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Let’s say you have a Eureka moment and wish to share your knowledge with the world. What would you do? The first step would be to create good content. Content could be in the form of a post, an article or even a video. So once your content is ready, what’s next? Of course, you can share it on social media; but would that be sufficient to make it past your friends and relatives? Well, that’s where content marketing comes to your rescue. Content marketing is basically the distribution of content across digital platforms. Its purpose could be knowledge sharing, promoting a brand, attracting more leads or building customer relationships. Consumers also benefit from it as it helps them research and gain awareness with regard to any product or service.

Content marketing tips

How to market your content?

Content marketing is powerful when executed with the right tools, skills, and strategies. Below are 10 popular ways to do it.

1. Social Media Posts

Social media is the best channel to reach people. It’s free and accessed widely.  You could promote your content through a Facebook post, a YouTube video or a tweet on Twitter. The trick is to choose the right channel to reach the right audience.

2. Connect with Influencers

Influencers are people who are capable of influencing consumers. They are considered to be experts in a particular field and have a huge following. Connecting with influencers will not only give exposure to your content but also add credibility to it.

3. Email Campaigning

To market through emails you require the list of recipients’ email IDs. You can achieve this by asking people to sign up through your blog or social media.  Also by doing so, you will have a list of recipients who are dedicated to your content. Moreover, through push notifications, a new email from you can be bought to their attention.

4. Use Hashtags (#)

Hashtags are popularly used on Twitter and Instagram. They help to categorize your content. It makes it easy for people to find your articles or posts when they search through hashtags. Hashtags let your posts gain a greater audience on social media as it can be viewed by anyone and not just your followers. Hence it is advisable to use at least a couple of relevant hashtags.

5. Encourage Sharing

Sharing passes on the content to people beyond your contacts. It helps to expand your audience. So, it is always a good idea to request your readers to share your content with others.

6. Paid Promotions

Methods such as paid search and pay per click can be adopted to make your content more visible on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). You may use Google Adwords to advertise your content. You could also promote your content by paid social i.e., sponsored post.

7. SEO Approach

One of the best approaches for your content to gain visibility on search engines is to use the right keywords. You need to figure out what are the possible keywords people type in search engines that would lead them to your content. There are free SEO keyword tools available online to help you choose the right keywords.

8. Guest Posting

Guest posting simply means posting an article on someone else’s website or blog. It gives you an opportunity to present your work to an already established audience and thereby help you acquire more readers to your content.

9. Participate in the Community

Join groups on social media sites that speak on similar contents and offer your blog as a reference. Build relationships by interacting with your readers/viewers and responding to their comments and feedback. Also, reach out to bloggers who share a similar interest. Let them know you have similar content and are open to the idea of adding value to each other’s work.

10. Do it Again

Once you have marketed your content across various platforms, you are mistaken if you assume your job is done. People tend to forget or lose interest quite easily.  Hence it is important to remind them and keep them engaged. Be it reposting on social media or resending emails, ensure that your content is updated and not repetitive.


Essentials of Content Marketing

Great Content

Content must be valuable and worth reading. It should have an intriguing title that sets the reader’s expectations. Adding visual images makes the content attractive. Having the right keywords will help increase the visibility of the content in search engines. Also, it is important to have well-edited content to provide quality data. Efficient and remarkable content is capable of converting a lead into a customer.

Know Your Customers

Discovering vital information about potential customers such as their interest, habits, preferences, demographics, etc., help to target customers and supply personalized content.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is considered as the best way to promote content.  The 3 important factors to keep in mind is to choose the right platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), post at the appropriate time and use relevant hashtags.

Call To Action

‘Call to Action’ (CTA) is an essential step to get a response from the reader or viewer. CTA guides people in taking necessary action if they are interested in the offer. A strong CTA can inspire the reader to act urgently. Examples for CTA phrases: Subscribe, Register, Download, Sign up, Follow, etc.

Track the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

It is important to track KPIs to make constructive strategies for future growth. KPIs such as the number of visitors, total backlinks, the source of traffic, bounce rate, time spent on the website, etc. help to analyze the performance of a website and reform marketing strategies if required.

Content marketing tips 2

The key to marketing content is to increase its visibility. To do so, building contacts and developing customer relationships is very essential. It might take a longer time than you would like. But by providing fresh and genuine content and through the right marketing strategies, you will definitely make a spot for your content in the mighty internet space.

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