to become a knowledgable and skilled content writer! 

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    Meet Your Trainers

    Meet the people who will train, guide & mentor students of our Content Writing Courses in Bangalore.
    They will provide you with the skills, knowledge & guidance to start a career in content writing.


    • B.A in English, Journalism and Psychology.
    • Experience: 2 Years
    • Donned the hats of: Freelance Digital Marketer, Content Writer and Trainer
    • Personal Interests: Travelling, Reading, & Baking

    Talk to our trainers

    Have more questions? Talk to a trainer to get more clarity. 

    Our Journey So Far

    We've come a long way from where we started, and we still have a long to go.
    In the interim, we're just staying true to our motto "Creating Digital Era Leaders".




    “Every piece of your content should be excellent enough that customers are compelled to share it.”

    Joe Pulizzi

    Founder, Orange Effect Foundation & Content Marketing Institute

    Content Writing Certificate
    Upon completion of our Content Writing Course, you will receive this certificate from Online Idea Lab:

    Online Idea Lab Industry Recognized Content Writing Foundation Certificate

    The Online Idea Lab Experience

    Once you're a part of the Online Idea Lab family, you're a part of it for life. We have to treat our family well, don't we? Here's a glimpse into life after Online Idea Lab:


    ✔ Mentors for Life

    Even after you complete a course with Online Idea Lab, our trainers are always there to support you in your career. Ultimately, our goal is to see you grow in the content writing industry, and we'll always help in any way we can. 

    ✔ Writing Samples

    It's important for a content writer to have some writing samples to show employers or potential clients. We'll guide you in putting together these writing samples, and also help you with getting them published.

    ✔ Discount on Upgrade

    Other than this foundation course in content writing course, we also offer an advanced course in content writing in Bangalore. All our past students are entitled to a discount on this advanced course.

    ✔ Alumni Network 

    Share knowledge, resources and insights with other students who have completed our content writing course through our alumni network. It's always an asset to have connections in the industry you're working in!  

    Where Are Our Students Now?

    Our students are busy taking the content writing industry by storm.
    They chose the path that was best for them.
    Which one of these will you be?





    We are always keen to know what our students have to say about their experience at Online Idea Lab. Read below and know what they have shared.

    "One of the best content writing courses in Bangalore"

    Awesome place to learn about content writing. Effective training took place throughout the course. I personally suggest Online Idea Lab for content writing training.

    - Ganesh Kumar,  Technical Content Writer - Fusion Informatics

    "Go for it and enjoy the learning process to the fullest! You will see the difference over time!"

    I completed my content writing course at Online Idea Lab and I feel so good today because I was someone who was never confident of writing. Rhea Ma'am is super awesome and I feel blessed to have learned under her guidance. Her teaching method is so fun and not only theory but she lets us learn it practically too.I have started exploring writing more and would surely like to freelance along with my job ahead.

    So blessed to have got such amazing people at Online Idea Lab. it's a very friendly and conducive space with amazing faculty.Thank you Online Idea Lab for giving me this opportunity :)

    - Prateeksha Chatterjee  Masters Student - Mount Carmel College

    "This course really helped me improve my writing!"

    I've done a content writing course from Online Idea Lab. It was a 3 months course and I'm quite impressed by it. They will teach you a lot about content writing. The trainers are very helpful. I'm glad I joined this institute

    - Ashwini Noronha,  Freelance Content Writer

    "I'm so happy that I joined this course. Definitely recommend!"

    I joined this course because I've always had an interest in writing, and wanted to pursue it further. After completing this foundation course, I feel like I have a much higher understanding of how content writing works. I never knew that you had to do so much to get successful as a content writer. 

    Online Idea Lab is a great institute. They have really made my experience great. They have good trainers, and I love their teaching style. They explain everything in such a simple way, and they are very approachable for any doubts or questions. Would definitely recommend this institute to anyone!

    - Shashankh Rao,  Freelance Content Writer

    Get In Touch

    If you have any more questions, or if you would like to enrol in our courses, just fill in your details and get in touch with us now!

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      A Broad View of
      our Course Curriculum

      Our course curriculum is updated regularly and is designed by experts. Here's a sneak-peek: 

      Digital Marketing Fundamentals

      While writing for the web, having a basic understanding of digital marketing is important. Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation, Online Reputation Management and more. 

