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best instagram marketing examples


Social media has become a part of everyone’s life. People are literally living on it. So it has been the easiest platform for marketers to tap into their target customers. You can’t talk about social media without mentioning Instagram. This photo-sharing app has become the favourite of a billion users. Taking this into consideration, many brands — be it a well-established brand or a new entrant — are making their mark on Instagram. Every brand has its own signature content. From witty humour to heart-touching emotional content, they are trying everything to woe their customers.

Here I am suggesting 13 such brands that are making an impression on Instagram. The pages were selected based on the quality of videos/ images, and the uniqueness and innovation seen in the content. Some pages have new engaging hashtags, funny memes and posts that cover all the latest trends.


1. Netflix

In these times of lockdowns and quarantine, we are boxed inside our home. We are looking out for options to pass the time. Among them, one option is Netflix. In our regular lives, we used to adjust our schedules to make room for Netflixing. But the lockdown has turned the tables. We now adjust our Netflix schedule to give time for our work.

Since we have ample of time to binge-watch, the only question that arises is what to watch on Netflix? The solution for this is quite simple – just check Netflix’s Instagram! They have suggestions for different genres and languages. You’ll find posts on the most happening shows or movies that will throw light on what to watch. They even conduct contests for captions and engage with the audience through their replies. The posts are very creative. They cover all current events through unique & engaging posts.

Netflix’s Instagram account will never cease to entertain you!

best instagram marketing examples

best instagram marketing examples


2. Zomato

There are a number of heroes fighting against COVID-19 — we call them doctors, nurses, medical staff. There are others fighting hard to keep us indoors. Zomato is one such fighter — delivering at our doorsteps in tough times like these. Their Instagram posts update us about the latest recipes and cuisines while keeping us entertained.

Zomato’s feed has high-quality images of various items which make our mouths water. The timing of its posts syncs with our routine. The crazy captions, funny one-liners, keeps us hooked to their content. Their images spark the urge to order food online. It also provides suggestions for the weekend, mid-week etc.

While you cannot step out, discover new places to eat on Zomato’s Instagram feed!

best instagram marketing examples


3. Burger King

It’s not always easy to engage in some healthy competition on Social Media, But, somehow that’s exactly what Burger King does. To witness their interesting marketing strategy, you should follow them on Instagram. The pictures are of high quality with mouth-watering content. If you look at them even for just a minute, you will end up craving some Burger King. Just like their burgers, their moment marketing is also served fast and delicious. This page is well known for its posts on days of celebration. Be it Men’s day, Women’s day, Farmer’s day — they wish their followers as if the customers are the true kings.

For hot, delicious content and a fun cold war with their competitors, follow Burger King!

best instagram marketing examples

best instagram marketing examples


4. ManforceIndia

Many of us had watched the movie, PK. Among all the iconic moments in this movie, one hilarious scene was Amir Khan finding a condom on the floor and no one claims it to be theirs. Even the person who dropped it refuses to acknowledge. Though it generated a lot of fun, it’s also a reality of what’s happening in society. When you look at Manforce India’s Instagram feed, you will be bowled by the humour they generate with their content. They promote their brand with witty images that generate laughter and being extremely creative at the same time.

Follow Manforce India for some good, out-of-the-box adult humour!

best instagram marketing examples

best instagram marketing examples


5. Amul

Whether it’s a billboard or Instagram feed, Amul knows how to steal the show. They make use of each and every incident or event to promote the brand. Their USP is promotion through fun art. They slay every occasion with humour and emotional content. If you follow their ads you will find ample amounts of sarcasm, humour and emotion. They hook you with ingenious videos and pictures. Their captions are icing on the cake. They also creatively update you on current affairs through their posts.

Amul is a must-follow for great, unique content that can also keep you in the loop on current affairs.

best instagram marketing examples

best instagram marketing examples


6. McDonald’s

Just like McDonald’s tagline says, you will end up lovin’ their Instagram feed. Most of their posts are in their iconic brand colours. Their feed is filled with creative and engaging content. They also keep their users on their toes with exciting contests. They organise contests like “Instakshari”, where they post a letter on their Instafeed and one has to comment their favourite song starting with that letter. The top 20 winners won free fries for a day and the mega winner won fries for a year. So, following this page not only awards you with great content but also with the opportunity to win some of McDonald’s delicious fries. They also create unique posts for all special occasions that you’re definitely going to love!

In times of lockdown, McDonald’s is using Instagram to convey to the users that their food is made in safe conditions. They have a number of posts on contactless delivery and cleanliness and safety practices to reassure their customers during the times of COVID-19.

Head on over to McDonald’s Instagram page to enjoy great content, and participate in fun contests!

best instagram marketing examples

best instagram marketing examples


7. Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is one of the most loved brands for bikers everywhere. Their bikes are the perfect choice for those who want to plan a nice long-ride. People who own a Royal Enfield have an emotional attachment to it. They not only love their bike but also treat it as a member of the family. Just like Royal Enfield’s brand identity, their Instagram page is also filled with lots of emotions. The page is enriched with high-quality images, inspiring videos, and heart-warming stories from riders.
They encourage riders to send in their bike stories. They invite riders to share pictures and memories of their trip. It uses a good number of quality hashtags to reach a wider section of followers. The page is full of exotic destinations that you can ride to.

