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Are you a business owner? Are you worried about why your website isn’t performing as expected compared to your competitors? Well, creating the website is just the beginning. Despite telling you that you need to have a better CTA’s in all your web pages and you need to implement on your landing pages, this blog will focus more on the smaller issues that will help the website and pages that are already built to perform better. So without further ado, here are the 4 reasons why your website might be underperforming.

1. SEO Reasons-Poor Performance Due to Poor Traffic:-

A website can be optimized to perfection and have all the right content in the world but that means nothing if it can’t be found through search engines. A well-optimized website makes it easy for Google and other search engines to crawl and index its pages but if there is any error in a few key portion occurs, all hell can break lose.

How to Identify?

Make use of Google Webmaster tool to see if there is any crawl error by which people can’t find the different parts of your website easily. The Webmaster Tool also has a helpful dashboard that will tell you if there are any errors in your website and it also guides you on fixing those errors.

How to Fix?

This depends on the errors brought up by Google. While there are a number of different problems you may need to fix, the most common solution will be the implementation of 301 redirects for any major 404 errors that are occurring on the websites.
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2. Promotional Reasons- Attracting wrong Audience Group:-

Before you make any drastic change to your website or your content, consider the people that are visiting your sites. Are they really your targeted audience or irrelevant visitors that are quickly bouncing back after realizing that your website is not their type? Are you promoting your business in the right areas attracting right demographic? If you aren’t then you are wasting your precious time and money on driving irrelevant traffic while your actual target audience is not even aware of your existence.

How to Identify?

Make use of tools that are known to track your traffic such as Google Analytics which helps in reviewing the bounce rate attached to your website while also tracking if any sources of visitors are generating fewer traffic compared to others.

How to Fix?

• For Paid Advertising:

If you are currently paying for traffic in one way or the other in AdWords and not seeing the results as expected, you may have to either stop the campaign permanently or consider targeting different keywords that can offer you far better results compared to the existing campaigns. For instance, you are a business that targets a very specific area of a market; you may find more success with a paid advertising tool that allows you to target with demographics and job info like LinkedIn versus a PPC campaign that can only target through keyword selection. Visit to know more about PPC Training.

• For SEO Promotions:

If you are finding it hard to successfully promote and drive traffic to your website through organic social media posting, then you have to consider an audit to your current social media strategy in case if you have one. Ask yourself, your customers and your prospects where they go for information. From there, get into the mind of your personas once more to understand what information they are looking for and what they will find useful so that you can create and share that type of information on the correct channels in the correct way so that the right people will not only find it but also interact with it and possibly end up on your optimized site for conversion.

3. Your Website Isn’t Responsive:-

Google’s Mobilegeddon has all but also baffled anyone without a responsive website for some good reason. For those who are unaware of this update, Mobilegeddon is an Algorithm Update which mainly focuses on pushing the rankings of the websites that are mobile-friendly while pushing down the websites down that are mobile irresponsive. Its proven that mobile-friendly websites have lesser bounce rates and higher conversion rates while comparing to those websites which are not mobile responsive.

How to Identify?

Use Google Analytics tool and find out how many are coming to your websites and within them see how many are bouncing back. If these numbers seem unusually high, compared to your desktop traffic, use Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool to get better results.

How to Fix?

There are many services available online which will help you in either creating a mobile-friendly website or help you fix the issue of your mobile irresponsive website into a responsive one.

4. Your Website Doesn’t Have a Proper Navigation:-

Your website should have small selections of clearly labelled pages which match with your user’s interest. If you have filled your navigation in an awkward way which causes distraction to the user and have more chances of bouncing from your website. Proper use of breadcrumbs must be made.

How to Identify?

Make use of Google Page Analytics Plug-in to view just how your site’s visitors are engaging with the different parts of your navigation. If there are areas on the navigation that are receiving significantly lower clicks compared to others, you may want to consider rebuilding it.

How to Fix?

Mark down all the pages that are connected to your website’s top row of navigation and include its click rates from various tools available. Highlight the pages that have received low clicks and group them together or consider it taking off from the navigation and having it in a specific page instead.

These are some ways where your website might be lacking in which need to be sorted as soon as possible in order to get quick results. Drop down your comments below if any point has been missed which you think is vital too.
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