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Content Writing in New York

New York City - The city that never sleeps! New York is the most populous city in the US? It is a global hub for business and commerce. Many Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in The Big Apple, and it is also home to a large number of MNCs and Startups. Most of these companies - big and small - need to produce great content to keep up with the competition. No wonder the city has over 5000 job openings for content writers! 
P.S. There are over 36,000 in the entire country!

    Why go for a Career in Content Writing?

    Living in the digital age hasn't only change our lifestyles. It has also changed the way we do business. Businesses are going digital, and the competition is getting fierce. Quality content is helping these businesses keep up with their competition. This is why there is such high demand for content writers today.

    Content writing is one of the most outsourced activities. So if you're interested in content writing, but you want something more flexible, don't worry! You can have it both ways. Reap the benefits of a career in content writing, while enjoying the freelance life too!

    The scope of content writing doesn't end with businesses, though. There is a huge potential for blogging now. For those who've always been interested in writing but don't want to write content for someone else, it's your time. Find your niche, and start a blog today!

    A Formal Education in Writing or Marketing isn't Needed

    To start a career in content writing, you just need the knowledge & skills!

    Be Heard!

    Content writing gives you a platform to have your voice heard!

    Be Your Own Boss

    There are plenty of opportunities for freelance and part-time content writers.

    Creativity is Encouraged

    You can let your creative juices flow!

    Plenty of Job Opportunities

    There are more job openings for content writers everyday!

    There's Room For Everyone

    The content writing industry has room for all kinds of people with different interests, backgrounds and lifestyles.

    Temporarily Discontinued

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended all 14 physical classrooms in India, the USA, and Canada. We are currently providing training through live online (virtual classroom) mode and self-paced learning (pre-recorded) mode only. Once our classrooms are operational again, the courses will be displayed here. If you have already booked a classroom course, please check your email for further details for the 'change of delivery mode' option or 'request for a refund' option. Or connect back with your personalized course coordinator. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience caused. Stay Safe!

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    Content Writing Foundation Course
    Main Modules

    Here's a sneak peek into the main modules of our Content Writing Courses in New York:

    Content Research

    Since conducting research is a big part of a content writer's job, our trainers will teach you different tools, methods, tips & tricks to make this process smoother for you.

    Content Writing

    Readers behave differently on the web. You will learn how to structure your content for these readers, how to make your content easy-to-scan, and much more.

    Content Promotion

    All the work you put into conducting research, and writing great content will be a waste if it doesn't get an audience. Learn the fundamentals of Social Media & SEO.

    We would love to have a discussion over a cup of coffee.

    Please drop by at any of our below centers in New York:

    New York Center


    Teem coworking, 1463 5th Ave,
    New York, NY 10035, USA

    Contact: +1 917-268-3775

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    “Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”

    Brian Clark

    Founder, Copyblogger

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    Why Choose Online Idea Lab?

    What makes us different?


    Gain Practical Experience -  Our course is designed to give you ample practical experience along with a theoretical understanding.

    Lifetime Support - All students of Online Idea Lab can approach our team for professional support throughout their career.

    Tools - Learn about tools that will make different parts of the content writing process easier for you.

    Alumni Network - Share resources, insights and much more with other members of our Alumni.

    Placement Assistance - We have a great in-house placement team. They will assist in finding the right job  for you. 

    Emphasis on Creativity - Get ready for writing activities that will encourage you to think more creatively.

    Here Are Some Content Writing Tools That You Will Learn to Use

    In this blogging for beginners course, you will learn to use 15+ tools that will help you throughout your career. 

    Content Writing Tools

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    Talk to our trainers

    Have more questions? Talk to a trainer to get more clarity. 

    Our Journey So Far

    We've come a long way from where we started, and we still have a long to go.
    In the interim, we're just staying true to our motto "Creating Digital Era Leaders".




    “Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.”

