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Blogging is a dynamic way of connecting to the readers’ world.  It has become an elemental part of promoting businesses as well as sharing knowledge.  Today, we are so inclined towards online media that we often tend to choose digital screens over the good old paper print. Our evolution in the digital era has made blogging a booming field. It lets you turn your hobby of writing into an opportunity to fetch some pennies.  Well, If you’re struggling with how to start writing blogs, follow this list of go-to blogging tips which will make your life easier.


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Blogging Tip #1


A Good Blog Writer Should be a Good Reader

The most important blogging tip which you need to note is that you should read a lot to become a good writer. Read as many books as possible, you can also try magazines. Reading helps writers to think openly and enhances their thought process. While reading, make sure to note down points that you found impressive, so it comes in handy the next time you sit down to write something. Going through various blogs is advantageous to be a proficient blog writer. A famous quote – “Reading is dreaming with open eyes.” tells us how creative one can be if they’re into books.



Blogging Tip #2


Know your audience and industry, write content that is beneficial to them.

The success of blogs is inevitable when you know your audience and have analyzed their behaviour efficiently. Conducting industry research also helps us know the genre, and also we can create surveys to understand the trend related to a particular topic. Creating personas also helps us evolve and reach the onlookers well. Facts and statistics on the market trends and which topic is the newest wrinkle among your readers can be known through research.



Blogging Tip #3


Keyword Research

One of the key blogging tips is Keyword Research. It is a practice of analyzing and discovering the search words that people type in search engines like google, bing, etc. You have to list out the important topics based on your audience and industry understanding. Then find keywords for those topics by using various keyword research tools. Keyword research is bound to differ by competitors, by region and seasonally. 



Blogging Tip #4


Point out the facts correctly after thorough research

After thorough research, we should jot down the facts and use those when and where possible. Noting important points will help us preserve the ideas which will be useful in building our blog. Research can be successful by staying organized, choosing the keywords wisely, validating the ideas, asking questions to oneself. Knowing the statistics of similar topics to see the engagement level and measure the success rate is optimal.



Blogging Tip #5


Use Active Voice 

To put the topic upfront, we should use the active voice predominantly. It is very simple and straightforward. Using an Active voice helps the reader to get along with the content, and the engagement will be higher and also lively. The content will be persuasive, and the momentum of the reader will be high, which will force the reader to scroll through the end of the blog. 


blogging tips


Blogging Tip #6


Use images & infographics where and when needed

The visual depiction of the information on the topic you chose to write is called an Infographic. If the reader is a visual learner, infographic helps to understand the information very effectively. Including relevant and high-quality images/videos play a vital role when writing a blog. It increases the ranking of the image in google search.



Blogging Tip #7


Use tools to enhance the quality of your piece

Using tools when writing a blog is much effective which makes the piece worth reading and the quality is also high. One of the pioneer tools which is commonly used among writers is Grammarly. It checks grammar and spellings and can be used as a chrome extension. HemmingwayApp is another tool that gives a readability score to our content. It helps us re-write and improvise our piece to make it a better version. Thesaurus, another useful tool, is used to get the synonyms for the word searched. It helps us enhance our vocabulary and learn new and relevant words.



Blogging Tip #8


Create content that is commentable, shareable, intriguing to the readers

While writing a piece we should plan in such a way that the content engages the end-user and also he/she finds it irresistible to share it with their loved ones. You can run contests/ quiz so that your content gets highlighted. The user must feel that the piece is worth reading and also informative and relevant to the topic. Ensure your blog posts have the right Call-To-Actions (CTAs) at the end.



Blogging Tip #9


Proofread and Edit

Once you are done writing your piece, you’re just halfway in the journey of writing a blog. There is still a crucial step in blog writing and that is editing your piece. Here you can edit your piece by yourself by taking breaks in between the edits or you can rely on some blog writers who can help you with editing your piece and provide valuable feedback before you hit on publish button.



Blogging Tip #10


Update your piece when you have new information

To increase the blog traffic, you should be alert with the statistics and the latest news. An outdated blog will be useless and the user will not trust the information thinking that it may be inaccurate. Based on the realtime information, you need to update the piece accordingly. It should then undergo an editing process as well as a proofreading process. Updating the latest information will make your blog look a comprehensive and highly reliable piece.


blogging tips


Writing great content is not at all a rocket science. You just have to be determined and consistent towards it. “The easy, conversational tone of good writing comes only on the eighth rewrite.” – Paul Graham”. This quote says that you should come up with as many drafts as possible to get the best piece out of it.  Try writing 500-600 words per day for a few days, so that it develops into a habit. And the above blogging tips will guide you to write high quality and in-depth content. Adopting these blogging tips will not only help you to kick-off your journey as a blogger but also make you an able writer. 

Did you find these Blogging tips appropriate? If you have any questions in your mind or would like to share your thoughts, feel free to leave your comments below.

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