If you are looking to share or read stories of bikers and their experiences, head on over to Royal Enfield’s Instagram feed.

best instagram marketing examples

best instagram marketing examples


8. Vodafone

Everyone is familiar with Vodafone’s memorable television advertisements. Their funny and creative “Zoozoo” ads took the country by storm. Their Instagram page is also as memorable as their TV ads. They creatively update customers about real-time offers here. For special occasions like Children’s Day, Women’s day, Christmas they run unique contests which allow followers to win prizes. Apart from these, they run special offers on selected days where the followers get a chance to win prizes. They also have creative posts to take on their rivals.

Apart from creative posts, they also post emotional and thought-provoking videos. They’re great at using current affairs to keep their followers entertained.

If you want to get updates on Vodafone offers and at the same time win prizes, hit follow on Vodafone’s page!

best instagram marketing examples


9. Dominos Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Even if there are people who don’t, they definitely will once they follow Domino’s Instagram! Just like their stores, their Instagram page also provides you with the latest offers. The feed has the sight of delicious pizzas which would immediately have you craving a slice. They use a number of great hashtags that you can follow if you’re a foodie. The advantage of following this page is that you will be updated on all the offers of the day. If it is a special day like Holi you will get the special offer codes.

Also in times like these, ‘Zero Contact Delivery’ is of paramount importance. The page had posted about how Dominos adheres to it, which assures the customer trust.

Whether you’re a fan of pizza or not, follow Dominos’ for great offers and a chance to fall in love with pizza!

best instagram marketing examples


10. Livspace.com

Lockdown has us within the confines of our home for a while. Travelling means moving from the bedroom to the living room, the living room to the washroom, and maybe from the kitchen to the balcony. Staying at home for so long has got a lot of people thinking about making changes in their interiors. This may be a result of boredom or maybe you just want a new look for your home. For anyone looking for changes like these, Livspacce’s Instagram is definitely for you. They post design suggestions and solutions to common problems people face in their interior design. They take a creative-angle with their posts, and also try to tug on people’s heartstrings with heartwarming videos and images. They use a number of unique hashtags so as to reach a wide range of hashtags.

They engage with followers by running contests, puzzles and games. Looking for more reasons to follow them? They post ‘#WowFact’s about home interiors that will definitely hold your interest. The images of their designs will provide you with options of colour combinations for your home interiors.

Do you want to know how you can improve your home space? Then definitely follow Livspace!

best instagram marketing examples


11. Travel Triangle

We’ve already established how the only travelling we can do right now is from one room to the other. People are waiting for life to get back to normal so they can pack their bags and go for a trip! If you want holiday suggestions or tips to plan a holiday post-lockdown then Travel Triangle’s Instagram page is your ideal online destination. They post pictures and short videos of exotic destinations around the world. They have posts that let you tag your friends for fun. They also try to bring some humour to their holiday-planning posts. You’ll find a number of destinations to add to your travel bucket-list over here! You can also check the latest deals of holiday packages on their page.

you want a travel planner for your vacation, Travel Triangle’s Instagram is the destination for you!

best instagram marketing examples

best instagram marketing examples


12. Shaadi.com

Even if you are already married, you should definitely follow Shaadi.com on Instagram for their witty humour and moment marketing. They take advantage of all trends & current affairs and come up with creative & funny posts that are sure to bring a smile on your face. They post about all the general taunts that you hear about marriage. They also have a number of creative posts on special occasions to keep you entertained.
If you are unmarried, then you will definitely relate to their posts. They try to touch their followers’ hearts by building an emotional connection.

So if you are looking for Shaadi related posts with a sense of humour follow Shaadi.com!

best instagram marketing examples

best instagram marketing examples


13. Ustraa

Ustraa is a brand exclusively for Men’s grooming. They are killing it on Instagram with their creative content. The posts are so creative and encash on moment marketing. The page covers all types of grooming that men look for. The posts are unique and the captions are worth mentioning. Apart from promoting their brand, they post amusing weekend tips that you don’t want to miss. On every occasion, they put up creative, witty posts to wish their followers.
They update all their products on Instagram. Plus, they’re very interactive – you’re sure to get a reply to all your comments and queries.

If you want grooming tips or products for them, definitely follow Ustraa on Instagram!

best instagram marketing examples


Once you check these pages, you will understand how important Instagram is for brands. Every brand is trying to create an impression on the consumer’s mind with its content. There are also a number of honorable mentions that didn’t make this list like Snickers. Parle-G, Jeep India, Airtel, Durex and many more that are also doing a great job on Instagram.

So which brands were you the most impressed with? Are there any other brands you’d like us to mention? Maybe we could do a Part-2 of this article! Please let us know in the comments below!

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