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In this digital era, the internet is the favourite marketplace for any requirement. Every business enterprise is making it a priority to maintain a website that is informative and attractive, by presenting quality content to the users. Content writers specialise in creating relevant content for websites. They are responsible for providing engaging content and making the customers stay on the website. Great content increases productivity. So when we intend to become one such content writer we need a source of inspiration or direction. The following blogs throw light in that direction :


1. Hubspot


blogs for content writers


The HubSpot blog covers Marketing, Sales, Services and Website.

Marketing blogs provide insights, ideas and inspiration for modern marketers. The sales blog gives the understanding to sell smarter, better and faster. The service blog has solutions for helping your customers. The website blog has all the nuts and bolts that are necessary to build your website.

Apart from these, they have blogs related to Customer retention, Customer experience, SEO, Instagram marketing, Email newsletter, Email marketing, Sales qualifications, Sales process and Sales prospecting. So following these blogs keeps you updated with the latest trends of marketing sales and customer behaviour.

According to me, their reads provide solutions to “the basic guidance we seek as a content writer”.

Here are some great reads from the blog:



2. neilpatel.com


blogs for content writers


Neil Patel is a popular name in the online marketing space. He dons the hats of an entrepreneur, marketing expert, author, and blogger. He helps small and medium companies grow with innovative digital marketing. His blog is a must-follow one that covers almost all topics related to digital marketing.

The blog contains posts related to content marketing, conversion rate optimization, e-commerce, email marketing, entrepreneurship, marketing, online marketing, paid ads, SEO and Social media.

The tool Ubersuggest on his blog helps you to find content ideas and keyword ideas. It also shows you the traffic and SEO analysers.  All you need to do is type the keyword, select the country and search.

blogs for content writers

Following this blog helps you to nurture your blog writing, and get good content ideas with the latest updates. Neil Patel is a source of information for online marketing. You get ideas, guidance trends on the topics you want to write. Following his blog will empower you with the confidence to build right and appropriate content.

Here are some reads from the blog:



3. Content Marketing Institute


blogs for content writers


Content Marketing Institute(CMI) was founded by Joe Pulizzi. He is an entrepreneur, speaker and author on content marketing who believed that there is a better way for marketing the brands. For someone who is new to content marketing, the site acts as a library. It will equip you with articles, support and guidance with respect to content marketing, need to content strategy, content marketing examples, marketing leadership.

  The other helpful resources from this blog will be daily ideas and inspiration, we can write for them,  help for in-depth instruction. We can also show our expertise to win content marketing awards.

The blog justifies its name “Content Marketing Institute”. It has all the guidance you need from a beginner to an expert stage in Content Writing.

Here are some great reads from the blog:


4. Copyblogger


blogs for content writers


Copyblogger was founded by Brian Clark in 1998. It started as a simple one-man blog. With time it transformed into a massive profit-making company without advertising, venture capital or an outbound sales team.

The tagline on the home page “We Don’t Just Teach  Content Marketing- It’s How We Built Our Company” is just enough to speak volumes about their ability in content marketing.

Their blogs contain topics related to content writing, social media marketing, content marketing strategies, content marketing, blogging, copywriting persuasion, etc. We can also become certified content writers by raking the course and certification

This blog answers many questions that arise within yourself. It answers every question related to what it takes to be a good writer, What you need to do to become a successful writer, How to identify your strengths and weakness.

Here are some good reads from the blog:



5. nickusborne.com


Nick Usborne is an online copywriter, author, instructor and coach. He taught many companies and organizations to build better websites. He started creating new training courses for online content writers, copywriters. He coaches upcoming freelance writers.

Nick Usborne content and copywriting courses are taken by 97 countries online. The blog has articles on copywriting, freelancing, social media, storytelling, web content, writing for the web, writing headlines. For Nick Usborne “It’s all about writing online, and helping his fellow freelancers”.

 Here are some interesting reads from the blog:



6. contentwriters.com


blogs for content writers


Content writers team had over 15 years of experience in the field of Writing, SEO and Content marketing. They provide content writing services across all Industries. They design and manage the content.

Their blog has articles posted for all Industries namely Travel, Health care, E-commerce, Tech- Internet, etc. They even cover topics of SEO, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

The main reason to follow this blog is that it has posts across all industries. It is a library for different sectors and industries.

Here are some reads from the blog:



7. Buffer


blogs for content writers

Buffer is a social media management company. It is present in more than 15 countries. It creates social media content posts for all platforms at a single dashboard. You can create a preset publishing schedule for each post.

Their blog contains all the articles related to social media marketing, Instagram stories. They publish all the latest market trends, news and updates related to social media management.

This blog enriches you with all the tips you need to master social media content. It provides inputs regarding, what is the best time to post an Instagram story, How to get information from Facebook ads etc. It acts as a source and solution for all your social media content issues.

Here are some great reads from the blog:



8. Social Media Examiner


blogs for content writers


Social Media Examiner is the world’s largest social media marketing resource founded by Michael Stelzner. It provides original and comprehensive articles, expert interviews, and news you need to improve your social media marketing.

The blog brings in articles related to research and how to capitalise on social media. It is a total guide to the Social Media Jungle. If you want to research for your content then this is the best blog to follow. It briefs you about how to do Facebook, email, Instagram marketing.

 Here are some reads from the blog:



9. Daily Blog Tips


blogs for content writers

The Daily Blog tips help both the experienced as well as the new bloggers. They focus on the positive side of blogging either blog to support business or blog to make money. They have a balance between beginner-friendly and experienced content.

They cover different aspects of blogging right from starting a blog to effectively maintaining it. So it’s like Wikipedia for bloggers. This is a must-follow blog for every beginner because it’s your virtual trainer. It’s an ocean of tips, once you dive in you come out as an expert blogger.

Here are some great reads from the blog:


10. Convince & Convert


blogs for content writers

Convince and Convert is an experienced, highly focused analysis firm that is best in digital marketing. They are into the consultation of content marketing, content creation, B2B influencer marketing, social media.

Their blog contains posts related to content marketing, research, digital marketing, SEO, etc. This blog helps you to answer the basic questions that come to your mind as a beginner. It answers all your doubts of  “WHY” and “WHETHER”

Here are some great reads from the blog:


As beginners, we are bound to have many doubts about content writing. Many questions like what to write, how to write, how to make the content viral, how to engage the readers with your content, etc. The above blogs are like a Wikipedia of content writing. They provide the necessary updates and trends on content writing, blog writing, and recent market trends.

So, which blogs do you follow? Let us know in the comments below!

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