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AWS Certified Security Specialty Course

Our specialty training course covers a detailed overview of using AWS security services to stay secure on the AWS Cloud.

You will learn AWS recommended security practices, security features of AWS key services including compute, storage, networking, and database services.

Subjects covered are - leveraging AWS services and tools for automation, continuous monitoring and logging, and how to respond to security incidents.

You strengthen your understanding of specialized data classifications,  AWS data protection mechanisms, data encryption methods, and an understanding of secure Internet protocols and AWS mechanisms to implement them.

Prerequisites courses are: AWS Certified Cloud PractitionerAWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, AWS Certified Developer - Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

Career Summary of AWS Security


AWS Security Specialty Jobs in INDIA 

More than 3,491 jobs(


AWS Security Specialty Jobs in the USA

More than 11,906 jobs(


AWS Security Specialty Jobs in CANADA

More than 1,142 jobs(

Why AWS Security Certification?

"There can be a 28% increase in cloud security spending to $3.5 billion by 2021" - Forrester

More and more companies are on the cloud adoption journey and security is critical for its success. These companies are investing a lot of money to ensure their data and applications are kept safe.

This specialty certification is intended for security professionals to demonstrate their skills and to build deep knowledge in key security services that are unique to the AWS platform.

In our AWS Certified Security course, you will strengthen your knowledge of IT security experience in designing and implementing security solutions, fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on the AWS platform, and knowledge of security controls for workloads on AWS.

In this course, you will learn deep security insights related to AWS, Artifact, CloudHSM, Certificate Manager, Secrets Manager, Directory Service, Guard Duty, Inspector, Single Sign-On, WAF and Shield, etc.


Become a SME

Having command over all the Cloud Security options, services, and tools available with all Identity and Security tools available on AWS makes you an SME.


Huge demand in job positions

AWS is the cloud market leader and is flourishing intensively. Hence professionals with AWS  security certifications are much in demand and are highly paid across the industry.


Enhance Your Network

You can use the AWS Certified Merchandise Store, have access to Global Community LinkedIn Group, Appreciation Reception and Lounge, exclusive Practice Exam Vouchers and a digital badge. You can attend workshops, Re:Invent, and Summits.


You are recognized

Getting certified shows your specialty in the subject and enhances your profile.

Main Modules of AWS Certfied Security Specialty Course

This course teaches you AWS Security Fundamentals, Architecting on AWS Infrastructure, and Security Engineering. 

Incident Response

  • DDOS Overview
  • WAF Integration
  • Case Study of Hacked Server
  • Dealing with AWS Abuse Notice
  • AWS GuardDuty, SES
  • Reading CloudTrail Logs
  • Understanding Incident Response Terminology
  • Incident Response Use-Cases
  • Use Case - Dealing with Exposed Access Keys
  • Use Case - Dealing with compromised EC2 Instances
  • Penetration Testing in AWS
  • AWS Certificate Manager
  • API Gateway - Throttling & Caching
  • AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store
  • AWS Systems Manager Run Command
  • Compliance in AWS

Logging & Monitoring

  • Introduction to Vulnerability, Exploit, Payload
  • VEP Practical - Hacking inside a test farm
  • AWS Inspector
  • Overview of Layer 7 Firewalls
  • Understanding EC2 Run Command
  • EC2 Systems Manager - Parameter Store
  • CloudWatch, AWS Athena, Athena - Code Samples
  • Overview of AWS CloudTrail
  • Improved Governance - AWS Config 
  • Trusted Advisor, AWS config
  • CloudHSM
  • Digest Delivery Times
  • Overview of AWS Macie
  • Creating our First Alert with AWS Macie
  • S3 Event Notification

