Though SEO and the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) have evolved over the decade, many content developers still believe that content optimization is about sprinkling keywords throughout their content and hoping for the best possible outcome.
For any keyword, the search engine delivers millions of results in quick time. Some are extremely well optimized, while the others are resulted based on the relevancy. Along with it there are some more results such as Traditional Ads, Shopping Ads, Image Results, Video Results, Local Results, Etc. Your particular keyword gets congested among these results and will fail to shine. That is why you’ve got to create more than optimized content to get noticed.
In the following blog, we will have a look at the biggest factors which determines if your website’s rank.

Subject Relevancy:

The most important aspect of optimization is subject relevancy. The search engine is looking to filter and deliver the very best, and most relevant content with respect to what the user’s search query is. The keywords are used as one of the many signals to determine relevancy, but keywords are not all. These things should be kept in mind while optimizing a particular keyword for a particular website-

  • Why is my content worthy of ranking all above the other contents that already exists for that keyword?
  • What competitors do to rank their keyword?
  • What does the user searching for this term is looking for?

For example, have a look at the SERP for the keyword “SHOES ONLINE”


The above organic results which includes the full keyword as per the search term in the title tag and it also well optimized in terms of the description tag.

Domain Authority:

The main idea of domain authority and how it is used by the search engines to determine the trust of a particular website has been there for a while now. More and more, search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. are looking to put an end to the search spam by delivering the results based on the most authoritative source available. Ask yourself “Who ranks currently? And how have they showcased their authority?” for any keyword that you are looking to rank for.
These things should be kept in mind in order to get good domain authority: –
1. Building good links from authoritative domains.
2. Building your brand’s subject matter authority by: –
A. Creating good on-page content.
B. Creating good off-page content.
C. Promoting your content and subject via social media.

Keyword Optimization:

Finally, we come to the keywords which is a foundation for any optimization. While performing the keyword research on Google AdWords, make sure that you choose one best keyword or a phrase that represents or relates to your content in the best possible way. Remember, keyword relevancy plays a key role in optimization. Having done just with the keyword research is not all. You should make sure that your keywords must be included in the-
1. URL
2. Title Tag
3. Description Tag
4. The body of the content
5. And also in the alt tags of the images.

As you can see, keyword optimization is only one of many aspects of SEO content optimization. Of course, you can have the most authoritative website with the best, most optimized content around, but if you have technical SEO issues, you could still have barriers to optimization. We at Online Idea Lab will teach you every aspect of the SEO and make sure how you rank your websites for keywords that relate to your website. For more information regarding the SEO Training and PPC Training please visit, Best Digital Marketing Institute in Bangalore. we also provide the best content writing course in Bangalore to students, entrepreneurs & working professionals.
Don’t forget to drop down your comments below and mention the points in case if I’ve missed any.

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