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Can You Name These Content Creation Pros?

These companies have made a name for themselves in different spheres of the written content industry. From being ultimate resources of information, to providing services, supplying content creation tools to support the industries - they've all played a huge role in their own way. Let them serve as sources of inspiration for you.
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Content Creation as a Career

In India, Canada and the US alone there are over 250,000 digital content creation jobs currently available across different domains. This number has not just increased, but it has multiplied in the last decade. Due to the rate at which content is being consumed today, we can expect the same to happen in the next decade as well. 

Have a look below at the number of opportunities available as on July 2019 in the US, Canada and India:


Content Creation Jobs in USA

More Than 2,00,000 Jobs

Source: indeed.com

Content Creation Jobs in India

More than 35,000 Jobs

Source: naukri.com

Content Creation Jobs in Canada

More than 13,000 Jobs

Source: indeed.ca

Why Go for a Career in Content Creation?

The real question is Why not go for a career in Content Creation?

The world is going digital, and with that, starting a business has become considerably easier, but competition is only increasing. This is where content comes in. Quality content is what helps businesses stand out from the rest.

There is room for all kinds of skill sets across the different domains of written content. Content Writing is for those who enjoy sharing knowledge and have good research skills. There's Copywriting for those who have a convincing nature, and have a way with words. If you have the itch to write or want to express yourself through the art of writing, consider Creative Writing. For those who are from a technical background, but don't want to work in a technical job, Technical Writing is for you. Finally, Instructional Design is for educators and learning & development professionals looking to do something new, or for those who want to play a role in the education industry.

No Prior Experience Needed

You don't need prior experience to start a career in content creation. Just knowledge and skills.

High Demand

After completing a content creation course, you'll have a skill set that will be in high demand.

Flow of Creativity

Since the creation of quality content requires creativity, you'll never have a dull day. 

Wide Scope

The scope for a career in every domain of content creation is very wide.

Keep Learning

The learning process is never over for content creators. You will learn something new every day. 

Be Your Own Boss

There are a number of freelance and work-from-home opportunities for content creators.

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Our Content Creation Courses

So, what is Content Creation? Have a look at the courses we offer to get a better idea.
We have put together an array of courses that will prepare you for a career in each field of this industry.

Content Writing Foundation Course

Learn the ABC of Content Writing with this Content Writing Foundation Course. This course will provide you with a strong foundation in writing for the web. On completion, you'll be equipped with the skills required to begin a career in the field. You will also be more informed to decide what area of content writing you'd like to further specialize in.

Advanced Content Writing Course

Our Advanced Content Writing Course will make you an expert in only 3 months. You will learn how to write great content and how to get that content to your audience. By the time you complete this course, you will have an active blog, a number of writing samples and experience. We also provide a 100% Placement Guarantee with this course.


Learn the art of selling with your words! Our Copywriting course will provide you with the skills required to bring out your inner wordsmith to sell products & services. You will be trained in the marketing and writing skills required to be a great copywriter. Learn all the tricks of the trade from our expert in-house & guest faculty.

Creative Writing

Bring out your inner storyteller with our Creative Writing Course. This course is designed to challenge you creatively . Our trainers will guide you through each step and help you find your voice. Join this creative writing course, and learn how to write short stories, personal essays, creative blogs and more!

Technical Writing

There is a huge demand for talented technical writers in the market, and Online Idea Lab is determined to fulfill it. With our Technical Writing Course, learn how to efficiently put your technical knowledge to use by writing engaging user guides, manuals, reports and other forms of technical documentation.

Instructional Design

    Learn how to design and create effective learning experiences with our Instructional Design Course. In this course, you will learn about learning theories, types of learners, learner needs,etc. and how to  use that understanding to design different types of training material, MOOCs and more.

Bulk Booking Discounts

Please choose if you want to do multiple courses together or would like to bring in your colleagues with you.


Certification Bundle

Multiple courses for one trainee

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Team Training Bundle

Multiple trainees for one course

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"A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit."

Richard Bach

Bestselling Author, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions and many more.

Specific Needs? Let's Customize!

Please choose if your organization has a specific training agenda, we can customize a course for you.


For Corporates

On-Site Training, Customized Course and Training Content

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For Collages

Faculty Development Programs, Student Development  Programs

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Why Choose Online Idea Lab?

We pride ourselves on being unique. So, what sets us apart from the rest?

Hands-on Experience - You will be given the opportunity to practice everything you learn so as to gain plenty of practical experience.

Placements - We have a great in-house placement team with an excellent track record. They will assist you in finding a job that's just the right fit for you. 

Lifetime support -  Our trainers will give you professional support for a lifetime! You will also be a part of our active and very helpful alumni network.

Learn interpersonal skills - Our trainers go above and beyond to provide you with skills that will benefit you in the workplace.

Tools - You will be taught how to use a number of content creation tools that will prove to be useful throughout your career.