      Content Research

      Conducting research is a vital part of the content writing process. We'll break down the research process for you and teach you about tools to help you. 

      Competitor Analysis

      Understand the role that competitor analysis plays in creating a content strategy. Learn how to conduct competitor analysis, and the do's and don'ts.

      Reading & Analyzing Content

      In this content writing course, we encourage students to build reading into their routine. We show you have to put an analytical hat while reading.

      Fundamentals of Visual Content

      In this content writing course you will learn the fundamentals of design, and also how to make appealing visual designs easily using tools. 

      Common Grammatical Errors

      It is imperative for a content writer not to make grammatical or spelling errors. Find out the most common grammatical errors, so you can avoid them.

      Content Writing & Ethics

      There are certain practices that professional content writers should avoid. After understanding ethics in this field, create a code of ethics for yourself.

      Proofreading & Editing

      Your content will go through many drafts before reaching the final product. Learn about different tricks, methods and tools to use while proofreading & editing your content. 

      Content Writing Tools

      Find out about tools that will help you in different parts of the content writing process - Be it research, writing, editing or even tools that will help you be more organised. 

      Writing Viral Content

      Learn about different techniques that you can use while writing and promoting your content to increase the chances of it going viral.

      A Freelance Career in Content Writing

      Learn about the different freelancing websites, which ones are reliable and at what stage in career to use them. We'll also give you tips that will help you in a freelance career. You'll be ready to take on all the freelance content writing jobs in Bangalore!

      A Career in Content Writing

      According to Forbes magazine, Bangalore is one of The Next Decade's Fastest Growing Cities. Bangalore houses a large number of small businesses, startups, MNCs - You name it, and Bangalore has it. We've already talked about the importance of content writing in today's business structure. Starting a career in content writing in this city's ocean of businesses will lead you to success.

      It's true that there are a large number of content writing jobs in Bangalore, but Bangalore also has plenty in store for budding bloggers. The city is happening in all aspects - theater, art, music, food, and much more. You'll find a topic to write about around every corner. That's not all! It also has such a varied population that finding a local audience for your blog is an easy task!

      Content Writing Career Paths

      The following are the three most common career paths taken by content writers :


      • Start and run your own blog - write about topics that you choose.
      • Promote your blog to reach your target audience.
      • As traffic to your blog increases, you can start monetizing it using Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, brand partnerships and more. 

      Company Content Writer

      •  Work as a full-time or part-time content writer for an agency or company. 
      • Create a content strategy after conducting in-depth research.
      • Build experience as you write engaging content and learn in the workspace. 

      Freelance Content Writer

      • Reap the benefits of a content writing career as well the freedom of a freelance career.
      • Conduct intensive research and provide quality content to clients.
      • Keep building your portfolio and earn well through freelancing websites.

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      Did You Know?

      • Using lists on your website has proven to be considerably more effective than chunks of text.
      • The average salary of an entry-level content writer in Bangalore is Rs 2,99,437.
      • Businesses that regularly update old content have seen higher results.
      • One in two bloggers edits their own work.

      Handcrafted Resources

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      Frequently Asked Questions


      Do you provide placement services for this course?

      Students of our Content Writing Foundation Course in Bangalore will receive placement assistance from our in-house placement team. If you're looking for a content writing course with a 100% Placement Guarantee, check out our Advanced Content Writing Course in Bangalore.

      Am I eligible for this course?

      If you have
      - basic communication skills
      - basic computer skills
      - a personal laptop to work on
      - an interest in content writing
      then yes, you are eligible for this course. 

      Will I get a certificate on completion?

      You will be given a certificate from Online Idea Lab if you successfully complete this course. 

      What do I need to do to be eligible for the certificate?

      To be eligible to receive a certificate at the end of the course, you will be evaluated based on submission of assignments, performance in the examination and quizzes, and attendance. 

      Will this course cover all the concepts of content writing?

      This is a foundation course in content writing which covers only the fundamental concepts. If you're looking for a more in-depth understanding of content writing, then have a look at our Advanced Content Writing Course in Bangalore.

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