Infrastructure Security

  • EC2 & Key Pairs
  • Implementing Bastion Hosts
  • Introduction to VP; OpenVPN
  • Inter-Region VPC Peering, VPC Endpoints, Network ACL
  • Understanding Stateful vs Stateless Firewalls
  • Understanding Networking Sockets, Revising Security Groups
  • Connection of Security Group & NIC Cards
  • Egress Rules - The Real Challenge
  • EBS Architecture & Secure Data Wiping
  • Introduction to Reverse Proxies
  • Understanding Content Delivery Networks, Edge Locations, OAI
  • CloudFront, AWS Shield, Lambda & S3
  • NPI, AWS Artifact, AWS Hypervisors
  • Dedicated Instances vs Dedicated Hosts

Identity & Access Managemnt

  • Understanding AWS Organizations
  • Understanding IAM Policies, Policy Evaluation Logi
  • Cross Account IAM Policy Document
  • Revising AWS CLI, IAM Role
  • EC2 Instance Meta-Data
  • AWS Security Token Service
  • Understanding Federation - Part 01
  • Understanding SAML for SSO
  • Choosing a right IdP
  • AWS Cognito
  • Introduction to AWS Directory Service
  • IAM & S3, S3 Bucket Policies
  • Cross Account S3 Bucket Configuration
  • Canned ACL's
  • Understanding Signed URL's
  • S3 - Versioning
  • S3 - Cross-Region Replication
  • IAM Permission Boundaries
  • Glacier VaultLock

Data Protection

  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Plain Text vs Encrypted Text-Based Algorithms
  • CloudHSM
  • AWS Key Management Service
  • KMS - Data Key Caching, Scheduled CMK Deletion, EBS Use-Case
  • Reducing Risk of Unmanageable CMK
  • KMS - Authentication and Access Control
  • KMS Policy Evaluation Logic, KMS Grants
  • S3 Encryption
  • ELB Listeners - Understanding HTTP vs TCP Listeners
  • Deploying SSL/TLS certificate with ACM
  • DynamoDB Encryption
  • Redshift Encryption
  • Overview of AWS Secrets Manager
  • RDS Integration with AWS Secrets Manager

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Cloud Computing is challenge to security, but one that can be overcome.

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Why Choose Online Idea Lab?


Role & Responsibilities

As a technology specialist - in security management, you should be master all of the different services and key security concepts. 

Become an SME

You will be responsible for evaluating & build cloud-based security solutions and implementing them using strategic cloud security programs. 

Know-How Security Concepts

You will be working with cross-functional teams to gain deep insights about Enterprise-grade security issues, detect attacks and protect from Hacker.

AWS-Certified Trainers

Learn from our AWS industry experts through interactive sessions, solving problems, live demos, scenario-based exercises, use cases, practical lab exams, and mock tests.

Be Industry-Ready

Deep-dive into real-time situations, core security services. Apply this knowledge at the workplace and help to maintain a secure and safe applications environment.

AWS Security Certification

This certification empowers experienced security professionals to prove their knowledge and ability to secure the AWS platform.



We are always keen to know what our students have to say about their experience at Online Idea Lab. Read below and know what they have shared.


I am moving my business to AWS Cloud. To learn security-related concepts, I joined AWS security certification training. It was an amazing learning experience with trainers, peers, and management. 

- Tim Carlson,  Cloud Entrepreneur


I am a security professional and AWS security certifications would be an add-on to my resume. Hence I chose this training and it was an apt decision taken by me.

- Ankush Agarwal,  Cloud Security Professional


I strongly recommend this institute if you want to do a course before AWS security certification. Their trainers are extremely talented and the course was highly informative.

- Kriti Bhattacharya, SysOps Admin


To master key security concepts and attain the ultimate specialty certification, training with this institute is a good investment. Go for it!

- Andrew Timothy, Security Architect

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Facts and stats

  • The average salary for "AWS security specialist" ranges from approximately $50,371 per year for Junior Network Administrator to $142,609 per year for Software Architect(source: Indeed)
  • AWS is a secured cloud services platform with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability offering over 165 infrastructure services that include computing power, database, storage, mobile, security, and content delivery.
  • AWS market is expected to reach $236B by 2020 at a CAGR of 22% – Forrester.
  • AWS services are built for storing private or public data and meeting regulations that work in a regulatory environment.

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