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AWS Certified Advanced Networking Course

Whether you are planning to migrate to AWS or looking to expand your established network capabilities on the cloud, AWS provides a set of Networking tools & resources that enable you to meet your goals. The networking aspect of public cloud including the ability for applications to communicate within the cloud and cloud to on-premise is crucial in decision-making.

This specialty course is intended for individuals who perform such complex networking tasks. It is recommended to have at least two or more years of hands-on experience in maintaining and implementing large-scale networks on AWS.

In this course, you will refresh your advanced knowledge of AWS networking concepts and technologies. You will learn to design and to implement AWS and Hybrid network architectures.

Check Our Prerequisite Courses: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, AWS Certified Developer - Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate.

Why AWS Networking Specialty Certification?

This certification verifies your advanced technical expertise on AWS Network Infrastructure. As a networking specialist, you should have work experience in designing a secure, scalable, and highly available network infrastructure on AWS. You should be able to address network security, hybrid IT connectivity, network integration with other AWS services, routing techniques, and network troubleshooting on the AWS platform.

This course covers, 

  • Design, develop and deploy cloud-based networking solutions.
  • Carry out core AWS services according to basic architecture best practices.
  • Design and maintain AWS services' network architecture.
  • Use tools to automate AWS networking tasks.

Hone Your Technical Skills

Networking knowledge is vital to work with high performing apps on AWS infrastructure. This certification helps you in achieving that. 


Advance in the Career

As enterprises are moving their business to AWS Cloud, they are on the lookout for skilled cloud professionals and experts in the specific technical area. This is leading to huge job demands.


Grow Your Network

You can use the AWS Certified Merchandise Store, have access to Global Community LinkedIn Group, Appreciation Reception and Lounge, exclusive Practice Exam Vouchers and a digital badge. You can attend workshops, Re:Invent, and Summits.


You Are in Demand

Mastering in Networking services and tools makes you an SME. Getting certified shows your specialty in the subject and enhances your profile.

Main Modules of AWS Certified Advanced Networking Course

This course teaches you to design, implement, and maintaining network architecture for all AWS services.

Networking Fundamentals

  • The 7 Layers of OSI Model
  • TCP/IP networking model
  • Internet Protocol v4
  • RFC 1918, IP Addresses and Subnet Masks
  • Switching Fundamentals: VLANS, Access Ports and Trunks, LACP
  • Classful vs Classless
  • Introduction to IPv6 on AWS
  • Migrating to IPv6
  • Routing Fundamentals: BGP, Autonomous Systems,
  • IBGP & EBGP, Influencing BGP Path Selection
  • DNS Basics
  • MED - Multi-Exit Discriminator

Design & Implement AWS Networks

  • Enable IPv6 on a VPC, Private Subnets, and Egress-Only Gateways

Design & Implement Hybrid Networks At Scale

  • Why Hybrid?
  • Hybrid Connectivity Options
  • VPN Overview
  • AWS Client VPN
  • Site-to-Site VPN Routing
  • Customer Gateway, Virtual Private Gateway, and VPN HA
  • VPN CloudHub Architecture
  • Direct Connect - deep dive
  • Public and Private VIFS
  • Direct Connect Gateway
  • Securing a Direct Connect - VPN over Public VIF
  • Network Redundancy, Resiliency and High-Availability
  • Direct Connect Billing

Configure Network Integration with Application Services

  • DNS and Route 53 Fundamentals: How Does This DNS Thing Work?
  • DNS Record Types, Routing Policies
  • Public and Private Hosted Zones
  • Hybrid DNS with an On-Premises Environment Using Route 53 Resolver Endpoints & Active Directory
  • R53 Routing & Resolution Trees
  • ELB, Types, Sandwich
  • CloudFront
  • Active Directory within a Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Accessing AWS Storage in a Hybrid Infrastructure
  • S3 Content Delivery & Storage
  • Local and Global Resilience Strategies using AWS Products

Automation, Manage, Optimize, and Troubleshoot the Network

  • Automate AWS Tasks
  • Automation alternatives within AWS for network deployments
  • Network Performance Basics
  • Troubleshooting Methodologies
  • Protect: A Holistic Approach to Security
  • Detect: AWS Security Services
  • Defend against Malicious Activity
  • PC Flow Logs
  • Network Cost Management and Optimization Deep Dive
  • Enhanced Networking
  • Optimizing Network Performance - Placement Groups

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Cloud Computing is not only the future of computing but the present and the entire past of computing.

Larry Ellison

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Why Opt for Online Idea Lab? 

Role & Responsibilities

As a Networking Specialist, you will manage the company's networks to ensure they function efficiently. You should be expert in computers, Internet & networking.

Be an SME

You are the mastermind behind how networking and storage work. You will work on architecting and implementing network solutions, Integration, and troubleshooting.

Know in & out of Networking

You will become an expert in advanced networking concepts, able to connect on-premises data centers, handle networking requirements within AWS.

AWS Certified Trainers

 Learn from our AWS industry experts through interactive sessions, live demos, scenario-based exercises, use cases, practical lab, and mock tests.

Be Industry-Ready

Deep-dive into real-time situations, core networking concepts & tools. You can apply this knowledge to perform complex networking tasks.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

This certification verifies your technical specialization in designing and implementing AWS and hybrid IT architectures at scale. 



Here are some excerpts by our students about the coaching.


I am an Infrastructure Engineer and preparing for AWS Networking Specialty Certification. To further my knowledge, I joined this course and it was a great learning experience.

- Ved Gautam, Infrastructure Engineer


I strongly recommend this amazing institute for their trainers and classroom training programs. It was overall a good experience. 

- Mumtaz B,  Network Engineer


I have a few years of working experience in AWS networking. I opted this course to further my knowledge and certification exam in mind.

- David Smith, Solutions Architect - Cloud


I have been working with AWS networking for about Four years now. This started out small. Just the troubleshooting, creating a VPC and multi-region network services. The knowledge grew further when I recently attended the course with this amazing institute. Cheers!

- Samuel Brown, Network Specialist - Cloud

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Few Interesting Facts and Stats

  • The global infrastructure of AWS comprises of 66 zones of availability spread across 21 worldwide regions.
  • To deliver content to end-users with lower latency, Amazon CloudFront uses a global network of 191 Points of Presence (180 Edge Locations and 11 Regional Edge Caches) in 73 cities across 33 countries. 
  • Companies like Netflix, Expedia, Reddit, and NSA use AWS to run their applications.
  • AWS Network Engineer salaries currently range between $104,000 (25th percentile) to $153,500 (75th percentile) across the United States. (Source: ZipRecruiter)

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