A blog is an informal communication run by an individual or a group, published on the World Wide Web which is periodically updated and basically includes Ideas, experiences, techniques, thoughts, opinions or simply anything. A blog may typically consist of text, images, links or other media related to that particular blog topic. Initially, blog writing had a slow start. Blogging has become very popular over the last few years especially after 1999. With the advent of web came the emergence of blogs, and the rise of social media has only developed and provided a platform to the Blogger culture. Blogging also considered as an important aspect for Digital Marketers because it helps them in Search Engine Optimization and driving traffic to the website. Digital Marketing Training Institutes around the world are giving training to their students so that they can also become a skilled blogger along with Digital marketing. Now bloggers not only produce content for the viewers but also build a social relationship with their readers and with the co-bloggers. Blogs can be broadly classified into Personal Blogs, Group Blogs, Micro Blogs and Organizational Blogs.

Personal Blogs are created by individuals who specialize in a particular area or topic of their interest. Most commonly these blogs get attention by a small set of people often consisting of close family and friends. On the other hand, there are Individual bloggers who have gained huge popularity.
Group blogs also known as organizational blogs are written and published by more than one blogger on a common area or topic.
Microblogging on the other hand, consists the practice of posting small content. They have gained more popularity as the content can be read on the go and information comes very handy.

How to get started with a blog?

  1. Have a domain name: The very first thing is to have a blog domain in order to host the blogs. There are many websites that provide domain registration for a very less cost or even for free.
  2. Identify and understand the target audience: Before starting to write a blog one must have a clear understanding about the audience and consider what they are looking for and are interested in.
  3. Customize the blog theme: Once the blog domain has been set up and the target audience has been determined, one can customize the theme accordingly. The appearance of the blog theme must resonate with the content that will be posted in the blog.
  4. Write an Introduction: The Intro must be catchy and attract the reader in the very few lines and leave the reader interested to know further about the blog.
  5. Write the Blog: Before actually staring with the blog one must choose an appropriate title that is catchy and will describe the post.

After all the above steps are completed one will be ready to actually write the blog. The most important thing is to have an Informative content as well as Interesting for the readers to read. What matters is in the content of the blog. The blogs should be written in a way that the target audience must be able to relate with the content and find it applicable and useful. It must also contain keywords which will help and allow the readers to find the blog easily.

By following these simple steps one can start blog and can also take blogging to a next level.

How to write like a pro?

  1. Choose a Genre that interests you: It is very important that the area that one picks is of great interest for the blogger at the first place, because only then effective content will come out and the writer will be able to express in a better way. One must have a great opinion and experience over a topic in order to interest the readers.
  2. Write Authoritatively: No matter what topic one chooses to write about one must write like an expert and confidently. It is not a very big thing to sound like an expert on the topic of your expertise. It is best to write like how we speak. If any uncertainties come across it is always advisable to read out loud in order to get a better understanding.
  3. Spill the beans: Be honest about your opinions and share a good amount of information like you would to a good friend or a near family member. You personality must shine out through your write ups. One must also understand how much is too much, because once published it is hard to take it back.
  4. Make it short: Today everything that people prefer has to be quick. Nobody really has time to sit back and go through pages of and in the end find nothing. Instead, write something which is not too lengthy but at the same time gives out a lot of insights on the topic.
  5. Use Interesting Images: Not all bloggers use Images, but on the other hand some use five or more images in a single blog, therefore it is worth taking a chance and include images and see if it actually increases the traffic.

These are some tips but not the only ones to make you write like a pro. Be yourself and inculcate things you may find will work the best. If you are interested to learn our content writing course, feel free to contact Online Idea Lab, Best Content Writing Course in Bangalore.

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