    Andrew Sullivan

    Author, Editor, Blogger,

    Content Writing Certificate

    Once you complete our blogging courses, you will receive this certificate from Online Idea Lab

    Online Idea Lab Industry Recognized Content Writing Foundation Certificate

    SEMrush Content Marketers Exam Certificate

    Hubspot Content Marketing Exam Certificate

    Where Are Our Students Now?

    Most of our students are working as professional content writers. A lot of them are freelance content writers. And a few of them have started their own businesses, or become bloggers.
    What's your plan after this blogging for beginners course?





    We are always keen to know what our students have to say about their experience at Online Idea Lab. Read below and know what they have shared.

    "Online Idea Lab offers a great content writing course"

    I'm a traveler, and was looking for a lucrative career to pursue on the move. I'm very happy with my experience with Online Idea Lab. They have great trainers and a well-designed curriculum.

    - Michael Hill,  Freelance Content Writer

    "Definitely one of the best blogging courses around!"

    I've always been very interested in writing, but I wasn't sure of how to get into it professionally. This course was very impressive. They really do deliver what they promise. Definitely recommend it!

    - Jennifer Brown, Lifestyle Blogger

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    A Broad View of
    our Course Curriculum

    Our course curriculum is updated regularly and is designed by experts. Here's a sneak-peek:

    Digital Marketing Fundamentals

    While writing for the web, having a basic understanding of digital marketing is important. Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation, Online Reputation Management and more. 

    Content Research

    Conducting research is a vital part of the content writing process. We'll break down the research process for you and teach you about tools to help you. 

    Competitor Analysis

    Understand the role that competitor analysis plays in creating a content strategy. Learn how to conduct competitor analysis, and the do's and don'ts.

    Reading & Analyzing Content

    In this content writing course, we encourage students to build reading into their routine. We show you have to put an analytical hat while reading.

    Fundamentals of Visual Content

    In this content writing course you will learn the fundamentals of design, and also how to make appealing visual designs easily using tools. 

    Common Grammatical Errors

    It is imperative for a content writer not to make grammatical or spelling errors. Find out the most common grammatical errors, so you can avoid them.

    Content Writing & Ethics

    There are certain practices that professional content writers should avoid. After understanding ethics in this field, create a code of ethics for yourself.

    Proofreading & Editing

    Your content will go through many drafts before reaching the final product. Learn about different tricks, methods and tools to use while proofreading & editing your content. 

    Content Writing Tools

    Find out about tools that will help you in different parts of the content writing process - Be it research, writing, editing or even tools that will help you be more organised. 

    Writing Viral Content

    Learn about different techniques that you can use while writing and promoting your content to increase the chances of it going viral.

    A Freelance Career in Content Writing

    Learn about the different freelancing websites, which ones are reliable and at what stage in career to use them. We'll also give you tips that will help you in a freelance content writing career. 

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    Did You Know?

    • The average salary of a content writer in New York is $49,452.
    • More than 65% of readers prefer blog headlines that have numbers in them, especially odd numbers. 
    • To start a career in content writing, all you need is knowledge and skills.
    • Blog posts which have images in them do almost twice as well as those without images. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Do you provide placement services for this course?

    Although we do not provide a 100% Placement Guarantee with our Content Writing Course in New York, our in-house placement team will provide you with placement assistance. Look at our Advanced Content Writing Course if you are keen on a course with a placement guarantee.

    What is the eligibility for this course?

    To be eligible for our blogging courses, you should have basic communication skills, access to a laptop to work on, and basic computer skills.

    Will I receive a certificate when the course culminates?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate from Online Idea Lab if you successfully complete the course. 

    What is the eligibility to get the certificate?

    To be eligible for the certificate, you will have to meet the requirements of the course based on attendance, performance in the examination and quizzes, and submission of assignments.

    Does this course cover all aspects of content writing?

    This is a blogging for beginners course. It covers only the fundamentals of content writing. If you're looking for a more comprehensive curriculum, our Advanced Content Writing Course is for you. 

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