Here Are Some of the Tools We Teach

We teach a number of tools, both paid and free that are used by professional content creators. Depending on the course you choose, you'll learn how to use the appropriate tools. 


Free tools

Paid tools

Self Paced Learning
06 hours

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Talk to our trainers

Have more questions? Talk to a trainer to get more clarity. 

Our Journey So Far

We grow a little bit every day.
With every student that walks into one of our institutes, with every new course we launch, with every new batch we start  — There is growth, but there is also more drive.
We have a lot more in store for you in the near future.
Have a look at the stats representing our journey till now:




"Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue."

Andrew Davis

Bestselling Author, 'Brandscaping' & 'Town Inc.'

Where Are Our Students Now?

Our students are taking the content creation world by storm. Most of them were placed in great jobs as content writers, copywriters, technical writers or instructional designers. The free birds have successful careers as freelancers in content creation. Then there were the few that made their dreams of entrepreneurship a reality.
Where do you see yourself after completing one of our courses? 
Tell us more about your goals and aspirations.
We'll help you reach them just like we have been doing so far : 





Have a look at what our past students have to say about our content creation courses.
This is what keeps us going!

"Online Idea Lab was the right choice for me"

I completed the content writing course at Online Idea Lab in December. It's Jan and I am already working as a content writer. What more can I say? The course is very beneficial, provided you are really interested in writing and willing to dedicate some time in doing assignments.  Rhea who was my trainer is very approachable and her feedback throughout the course has really helped me become a better writer.

- Swathi A,  Content Writer; Clickzy

"Definitely recommend Online Idea Lab for a Content Writing Course"

I was from a marketing background, but I decided to make the switch to content writing. I've always loved to write, but didn't know how to go about it professionally. This was a 3 months long course, and it covered a vast number of topics like website content creation, social media content creation and digital marketing to name some. The best part of this course is the fact that you have so many opportunities to practice what you learn in class. Plus, they make sure you have published writing samples by the end of the course which you can show while applying for jobs.

- Reuben Turner, Content Manager; Looksharp

"Loved their creative writing course!"

Great trainers, great institute. I did a creative writing course during my gap year, and I absolutely loved it. The writing activities in this class are so much fun to do, and made me think in a more out-of-the-box way. Kudos to Online Idea Lab!
- Megan Wilson, Student; York University

"I had an amazing experience with Online Idea Lab"

I finished a creative writing course here a few months ago, and it was great! I enjoyed each assignment so much. I can think more creatively now. They even have a great platform for you to showcase your writing! What I loved the most is that classes weren't confined to the classroom. Even after I finished the course, the instructor has continued to help me with my writing.

- Anna Philips
,  Student; Columbia University

"Join their Content Writing Course to take your writing to the next level"

I did a one month course in OIL on Content Writing and trust me it was amazing. I write on Quora and wanted some inspiration to improve my skills. Here I got the best guidance. The main content guide Rhea is one of the best trainer's in this filed. She has vast experience in writing content and her feedback is valuable. She has taken writing practice to a whole new level. And Jitender the trainer for digital marketing is a genius and is a market expert. His insights are top notch.

- Avinash Nandakumar,  Software Developer; Oracle

"Well-planned & Well Executed"

In a period of four months, I quit my job as a financial analyst, enrolled in and completed this course, and now I'm already working as a content writer for a great company!  Quitting my job to go after my passion was definitely the right decision to make.

- Ross Price,  Content Writer - CoachUp

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    Did You Know?

    • One out of two people would not do business with you if you have spelling or grammar errors in content.
    • Social Media content, blogs and e-mail newsletters are the 3 most effective types of content.
    • A large percentage of copywriters haven't received any formal training.
    • Over 7,00,00,000 blog posts are viewed every month just on Wordpress.
    • According to Hubspot, Blogs are the 5th most trusted online source for accurate information.
    • Blog posts written in long-form get almost 10 times more leads than those written in short-form.
    • Over a fourth of the time spent by users on the internet is spent on blogs and social platforms.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Will I be given placement services upon completion of your courses?

    We have a great placement team, and we provide placement assistance to all our students. To check if a course comes with 100% placement guarantee or placement assistance, Please visit the respective course page.

    What is the eligibility to enroll in your courses?

    To be eligible for any of our content creation courses, you will need to have basic communication skills. Other than that, each course has its own criteria for eligibility. Visit individual course pages for more info. 

    I am a working professional. Do I have the option of attending classes only over the weekends?

    Yes, we offer our students a choice between weekday and weekend batches. Get in touch with us for more information.

    Will I be awarded with a certificate at the end of the course?

    Yes, on successful completion of our content writing courses, you will be awarded with a certificate. Successful completion is based on performance and attendance. 

    Can I pay the course fees in installments?

    We do provide this option for some of our courses. For more information, get in touch with us!

    What do I need to do to 'successfully' complete the course?

    Successful completion of the course is based on meeting the minimum requirements when it comes to attendance, assignment submissions and performance in quizzes & the examination. 

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